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  1. This should be a direct swap, no differences with the PNP switch or anything else as long as it's an AW50-42. Use your original torque converter if you prefer.
  2. The K24 fits in these cars, you just need to do a couple things. First you'll need the proper coolant pipe for a K24 car, that can be found on a 2004-2007 S60R/V70R or 2005-2009 S60/V70 T5. You can use either the stock oil and coolant lines or you can get stainless lines from Mamba or another source. As far as the V band, that's no big deal. You just need an adapter, which can be found here
  3. Sure, you can slide it around with the e-brake, but you can't "drift" these cars. Better go find a 2/7/9. I can in fact drift my 940. Well could... now that it's barely running it doesn't have the torque to kick out the rear end unless I fly into a corner way too fast.
  4. Yeah, that adds up! I'm actually swapping an engine for a friend right now on his 2005 S60R. Still a stock K24, but the car is tuned and has a bunch of bolt-ons like an FMIC, 3" DP and full exhaust, Snabb intake, iPd OTE pipe, etc. and it's definitely cracked. Believe it or not, it was only running around 15 PSI. I'm interested to get the head off the old engine and see how bad it is. I decided he needs a 4T5 to replace that 4T4 junk. Should be dropping it in today.
  5. My Venetian Red R would really enjoy a Quaife and K24. I'm going to stick with my 19t for now (just swapped in a brand new CHRA, so it's solid) and see what kind of power I can pull out of it. I'm sure it'll be fast enough for a little while once I do something with the exhaust and get another tune.
  6. I have a Hilton tune and I've been happy with it. His after sales support is fantastic, as I've had a ton of hardware issues with my car since getting the tune. He's happy to work with you to get things sorted and then make adjustments to the tune as needed. Anyway, it's probably not the best idea to run the car with a stock tune. It's going to be running pig rich and have some strange boost characteristics. If you can wait, I would recommend not driving it until you either get a tune or have the immobilizer removed from the R ECU. Again, with everything you've done to the car, I would highly recommend a tune. It's worth the money for the power gain you get. Not to mention the car will run better.
  7. With the rest of those parts, you DEFINITELY want a custom tune. Unfortunately you can't just swap around ECUs on the ME7 cars.
  8. So from what I understand, what you're trying to accomplish here is putting a stock 2000 V70R tune on your V70XC. Is that correct? What else is done to your car? Regardless, I would recommend getting a tune for your car with the current ECU. There is no need to replace the ECU itself. Contact Hilton Tuning here:
  9. Yes, this is just like any other RN swap. Plenty of resources floating around for this swap, so it should be pretty straightforward.
  10. Unfortunately Hawk pads are no longer available for P80s. I've read extremely good feedback on them, so it's been a bit of a letdown. I ended up ordering from a company called R1 Concepts, and they make their own pads (allegedly). I heard about them from my cousin and thought it would be some sort of gimmick, but I've actually been happy with them. My only two complaints are the amount of dust and the occasional squeal when they're hot. ATE pads are also pretty good. I believe they're the OEM.
  11. Yeah, I'm gonna be sure to keep a closer eye on my HF 20 ton press from now on. That must have been scary! Wish I could find a face shield, but those are unobtainium these days.
  12. I love the sound of my 901 and 4x50 amp. I've been thinking about upgrading the speakers, but now I'm leaning towards just figuring out which ones are blown and replacing those with junkyard speakers. It's sure as hell cheaper! Lol They're not too bad, but at higher volumes they're very distorted with more bass.
  13. Hell yeah, Evolution, Trial by Fire, and Raised on Radio for $8! Now to find some early stuff lol. I think that's what you were trying to do for your red R, right Jared? Black faceplate 901?
  14. Looks like I need to search eBay for some Journey cassettes. That's all that sits in my CD changer right now... Journey and Santana!
  15. Only 49k? Wow. That's the kind of mileage my cousin sees on VWs at work that get work like that done. They always have issues with oil leaks.