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  1. Hello VS, it has been a while.
  2. RBoy8

    Eriks 850

    Looks fantastic! How did you get around the SRS light for the steering wheel?
  3. RBoy8

    Project Pras

    Yes! I think the only ones there I haven't met in-person are Pras and Danny.
  4. All that it's missing is a giant VOLVO badge on the front basket.
  5. RBoy8

    Project Pras

    Pras kinda looks like a zombie. lol
  6. Popular to contrary belief, a stock XC70 on all-season tires can be loads of fun to autox.
  7. You bet! Not as often as before unless I really need a helping hand or fatherly brains for some problem solving.
  8. I bet you can still see V O L V O nice and clear from the distance too
  9. Slide into his DMs for the tip @gmsgltr.
  10. Ohhh! How much camber are you planning on running on the fronts?
  11. That is seriously one good looking muffin, Corey! 😍 Also chalk me up as another impressed with P3s. A friend has a 2015 V60 T5 with the ole reliable 5 cyl and it's very nice.
  12. So hot. I love that your DOT spec headlights and turn signals are so shiny. The ones I see are usually pitted and dull now.
  13. Damn dude! Sorry to hear about the red but I'm glad you've found a suitable replacement. I think I'm going to enjoy my setup on the track and autox. I've been enjoying them so far driving around the city so I think you'll like it, especially since you've got yellows.
  15. Wow what kind of roof box is that?
  16. You better dress the part too. I wanna see you in a headband and short-shorts bby.
  17. Oblivion 2020... you need to bring this with your wagon.