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  1. Yes, this is just like any other RN swap. Plenty of resources floating around for this swap, so it should be pretty straightforward.
  2. Unfortunately Hawk pads are no longer available for P80s. I've read extremely good feedback on them, so it's been a bit of a letdown. I ended up ordering from a company called R1 Concepts, and they make their own pads (allegedly). I heard about them from my cousin and thought it would be some sort of gimmick, but I've actually been happy with them. My only two complaints are the amount of dust and the occasional squeal when they're hot. ATE pads are also pretty good. I believe they're the OEM.
  3. Hmm, no spark? That's interesting. You're on the right track with the crank sensor, you may want to change the cam sensor as well.
  4. Ah, I glossed over the part about 10.4v on cranking. I thought it was with key on... thanks for pointing that out!
  5. Nice work! It's cool to see a '93 with a turbo motor. As for your issue, 10.4 volts is a little low. You really want at least 12v at the ECU. What's the voltage at the battery? If that's low, I would replace it. Otherwise, check your wiring to the ECU for power, as well as the grounds. I think what's going on is while cranking, the ECU just doesn't have enough power to fire the injectors. It probably had just enough to get it running that one time, and of course with the charge from the alternator, it was able to keep enough power to the ECU. You'll probably want to find a manual ECU too at some point. The auto ECU will not let you rev over 4k RPM since it thinks it's in park.
  6. I believe you can order the o-ring that goes into the VVT pulley, that's most likely where that leak is coming from. However I know the RNC VVT pulley is different from the RN pulley, so I'm not sure if that's a different design. This is the one I'm referring to
  7. Titans > Pegs Tell me about it, 280s SUCK. I just put new 302s on my R, since the last owner decided to just throw 280s on it (and somehow I didn't bother to actually look at them all this time) with the 302 brackets, and WOW, the difference is incredible. The car stops on a dime now, whereas before it was terrifying. Emergency stops were next to impossible.
  8. Nice find! The car looks great!
  9. Yeah, I'm gonna be sure to keep a closer eye on my HF 20 ton press from now on. That must have been scary! Wish I could find a face shield, but those are unobtainium these days.
  10. I love the sound of my 901 and 4x50 amp. I've been thinking about upgrading the speakers, but now I'm leaning towards just figuring out which ones are blown and replacing those with junkyard speakers. It's sure as hell cheaper! Lol They're not too bad, but at higher volumes they're very distorted with more bass.
  11. Hell yeah, Evolution, Trial by Fire, and Raised on Radio for $8! Now to find some early stuff lol. I think that's what you were trying to do for your red R, right Jared? Black faceplate 901?
  12. Looks like I need to search eBay for some Journey cassettes. That's all that sits in my CD changer right now... Journey and Santana!
  13. Only 49k? Wow. That's the kind of mileage my cousin sees on VWs at work that get work like that done. They always have issues with oil leaks.