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  1. I'm not fully familiar with the 99-00 wiring, but on my wife's '97 850 GLT she just had the same issue. No lights and only hi-beams if she held the stalk "ON". Fuse was good. She was travelling and over an hour away, so I dug into the wiring diagrams quick. The only other relay in the system besides the main light relay is the "+15-supply Overload Relay". (It's a "J" relay (#106) on the 96-97 850s) I had her access both of those and give each a good "tap". After that she had headlights. When she gets home tomorrow, I'm going to investigate both of those relays as replace as needed, as one of them is failing.
  2. Motronic Suite has the bins for the 0261204444 and 0261204446, which are shown as the ECUs for the B5204T3.
  3. EDIT - Nevermind DERP - Saw it was a reply to a 6-year-old thread....
  4. What are you using for the adjustment factor for the greens? The Wiki says "0.8125", but digging around I came across a post by Piet that says this values should be 0.7188.
  5. Yeah, I had to do those on both of our cars this season. Kind of a chore, but so nice when they're fresh.
  6. I'd be curious for that as well. Looking for some more references for the LPT motors.
  7. What is the code on that ECU? Those '97 AWD LPT cars are similar the US '97 GLT LPT, and probably share the same issues. They are M4.4 engine management, but are still using the old 850 ECC modules, I was able to get someone to pull the .bin from the '97 GLT ECU we had (-936) but I never had any luck either reflashing that ECU, or using that .bin on a 98MY M4.4 ECU. The car would never run. It took a 98MY M4.4 ECU and a special .bin to get the car to run properly AND have working AC. The car would run fine on a 98MY ECU, but wouldn't have working AC with or without the "AC Mod". Find yourself a 98MY M4.4 turbo ECU to use for flashing.
  8. Unlikely, seeing as NONE of the 850Rs came with an M4.4 ECU from the factory. It's possible it's already been upgraded to M4.4.
  9. Currently just a set of used "R" coils. I need to do this to the wife's car, but we're also going to activate the exVVT, so just an extra bit of wiring needed. Have the .bin ready for it. Now I'm trying to find some good info on boost control settings, just to turn things up a little bit.
  10. Just finished up the VAST DIY COP conversion while doing the manual swap on my '97 T5. Works Great! I integrated the new COP wiring into the engine harness by making jumpers between the ECU connector and the 24/15 connector out to the engine harness. All tucked away out of sight. IMAGE
  11. Yeah, I was a little confused, as they're a "time", but the question on the values was still relevant. They've been running at that max correction value for the past year, but my injector constant has been wrong, so hopefully that clears a few things up. Thanks again!
  12. So, do I just use the 4.9725V value for those values over 5V? Flashing the ECU in prep for a restart this weekend, and would like to have that sorted. The previous tune had defaulted to the 4.9725V value, unbeknownst to me anyway, but if there is an alternative, I'd like to try it.
  13. OK, well I'm going on the info from @Piet's post I'll have to check which greens I have (From an '04 P2R engine), but if the max value is 4.9725V, how are the values of 5V+ usable? Thanks for the Injector Calc link!