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  1. Looking for a 95 T-5R

    This was directed at JaredR1 really, his comment rubbed me the wrong way. I have thoroughly thought this out. Like I said I will fight for more money and bring up the fact they more then likely saying my car is just a normal 850, not the rare and limited production version. If I can prove my car is worth atleast $6000 or more, then the car will not be totaled. As far as I know what I listed is the only proof I have. Doesn’t mean an insurance company will use that though. It this was not totaled, I would fix it easy.
  2. Looking for a 95 T-5R

    My insurance would give $3500 roughly for the car (had to hire an attorney for this, no idea when I could see an form of money or comp from other insurance). It had a black hood and left fender prior to this. It has also been in an accident in the rear because the left light is a tad cock-eyed and they did shitty paintwork (they did stage 2 paintwork on it), that is peeling everywhere. This was a prior owner, I am the 4th. Now the car will be totaled. That 5k was a rough esitmate(so if it was done the car would be all yellow again), it would have to go through GA retarded rebuilt/salvage title process and we are talking like 3-6 months before I even get the title and it is road worthy. Engine runs fine, just need to make the turbo oil drain no spew oil everywhere. That estimate does not include things I could find that are bent, such as the turbo, it looks like it is bent, axles, might have messed up the trans, front wheel hubs, I already was waiting on rear wheel hubs before the accident. I am thinking roughly 6-7k for a salvage car. That would not include the car truly needs a full paintjob for the prior shitty work, some rust (one spot needs to just be cut out period). I really wish you wouldn't make it seem like I am a complete idiot. This car has over 200k on the car, was in rough condition body wise, I was almost done with the guts of the car and was going to do a full paintjob on it. I work in the car industry, so I understand a thing or two. I am curious what you think the value is and what it is based off of. Here is what I have seen. RSPI sold his yellow for 7k, but it needed nothing really (paintwork, interior, and mechanically sound). That yellow wagon that sold on ebay for over 10k, once again it was high mileage but needed next to nothing, paintwork looked in good condition for the age and such. I see now there is a guy claiming to have a black t-5r with 56k original miles trying to sell for $26,000 ( which I do think is pretty crazy). I will file with the other parties insurance, and I will fight for more money, especially all the mods I have done and work to it. Like I said, I don't know when I will see any compensation. Someone give me proof and I will roll with it. I do believe a good yellow or even a black t-5r will hold more value (not made anymore, rare model), But on my car, the issue was the looks. With the paintwork needed it is bringing my value down. Do you really think I want to Total this car?
  3. Looking for a 95 T-5R

    I am open to either black or a yellow, but prefer a yellow. I hate this but I was just in an accident with my yellow. Wasn't my fault, but car is totaled. Beside roughly 5k in body work needed (not including I wanted to get a full paint job done as it has had prior paint work done that is peeling) and it having a salvage title, I can foresee more things being found wrong or bent. It isn't worth it to fix it. All my hard work gone in an instant( and I have done many, many mods). I only see one yellow up for grabs in NC but if anyone is looking to sell one of theirs or they find one, let me know. It would be cash. Thanks
  4. DIY: 850 Dashboard Repair

    That's fantastic Sir! I am looking very hard for a crack free dash for my T-5R. Like a needle in a haystack......
  5. The Black Magic Wagon - A 1998 V70R Build Tale

    I was there a year ago for a drag race, was awesome with 4 dragsters at one time Great job man
  6. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Lucky!! You should still reinforce the dash tabs to make them stay perfect!!
  7. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    You definitely should reinforce the whole dash while you have it out. PITA I know, but you will eventually break the mounting points, so do it while your dash is nice. You reinforce the whole rear of the dash with fiberglass btw. Don't do any pipe strap method, I actually need to correct this on mine.
  8. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Ha, I literally just did both my front wheel bearings too. My front right was so bad, when I took the axle nut off the whole bearing assembly came out in pieces. Make sure you have some thread-locker for the wheel bearing bolts.
  9. Andy's 1999 V70 R

    That is awesome. Ha, that is a great idea because I need to do the same thing. Can't argue when everything comes together and just works, great job!
  10. Hussein's 1998 V70 Xr : The Force Awakens

    I called him a while ago (4 months?) to see about this, his words were he would still do them but you have to ship him a Volvo original only. Quoted me about $180 for full rebuild of the axle. Of course things change over time, but like I said it wasn't that long ago I called.
  11. How Your Car Sits

    Jroc, your 850 looks great man. My goal is to get mine about that clean.