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  1. What is concerning about the fuel lines being close to the back of the engine? (They are located there from the factory (At least on the 850's). As far as the fitting the 850 tensioner. I...uummmmm.... clearanced it. It still interferes a bit, but it works. We may change to the other set-up later on.
  2. We swapped an RN motor into the wife's '97 GLT. Only one of the lines came over the engine (Feed), so I just bent it around the VVT solenoid, and used tubing for the evap line. Then we just modded the cover to fit over it. Some guys have replaced the section of the line(s) that go over the engine with braided flex stuff. I swapped the thermostat housing and cover. We were still using the 850 coolant tank, and needed the vent hose.
  3. It's possible the relay is bad, or failing. If it's still running after the engine has stopped, try pulling the small, trigger connector from the relay to see if it stops. If not, it's most likely a relay issue. If it does, it could be an issue with your ECT sensor/connector that didn't become an issue until you messed with it. (I know, "It's not broke until I fix it", right? )
  4. It'll run slightly rich. Best just to wait to do it all at the same time.
  5. The wife's ECU is the std VS -607 bin that was modded for the '97 GLT(-936) AirCon controls by Piet. No mods incorporated. Just the adjustments to the fuel/ignition/turbo maps for the LPT starting point. (Copy/paste stuff from the -936 bin) My '97 T5 has the std VS -607 bin currently, with only minor boost tweaks. No other mods. Both have the changes made for running different injectors (Blues in hers, greens in mine) and the standard diagnostic disables. Been too busy with house and new baby stuff to do much more messing about at the moment.
  6. Just looking for a good set or R sedan rear springs. Thanks, Chuck
  7. Just a quick question. Both my wife's '97 GLT and my '97 T5 are running flashed ECUs. For the most part everything is groovy, but sometimes when you go to start either car, the engine will stumble right after start and the CEL will flash. It will then clear up and act normal. 80% of the time it will fire up just fine. No DTCs are being stored, and the cars run great. Is this common, or do we have something else happening?
  8. Have you checked the ECT sensor and its connector? The values from your logs look OK, but it's possible that there is a small delta that is messing with your fuel trim? Even a bit of corrosion on the connector can cause issues.
  9. I would suggest something that you can hear/see run. I pulled an engine from the PnP a while back. Never heard it run though. In the end, a waste of time and money. I've had good luck with finding something on ebay. A few places post videos of the engines running in the cars. The '01 RN motor we put into the wife's '97 GLT was from such a place. It needed cleaned up, but I didn't split the block/head. Just cleaned the oil pan, new timing belt, etc. Been doing great. Picked up another motor from the same place. Had a vid and it wasn't pulled from the car until after I'd bought it. (The other engine we bought had been out for a few months). The only other way i'd pull on myself is from a donor, on my property. I'd have to deal with getting rid of the rest of it, but pulling one in the yard sucks. I did it solo.
  10. If you get around to it, can you post back up?
  11. Have you used this XDF and made any adjustments?
  12. Right, so what does this do for the P80's? Seems like a lot of extra "stuff" there.
  13. Yeah, I think there is a missing piece of the puzzle. There is no way (That I see) in the MY98 cooling fan control to change the fan speeds. A quick search online shows that there was a (PMW?) control module added to the system in '01MY, but I haven't found any reference to that being a "mod" here.
  14. Yeah, I figured out what each was for, but was confused about the difference in numbers of speeds vs thresholds/runtimes. I was also confused about the 5 different speeds part. I didn't think there was any modulation in the fan speed, just the high speed for the cooling fan (and low for the AC). Is there a fan controller on a later model that this is making use of?
  15. I guess I'm missing some part of the picture, as this is what I have. I don't see what to do with it to make changes.