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  1. It's not too late to head to the fair, right? At least it finally is cooling down a bit...

  2. Shopping for Audi goodies...yeah, that's right, I said Audi

  3. I didn't forget how much Ohio sucks while I was away...

  4. Not too shabby on the dinner view!

  5. My lil sis just finished her last class for her Masters in Forensic Psych!! Gotta say I'm a bit proud of her. I guess she got the brains while I got the looks ;) Now off to Three Floyds to celebrate before the parents get into town tonight!

  6. "I bet your beard isn't the only thing that's huge..." I love this city!

  7. It's nice that the TSA doesn't take tips on who's a terrorist from kids too seriously...come on you lil stuff, it's just a beard

  8. stuff adds up at the bottom

  9. Told the DJ to play Darling one seemed to notice what they were listening to

  10. A tube of lube helps get the stiff hose though the tight hole

  11. I must confess that I feel like a monster

  12. Lisa's milkshake brings all the beards to the office!

  13. Worked up an appetite at the farmers' market

  14. Long ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD days at the brewery call for sharing great beers! Time to break some of our new employees in

  15. So my awesome mom just scored me 10 bottles of KBS! Anyone want a bottle??

  16. Nothing like sitting on the front bumper of the engine listening to the thunder and watching the storm roll in

  17. If you're a truck driver and block both lanes 3 miles before one of them is actually closed, monkey you

  18. Off to Brook Park for the Buckshot Beard Bonanza!

  19. Gangster Frog release!

  20. Jealous of all the bikes going past the station while I'm stuck working... Listening to all the accidents involving motorcycles coming across the radio reminds me why I don't pull mine out on the first nice day though

  21. This morning's workout has been brought to you by the letters B. O. R. I. and S.

  22. What a blur the past 4 days were! Good to be back in my own bed tonight

  23. Tonight was a night that would have made John Humphrey proud!!