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  1. H0lD mY d6InK

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    I truly just meant that it is in no way or shape original to the car (to me looks very tacky). Definitely over priced in my book.
  2. H0lD mY d6InK

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    That yellow was just for sale for like $7900. I recognize the fake hood vent and how multiple parts on the car have been repainted. It definitely has been well kept, just needs to correct a few things in my opinion.
  3. H0lD mY d6InK

    DIY: 850 Dashboard Repair

    That's fantastic Sir! I am looking very hard for a crack free dash for my T-5R. Like a needle in a haystack......
  4. H0lD mY d6InK

    The Black Magic Wagon - A 1998 V70R Build Tale

    I was there a year ago for a drag race, was awesome with 4 dragsters at one time Great job man
  5. H0lD mY d6InK

    Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Lucky!! You should still reinforce the dash tabs to make them stay perfect!!
  6. H0lD mY d6InK

    Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    You definitely should reinforce the whole dash while you have it out. PITA I know, but you will eventually break the mounting points, so do it while your dash is nice. You reinforce the whole rear of the dash with fiberglass btw. Don't do any pipe strap method, I actually need to correct this on mine.
  7. H0lD mY d6InK

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Ha, I literally just did both my front wheel bearings too. My front right was so bad, when I took the axle nut off the whole bearing assembly came out in pieces. Make sure you have some thread-locker for the wheel bearing bolts.
  8. H0lD mY d6InK

    Andy's 1999 V70 R

    That is awesome. Ha, that is a great idea because I need to do the same thing. Can't argue when everything comes together and just works, great job!
  9. H0lD mY d6InK

    My Volvo S40 T4 700hp with Holset

    Holy guacamole!! The things people don't know about Volvo's lol
  10. H0lD mY d6InK

    Hussein's 1998 V70 Xr : The Force Awakens

    I called him a while ago (4 months?) to see about this, his words were he would still do them but you have to ship him a Volvo original only. Quoted me about $180 for full rebuild of the axle. Of course things change over time, but like I said it wasn't that long ago I called.
  11. H0lD mY d6InK

    How Your Car Sits

    Jroc, your 850 looks great man. My goal is to get mine about that clean.