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  1. Yes i have a Hilton tune in our 07 S60 with EST exhaust..the no resonator exhaust sounds awesome and between the exhaust and the Hilton tune the car really woke up.., as for my 2000 Venetian Red R, until i decide what i'm going to do with it in the spring (have a rebuilt K24 with low mileage & a larger MAF sitting on the bench) i will run the R ECU but i know whats going to happen,it will be ok at first but then not fast enough as i now how my S70 T5M with a K24 & tune and qualfie diff burns up the tires. Decisions decisions PM sent
  2. Yes ArMiGer that;s all i want thank you
  3. Yes well i'm hoping someone might offer as i stated originally and be reasonably priced because a Hilton tune will cost 875 USD that equals just under $1200 CAD that is a bit much in my opinion so for now i will just drive it with the XC ecu in it, (It's not fun but it gets me around) until i learn where the vin coding in the ecu binary file can be found. I have all winter. Cheers Should someone have a bin file from a 2000 V70R they would like to share that would be great then i could compare line by line until i find the vin. Thanks in advance for this.
  4. Yes you are correct. Car has custom made 3" down pipe no cat into 2.5" exhaust with dual magna flow mufflers. Has custom 3" intake pipe from stock breather box to 19T turbo from there it goes thru a DO88 intercooler into a 2001 2.3l engine with green injectors. I would agree to tune existing ecu. but i have the R ecu from my donor car. Was hoping to just drop it in see how everything works, but the security won't let me do that.
  5. the car is a clone not the ecu
  6. Hi Everyone..Happy Thanksgiving I very seldom ask for help as most of my questions are answered in one forum or another. i'm trying to put the 2000 v70r ECU into my 2000 XC70 which i have cloned into an R. i have read both the ECU's and have the demo version of winOLS but since i was born long before the computer age that's as far as i got. I now the computer is married to the car, What i don't know is it by vin or SKC. Also have no clue how to use winOLS or where that information is located in winOLS ,so at this point i'm looking for help. I know the time i spent so far with little success so if someone can help me do this or do this for me i have no issue paying for ones time. Cheers