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  1. It's more curiosity to see if only the one O2 sensor can be reliably used. I've used the Spartan 2's on a couple MegaSquirt builds running WB control with no NB without a problem, but those were a little easier for an average enthusiast like me to set up. Using the WBO2 just for logging with the stock O2 for control is perfectly fine for one of the projects, as we'll probably not *need* to mess with the tune once we dial a few things in, so it will not stay on the car. The other project may be a bit more of an on-going project/tune, so streamlining the install might be beneficial.
  2. So, my Google-fu is failing me. Working on configuring a couple ECUs for WBO2 logging with Spartan 2's. I have the details on the proper connections, etc for the WB signal, but have people made use of the NB emulation in place of the signal from the stock sensor? (So connection at A32?) I know the WBO2 can run in parallel to the stock one, solely for logging purposes, but is it possible to just run the single WBO2 sensor and use that NB signal TO the ECU?
  3. The increase in voltage has probably affected your spark, making it hotter. If you've been tuning around poor spark, you probably need to go back and readjust your fuel maps.
  4. Pretty sure you can, but I do remember the K-Line connection being different between the M4.4 and M4.3.
  5. Confirmation from Aaron that it was overlapping RAM addressing between the VVT controls and the misfire detection routine in the auto bin. Detection turned off, but also code has been fixed to remedy the issue.
  6. OK, well after some emails with Aaron, it may be the result of the VVT controls on an auto bin and having the misfire detection routine enabled. Disabling the misfire routine also gets rid of the spikes. It also seems to get rid of the phantom misfires. He's investigating some overlapping RAM addressing which may be happening in this configuration.
  7. Well, I zeroed out the VVT map and disconnected the VVT solenoid and took it for a drive. Those spikes on the VVT channel are still there. And we also have a CEL for misfires again. The car is NOT missing at all.
  8. The originals were installed on the replacement engine 3 years ago, when I dropped it in. The only thing I did for the COP install was add a harness, like I did for my car, but ran it along the outside of the stock raceway that runs along the subframe, etc. On my car, I was doing a manual swap at the same time, and was easily able to drop the new COP harness in the raceway. Over the 20-30K miles put on the car in those 2 years, there was only 1 or two misfire codes. That would be worth checking, however. I'm still kind of looking at the VVT spikes. We ran the car with the code "active" but the VVT solenoid unplugged, but still had the misfire codes. I think I'm going to reflash with the VVT map zeroed out as well as unplugging the solenoid, just to try and fully rule that out. I'm also going to log it, to see if those spikes are still present. I don't have a bin that is just COP w/o VVT for this car (due to the special AC mods), or I'd just flash with that. Still planning on digging into those high LTFT_I values too. On another note, seeing as I'm kind of new to logging with the M4.4, would the "XFALT" spark retard parameters give indications, perhaps?
  9. OK, got a datalog this evening. The yellow is the "FC12" monitor, or the one Aaron set up to watch the PWMVVT channel. As you can see, it does do the "steps" as intended, but it's also seeing A LOT of noise, with huge spikes. I don't want to point at this being the culprit, as when we had the VVT unplugged, it was still getting the misfire codes. I will need to check back with Aaron on whether that's an issue or not. I did see that the LTFT_I was -116.00 and the LTFT_PL was -1.56. As I recall, that -116 is kind of high, so I will dig deeper into my search for a vacuum leak of some sort, I suppose. I've gone through it from ECU to coils 3 times. I did have an issue that dropped a cylinder early on, but that has been fixed. This car shows NONE of the obvious signs of a misfire. Idle is always smooth and it doesn't make a peep now. the CEL will come up a random times. I could check things out by zeroing out the VVT map and see if the spikes are still there, and how the car reacts in regards to the misfire codes.
  10. Well, it had been fine when it was running a distributor before the COP conversion.
  11. Yeah, I've seen the disable, just wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not to shut it off. The car never had any issues such as this until we did the COP and fiddled with the VVT. Not sure if there is a correlation or not. We ran the car on the original M4.4 DIY set-up with a dist for like 2 years with maybe 1 misfire code the entire time. Now we get ALL of them, without any of the expected signs. This car has fought the COP conversion much more than my T5 did. I think the misfire detection is still enabled on my car as well. The GLT is an auto. My T5 is a manual. I should have time to grab a datalog tomorrow evening after work. Maybe that might point towards an actual issue/cause. I'm probably going to pick up a smoke test set-up this weekend, and MAYBE I can uncover some hidden vacuum leak, but I'm not holding out for one. Thanks for the input.
  12. The ECU? The misfires have been present with 2 different ones. (I have a couple that I flash for the car)
  13. Misfire Detection, ON or OFF? Chasing multiple misfire codes. Working on my wife's '97GLT with an '02 LPT motor in it. We had been running the a VS -607 bin in it for for a couple years with no problems. We did leave it with the distributor after the engine swap back in '18, mainly for simplicity, even though the engine had provisions for COP and exVVT. This past summer, I opted to do the "upgrade" to COP and activate the VVT. I'd been running the COP conversion on my '97T5 for a bit with no problems (on the original N motor), so I wasn't too concerned with the swap. Got a new bin from Aaron for it. We had some problems initially with some bad wiring as well as faulty code in Aaron's original VVT set-up. We did run with the VVT disabled/unplugged for a bit after the COP conversion, mainly because the VVT control was off. It was around this time that we began to get consistent CEL's for misfire codes. It was just a couple cylinders for a while, now all 5 will throw a code, even with no indication of a cause. We did have a couple test drives with the early VVT code that made the engine VERY unhappy and there was some audible detonation. The codes have been pretty prevalent since, with or without the VVT activated. So far I've: -Replaced plugs, though the old ones didn't look too bad. (coils were brand new Bosch for the conversion) -Replaced fuel pump (Original showed fine at idle, but I had no way to test it under load and it was an un-known quantity) -Swapped FP relay with one with replaced capacitors, so "fresh". -Checked engine vacuum 19-20" at idle. Smooth and solid. No flutter. -Compression test. Warm, dry test showed all 5 cylinders around 180psi (5% or 9psi spread) -New O2 sensor -Have found no apparent vacuum leaks. All hoses are silicone and less than 3 years old. -Rechecked COP wiring harness 2-3 times. The car idles and runs smooth, pulls strong, gets good mileage, all of which normally contradict what one would expect from multiple misfires. I ran the car for a month or two with the VVT disconnected, trying to find the source of the codes, and just last month I reactivated the VVT with Aaron's PWMVVT code and haven't had any issues with that, but still codes pop up, even with "light" driving. Any other thoughts? I'm getting close to the point of just disabling the misfire detection, but would really like to try and hunt down what is causing the problem. At some point this week I was going to drive the car and capture a couple of datalogs, to see if anything shows up, but I'm not really sure if I'm going to. My T5 has been running on the COP conversion for about a year now, and I have YET to encounter a misfire code. Even with old JY coils. Any hints or direction would be greatly appreciated
  14. Motronic Suite has the bins for the 0261204444 and 0261204446, which are shown as the ECUs for the B5204T3.
  15. EDIT - Nevermind DERP - Saw it was a reply to a 6-year-old thread....