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  1. Can't blame ya... people care too much about resale value. If you want to build a car, build a car! Just don't expect to recover your funds. I know I couldn't make any money on my V70R, but that's not stopping me from dumping more money into it.
  2. Sounds like you found a nice one! While doing the PCV job, I always make sure to change all of the cam seals if they're leaking (usually what happens when the PCV goes too long without being replaced). The one part I can think of that you should replace/upgrade while replacing the PCV components is the banjo bolt on the bottom of the intake manifold. To make for easier access, it helps to remove the alternator. You don't necessarily NEED to, but it saves a lot of aggravation while replacing that banjo bolt. The updated part number you need is 31325709 ( This updated bolt has a check valve to prevent boost from getting into the PCV system. Also be sure to clean out the ports on the block for the oil trap really well, they tend to get really clogged up. A pick and some carburetor/brake cleaner works well for that.
  3. For real, you need to go to Facebook to get flamed now! My cousin has LEDs in his '91 240, and they work well without being too blinding. That may be a good way to go if they will work in my jewels without projectors, because if I can avoid installing projectors, that's the way I'd like to go. I'll have to research that further. Overall I've been happier with HIDs than LEDs, my cousin has used both in his Volvos. He has 55w HIDs in his S70 with jewels and they are absolutely BLINDING to oncoming traffic. Hell, even driving the car the light against the road hurts my eyes!
  4. I have stock jewels with halogens and the light output is fantastic compared to the worn out original headlights. I'd still like to go HID at some point, but I don't want to chop up my reflectors to retrofit projectors... and I'm not gonna be the a-hole that just drops HIDs into the stock headlights and blinds everybody!
  5. Typically FCP's prices are a little higher for blue box, but their free shipping over $49 outweighs the price difference.
  6. I don't believe these cars have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. That's something you would need to add. That said, the 255 LPH pump should be just fine in your S60. People use similar pumps all the time in P80s (DW200, DW300), and Deatschwerks makes some good fuel pumps. Glad you got the idle issues sorted out!
  7. Looks much better than my vent mounted boost gauge! Lol
  8. Yup, that could definitely cause some issues! Hopefully that's all it takes to get you running smoothly!
  9. The Bosch throttles rarely (if ever) fail, while the Magneti Marellis are always dying. Hopefully it's something simple like a vacuum leak, it's =possible that it could have been the problem. The plastic pipe that attaches to the ETM could also have been loose (although I would assume your mechanic would have noticed that right away) and at least came close to blowing off, which would explain the sudden worsening of symptoms (long shot, but anything's possible). I think it's very possible that you have a vacuum leak. Good luck!
  10. Lol take both of my S60s!
  11. So you currently have a tune, correct? The tune is for the correct engine/turbo/injectors that are installed in the car? If so, check over the basics... how old is your MAF? Have you connected VIDA to check for codes and check MAF, fuel trim, and other values?
  12. I'll trade you my S60s for the pair! Lol
  13. It could very well be related to the tune as well.