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  1. Sweet, good to know! I've been trying to track down a new tailgate module since this one has been dead since he got it. The whole lock and latch setup in these is garbage. Otherwise, they're great trucks. The 2UZ is freaking bullet proof!
  2. My dad's '04 Sequoia needs a rack... fortunately an easy job on these trucks! Upper ball joints couldn't hurt either, I was towing my buddy's new G35 with it last weekend and it was a little wander-y on the highway.
  3. Oh yeah, the housing market is ridiculous. Great time to sell, but good luck finding anything that will be cost effective.
  4. Looks like that turned into a bigger project than anticipated! Glad you got it all done! I like how my Koni STR.T struts ride and I love the orange, but I agree that it doesn’t flow that well with Venetian red. It’s the small things... lol.
  5. I've found most places are incompetent when it comes to alignments anyway. You really need to know a place that takes the time to do it right. Poor alignments drive me nuts. Especially when I pay someone to do it, and they can't be bothered to get the steering wheel straight. Then they'd rather just make excuses, like the car MUST have been wrecked or something. The last time I got my 2000 aligned, he used P2 alignment specs then said it should be the same. Then tried to tell me it's because my car is lowered that my steering wheel is nearly 45 degrees to the left. I went to my cousin's job, we put it on the rack, and he had it perfect within 15 minutes. Wheel is perfectly straight. Imagine that... Okay, rant over!
  6. Mostly for the 2-bolt control arms, IIRC. I believe they're the same as the AWD subframe, otherwise.
  7. Extremely fortunate is right! That could have gone way worse.
  8. What, I quite enjoyed said article. It's very informative. ...if only I knew what we were talking about.
  9. I tightened up the e brake cable on the XC90 today. Used the “cheat” way of prying on the adjuster with a wrench while I clamped vise grips onto the cable sleeve. It holds the car still now while in gear if I push it all the way down, so that’ll do for now.
  10. Ok so I’m not crazy, that’s exactly what I thought those were lol. I like em!