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  1. It's not too late to head to the fair, right? At least it finally is cooling down a bit...

  2. Shopping for Audi goodies...yeah, that's right, I said Audi

  3. I didn't forget how much Ohio sucks while I was away...

  4. Not too shabby on the dinner view!

  5. My lil sis just finished her last class for her Masters in Forensic Psych!! Gotta say I'm a bit proud of her. I guess she got the brains while I got the looks ;) Now off to Three Floyds to celebrate before the parents get into town tonight!

  6. "I bet your beard isn't the only thing that's huge..." I love this city!

  7. It's nice that the TSA doesn't take tips on who's a terrorist from kids too seriously...come on you lil stuff, it's just a beard

  8. stuff adds up at the bottom

  9. Told the DJ to play Darling one seemed to notice what they were listening to

  10. A tube of lube helps get the stiff hose though the tight hole

  11. I must confess that I feel like a monster

  12. Lisa's milkshake brings all the beards to the office!

  13. Worked up an appetite at the farmers' market