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  1. Wow what kind of roof box is that?
  2. RBoy8

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    This is so deep, man.
  3. You better dress the part too. I wanna see you in a headband and short-shorts bby.
  4. Oblivion 2020... you need to bring this with your wagon.
  5. You got a sick spot, and it was well deserved! You were right by the stage, and arcade too!
  6. "mY cArS nOt ReAdY fOr ThE tRaCk"
  7. hey guys I lowered my car
  8. Thanks! One of the other lappers there was a professional photographer who was doing work for the Ontario Time Attack Group. Couldn't say no to ordering a few when he posted the gallery up. Yes, those are the new tires I'm running. Zestino Gredge 07R in 205/45/17 size. I had the fronts up to 40psi and kept the rears at 36. The fronts were pretty much spot on for that day but the rears had a bit more roll and could've done with a couple more psi. OMG say whaaat! I didn't know you guys had a kid. Congrats!
  10. Nice build! How did you take care of the airbag light with the aftermarket wheel?
  11. Yes! I was also thinking of grabbing some silver mouldings. Sorta like an Ocean Race except black. lol Clearly Greg and I are the sane ones and you're the insane one, Daren.
  12. Man, I want that CF lip so bad but part of me thinks I might destroy it at the autocross and it doesn't deserve that. Where you located, KV?
  13. No sweat. I'm more happy you're keeping her alive, tbh!