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  1. You might as well install Delrin SF bushings if you have it all apart.
  2. I ran into that as well. If I remember correctly, 5ms is the max value allowed and the values at that low of a voltage really aren't any concern. Aaron at VAST has programming to control VVT with the M4.4.
  3. Well, after getting back with Aaron, this seems to be sorted. I had inadvertently mucked up the conversion factors for the ADCs turn-on setbits in activating the channels for logging. (Guess I really didn't need to do anything, other than connect the sensors to the proper inputs) That coupled with a small correction in the code and we were in business with things working as they should. I did need to readjust my WBO2 conversion factor to dial the Spartan Output Sequencer back in, but the offset was MUCH smaller than before. Glad to have that sorted out!
  4. Well, this is where I'm confused. The input from the sequencer matches, but then when running, the output in TP lags by that roughly 1.5 AFR. At least that's what is being reported in TP. I haven't been able to verify it yet with a second source (I'm not using a gauge or anything), so I don't know for sure. I do know that it no longer smells rich at idle, which it used to do with the old non-WBO2-emulated tune. It "appears" to follow the AFR Target map, with that offset. I'll try again with the MAP conversion. It seemed to be giving me weird values when I used it.
  5. OK, I looked at those after your previous post. There are some LTFT adjustments being made after the car has been driven for a bit. I've tried a couple conversion factors, and none really seem to be correct. That "(X+40)" is in there trying to adjust for that offset that I'm reading in TP. (Using the Output sequencer feature from the Spartan, that is the adjustment needed to align with the 2 sequencing voltages). It's been a couple months since I've messed with it, but that 0.7V/40 byte/1.5AFR offset is prevalent throughout the range. What are the units for that MAP conversion? (I had been trying to set mine for vac/boost in PSI)
  6. Hi- I had to look back, but I haven't changed anything in the tune/bin since May. I'm a little confused, as I don't remember being able to zero out the LTFT in the binary at all. Are you talking about the limit and range settings? I hadn't heard that those needed to be changed/adjusted. I haven't had a chance to get another WBO2 sensor on there to verify that those offset values I'm seeing are real or not. As I mentioned before, the car drives fine (actually better than before I did this mod), but I'd like to sort this out before I start making any other changes to the tune. (Also, still trying to figure out the proper conversion factor for the MAP sensor, to get it in usable units.)
  7. Searching the thread (I know I'd read it at some point)
  8. Pretty sure that's what is done in my longer post above. At least that's based on the instructions I got from Aaron. The VE map was converted to the AFR map and the Alternate 1 VE Part Load map becomes the target AFR map. None of the signal grounds I have tried are supposed to have any offset in them, and I'm using the Tank Pressure sensor ADC for the input. There is something set-up or configured wrong, but I can't seem to find it.
  9. Well, after messing with it some more, it appears that the ECU is switching at a value that is NOT the Target AFR. I did some investigations on the WBO2 wiring in the ECU. This particular one I had the signal grounded to the same location as the power ground (A13), so I changed to the suggested location from Aaron (B28). No change in the offset. I then moved it to A18 and also tried direct to the battery with no change in the offset. I also tested a second Spartan II controller which again resulted in no change. Basically I have a -0.8V or -1.56 point AFR offset in what the signal coming into the ECU vs what TP is reporting. After adjusting my conversion factor in for the WBO2 in the XDF and ADX as posted above, I get the proper expected calibration outputs from the Spartan's Output Sequencer. Once running, the car runs at approx -1.5AFR lower than target and judging by the NB switching, it's targeting a value that is lower than the Target AFR. Should I adjust the offset on the AFR Part Load map in the bin? I'm not sure what I'm missing here.
  10. I checked the voltage FROM the Spartan 2 into the ECU and they appear accurate to what is being shown in TP. I need to see if I can get rid of that voltage offset I mentioned, but was mainly looking to see if I have configured things properly (conversion factors aside) for the mod. Using the proper maps, etc. It appears to be working, but is either targeting or reporting the wrong AFR.
  11. So, does anyone have any input into the configuration I posted above? I'm going to dig into the internal connections on the ECU again, but I want to verify that I at least have set things up properly in TP. I've been trying to do some digging, but even in this thread info seems to be elusive.
  12. Not sure about the scooter, but the Peugeot has my attention. One I just finished for myself One for a friend of mine, just waiting on a new saddle. One I built for our nanny last year. We probably have 13 bikes in the house, currently.
  13. OK, here is the TL;DR version of my previous post. Just trying to make sure I have things set-up properly for the WBO2 Modulation mod. I changed the 'VE Part Load Map" to the AFR Part Load Map in the XDF with the following conversion. I took the values from that map and pasted them to the "VE Part Load Map - Alternate 1" in the XDF. That conversion factor is what was needed to get the proper readings in TP to match what was needed for the Output Sequencer from the Spartan 2. (Due to the odd -0.8V offset that is showing up, some of the values in the lower right have adjusted themselves) I set the values for XTANS and XPTE to the same conversion in the ADX Here is a section of the log I posted above. This section was at a steady 50-ish mph cruise, and you can see the Target AFR (black) and the WBO2 (XPTE) (red). It looks like it's doing "the thing", but not hitting the target AFR. Except for on some decels, it's always a bit richer than the target. After taking that log, the car was basically driven 22 total hours over the next 2-3 days and performed without issue. As mentioned, I also verified the WBO2 voltage going INTO the ECU and it matches what's expected. Any hints, thoughts, clues would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Anyone have any input on this? I'm mainly trying to see if I have the WBO2 Modulation mod set-up correctly in the tune. It still shows it's running rich in TP, but the car runs great. Just did another 14-hour round-trip (and then some) in the car with no hiccups or issues. The idle is smooth, boosts fine, etc. Hopefully later I can post a "TL:DR" version with some screen shots to make things a bit easier.