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  1. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    OK, so I'm finally getting around to putting together a "base" tune on the hybrid -607/-936 bin for the wife's '97GLT. I'm taking the -607 that Piet put the -936 AC routines into as the start, and transferring some base values from the -936 bin to get us something to begin with. @Turboforslund put together the XDF from the -936 chip that I sent him, which was awesome. Looking over things, the first thing that stands out are a couple extra RPM axes in the -936. [/img] [/img] As you can see, the RPM value ranges are different, and he notes their possible usage in the first pic. Comparing a couple of the charts for the affected maps [/img] Should I worry about trying to add/change those axes in the bin I'm putting together, or just leave them as the fixed major RPMs? The "start" point for the tune is an '01 LPT motor, Japanifold w/ 16T and exhaust, and blue injectors. (No COP or ExVVT yet) Maybe leave the fixed Major RPMs and alter some of the values in the other RPM ranges on the -607 to match the -936 stuff? Thoughts? Links to the -936 bin and the XDF XDF 936 BIN
  2. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    I started with an ECU connector and wires, so all I had to do was connect 3 wires to the OBD-side of the USB. The only time I had an failed flash was when one of the wires came loose. It would still flash if everything stayed in place. Once I grabbed the OBD connector from a car in the JY, I haven't had an issue with a bad connection. I've only flashed maybe 10 times, but it works. You say it's "like in picture", but your set-up isn't, seeing as you're connecting ground to #4 and not #5. Are you also positive that you are connected to the proper pins on the OBD for flashing?
  3. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    It is all just plugged in at once. Wired as the pic on the Wiki, including connecting OBD pin 4 to ground. I just made a special flashing harness from old ECU and OBD connectors. Plugs into the ECU and the OBD/USB cable.
  4. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    I use a 14V power supply to feed pins A12, A26, A27 and B8 as well as pin 16 on the OBD connector. Flashes just fine.
  5. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Are you trying to flash while the ECU is still in the car? (I ask because you mention live readings and DTCs)
  6. I would swap these out before going too much further.
  7. Chuck W

    850 fog lamp trim . Found

    I have some, but there is a guy in Canada listing some on ebay.
  8. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    I thought about that after I posted it and logged off. I keep forgetting that the attachments don't work here... I have Dropbox, Google Drive, and my own personal hosting. I'll get it linked up later on today. EDIT - Try this link. If it works, I'll see about adding it to the Wiki. 607_rev5b_850GLT_Airco_V4.bin
  9. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Try this attachment. 607_rev5b_850GLT_Airco_V4.bin
  10. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    So, It's been a hot minute, but I haven't had a chance to get back to this until today. It was at least 75*F (25*C) here. so it was plenty warm enough to fully test the AC/cooling fan function, and I got a few minutes with the wife's '97 GLT when she got home from work. Confirming with her stock -936 ECU, turning on the AC engages the cooling fan. I then swapped in a flashed ECU with a modded -607 bin with the -936 AC routine (as done by @Piet) with is attached HERE. Turning on the AC did not engage the cooling fan, but seeing as the engine was already at temp, it did kick on after the engine warmed up a little more. Still not sure why the fan engages with the -936 bin, but not with the -607, but at this point I'm going to move forward with tuning, seeing as the cooling fan at least engages when needed. So thanks to @Turboforslund for extracting the -936 bin and to Piet for modding the -607 bin, allowing '97GLT's to be able to benefit from the tuning capabilities AND have working AC.
  11. Chuck W

    Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    The car looks great and thanks for that shot. Going to add one of those to my list of attachments to buy for the power-washer.
  12. Chuck W

    Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Just curious, where in Indiana are you? Both cars look great, BTW.
  13. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Seems to be a common issue with attachments. PM me an email and I'll send it that way.
  14. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Here is the 607_rev5b.bin I downloaded the stuff a couple months back. 607_rev5b.bin
  15. Chuck W

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    OK, I've looked at all 3 -936 ECUs, and I'm not finding the software version anywhere on the exterior of the ECU. The only one I have the software # for is the one I sent you the ship from (1037358551) and that is only found in the "Bin Information" section in TunerPro. That number matches nothing on the outside of the ECU case.