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  1. I believe the remotes are supposed to be one time use, but I don't remember for certain. You need that PIN from Volvo for '98s, unfortunately VIDA can't give you anything for that.
  2. Hmm, that is interesting. I'm pretty sure my 2000 had the angled antenna. That seems to be on most of them that I see.
  3. Yeah, it's incredibly annoying how people treat cars in junkyards when people actually need these things. I always try to close cars up when I can. Even just throwing stuff out of the way to get the doors closed.
  4. VW has a habit of designing stuff like that. Always a fun time!
  5. Very true! They really do. It's crazy what 20 degrees will do for a turbo car. It definitely gets cold here, but fortunately we've had a few warm weeks so far mixed in with the cold stuff. It doesn't get really cold in NC until late January into February.
  6. Oof, no thanks! It was close to 80 F here today. Beautiful!
  7. Ah, that's a good point, I never thought of that. I figured it was just to try to make the u-pull-it experience more attractive to people who don't frequent junkyards, and try to take out the guess work of the parts they want not being there. I always tell them the right model, even if it's not the exact car on the lot, so that at least helps if it's for figuring out what inventory people want. I just think it's an unnecessary step to slow down an already ridiculously slow checkout process at this particular yard. Good to know! My cousin had some GT Radials on his VW Jetta wagon and he was complaining about them for the first few thousand miles. They actually smoothed out pretty well.
  8. Exactly, usually it’s something ridiculous that I’m rigging together. Hardware store employees won’t get it lol. This is sort of similar to what LKQ pick and pull yards are doing now. They ask the car you got everything from. Just today for example I had a bunch of random BMW parts, and I just told them it was all from the same car. And they have to add the stock number for each individual item on the register. It takes a freaking eternity to check out there now. Always a crazy long line. Meanwhile at other yards I’m in and out at checkout.
  9. Ha, the last time I had mine aligned, they used P2 specs (said their computer didn't go back past 2001) and insisted it would be the same. The steering wheel was hard left to go straight (still with a pull, and very sensitive to road imperfections) and he said that's because it's lowered. So I took it to my cousin, who had it perfect (with the correct P80 specs) in about 10 minutes.
  10. I just recently put a dash cam in my V70R. Pretty fun to re-watch the stupid sh*t people do! That Explorer was coming in pretty hot though. Didn't look like he had the time to stop.
  11. How does the antenna just disappear like that? Guess someone didn't like it! lol
  12. Yup, I already changed it. It was full of fuel. Fortunately it turned out to just be a coil! I realized it burned out when the cylinder was flooding from the stuck injector. I'm a moron and overlooked the fact that the misfire moved with the coil. Forgot that I didn't clear the codes before checking again. It occurred to me in the shower last night that it was the coil... duh... Oh, I was over P2s after a few weeks of owning one 😂
  13. Don't remember if I posted my injector saga here, but I'll update that... I rebuilt my injectors and one was stuck due to debris. It was dumping tons of fuel, and I ended up just taking them out and sending them off to be rebuilt and tested professionally. Got them back after a few days (thanks again to Coastal Precision Fuel Injection, I highly recommend Michael!) and the car was running better. Took it for a test drive, it was running alright, but still felt like it was misfiring slightly. I figured just excess fuel in the cat or something. Then it started cutting out under load, particularly in 3rd. Got a CEL for no upstream O2 sensor response. Ran to the JY and replaced that, fixed that problem but it's still running rough. I took it for another drive and it's still cutting out over 3-4k RPM under load. I tried to drive it harder and it finally flashed the CEL at me, cyl. 3 and 4 misfires. Wonderful... I have a feeling the fuel killed my cat. It was also smelling pretty sulfur-y when I got home, so that's another thing leading me to that conclusion. I still smell a little bit of raw fuel in the engine bay, but there's no leaks that I can see. Could just be in the exhaust that I'm smelling it... who knows.
  14. Oooh, no more gas tax? You're giving me one more reason to move to FL! It's Gas Buddy Pay Basically a Wex fleet card that's connected to your bank account/payment source so it automatically gives you a discount. Lemme know if you want the referral code so we get a bonus! lol