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  1. D2 Coilover adjustment

    Cool, thank you This will be for the street but if I ever wanted to track it I guess I have the option with these.
  2. D2 Coilover adjustment

    Yeah, I realize they are a combo in the rear. Adjusting the spring itself was throwing me off really, even with the pictures I was still thinking wtf. Ok, thanks What would you say is the best way to get the ride height the same all around?
  3. D2 Coilover adjustment

    I bought D2 coil overs, just doing research on proper installation and such. The front is fairly straightforward. Tighten spring until it doesn't wiggle or move around, nothing more. Then of course set the ride height using bottom portion only. Lube a couple places up and make sure i hammer the lock rings tight so nothing comes loose. My main issue to me is the rears. According to the manual the spring itself is used to adjust the height but the strut you have to adjust to just get it sitting right. I know a few people run these, any tips or can you help me understand setting up the rear?
  4. Bump I can add I have a 13T with very very little play ill sell for $100 +shipping and i do have the original 15g I will sell for 45+shipping because it absolutely needs a rebuild.
  5. Climate control blows hot and cold at same time

    The two blinking lights on the climate unit signifies a code in the a/c system. It is as easy as taking out the radio really.
  6. Just as title states, I will be parting out my yellow t5-r eventually. Honestly, I am keeping a lot of what makes it special, but if you want or need anything shoot me a message and I will answer yes or no. I still have a crap load to take off of it so this will be a work in progress. On that note if anyone is interested in a fresh rebuilt head let me know. Sadly I had it done with new Volvo valve stem seals and then my accident happened (maybe 3,000 miles tops on the head). I am 99.9% positive the head will be totally fine but when I take it off I will take a thorough look. Just to say one thing the Front bumper is still in great condition and mine lol. The rear sway was already on my car but the accident killed it. The front sway was never installed and obviously still new. I am thinking $175+ shipping for that. Open to pickup if you are in Kennesaw GA. Let me know people and I will get back to you. I really hate this
  7. Climate control blows hot and cold at same time

    Not going to lie, my t5-r did the same thing and I always thought that was normal..... I was thinking it was how the car kept a steady temp inside. It would only do that to me when I had the heat on and I know that the car was hot enough. Of course I always thought and would have eventually checked out the temp sensors, I know they fail or just get too clogged up to work right.
  8. I had to post this when I found it. This is apparently real lol. This car is for sale in Cali right now for $2900. The most ghetto looking conversion ever. I will say it is a 5-speed, that is a bonus. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/cto/d/1995-volvo-850-ev-electric/6542842748.html
  9. DIY: 850 Dashboard Repair

    That's fantastic Sir! I am looking very hard for a crack free dash for my T-5R. Like a needle in a haystack......
  10. The Black Magic Wagon - A 1998 V70R Build Tale

    I was there a year ago for a drag race, was awesome with 4 dragsters at one time Great job man
  11. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Lucky!! You should still reinforce the dash tabs to make them stay perfect!!
  12. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    You definitely should reinforce the whole dash while you have it out. PITA I know, but you will eventually break the mounting points, so do it while your dash is nice. You reinforce the whole rear of the dash with fiberglass btw. Don't do any pipe strap method, I actually need to correct this on mine.
  13. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Ha, I literally just did both my front wheel bearings too. My front right was so bad, when I took the axle nut off the whole bearing assembly came out in pieces. Make sure you have some thread-locker for the wheel bearing bolts.
  14. Andy's 1999 V70 R

    That is awesome. Ha, that is a great idea because I need to do the same thing. Can't argue when everything comes together and just works, great job!
  15. My Volvo S40 T4 700hp with Holset

    Holy guacamole!! The things people don't know about Volvo's lol