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  1. I don't think the fuel pump is the issue either, what I'm saying is that the ECU is anticipating the 2.0 injectors, but the engine is running 2.4 injectors. That will certainly cause rough idle issues.
  2. How much are you asking, just shipping cost?
  3. I think the issue is with the tune. If you're using the 2.4 T5 injectors/rail in the 2.0 car, it's not going to run very well because the ECU is expecting smaller injectors. You can either swap back the 2.0 rail/injectors or get a tune for the correct injectors (you'll want to do the latter for the best performance).
  4. I used the CBV line as well, it seems to be a good place to splice in on ME7 cars.
  5. Bought another S60. Only 106k miles and a binder of service records!
  6. If you have the stock Columba 16" wheels, 302s will not clear. I believe you can use Perfos (original wheels on S70 and V70 T5). I would recommend using stainless brake hoses, I've been happy with my Techna-Fit hoses from FCP. It stiffens up the pedal just a little bit, it greatly improved the pedal feel in my V70R!
  7. I love those twin rear door handles... do you have a write up on how to install those? 😂
  8. Sounds like a day of working on my R. Hopefully we'll both get past that eventually!
  9. I solved that problem by replacing it with an M56 😄
  10. Also an option. This will give you a lot more room for power.
  11. Unplug the MAF (NOT while the car is running) and see if anything changes. That could definitely cause issues like this. It would also make sense after changing the O2 sensor that it was fine for about 30 minutes, then it adapted and starting running poorly again. Check the codes again and post them.
  12. The AWD cars are all light pressure turbo, either 2.4T or 2.5T. Those engines have 13T and 14T turbochargers, respectively. You're going to need a turbo from a -2004 T5. They will be badged as a T5.
  13. I used one from a 2004 C70 on my 2001 2.4T, but you can use any 16t angle flange turbo as long as the coolant ports are the same setup as your car. There are two styles, the earlier P80 cars had one on the side between the engine and turbo and the other on the firewall side, and newer cars had both coolant ports on the firewall side. Basically I'd look at a turbo from a 2000-2004 S70/S60/V70 T5 or C70 HPT. Be careful with 2000 models though, not all had the newer coolant line setup.
  14. Good condition egg crate grille for 1998-2000 S70/V70 and 1998-2004 C70. This has the older black 1998 style Volvo badge. There are a couple small chips in the badge, but otherwise it's in really good shape. $85 shipped in the US.
  15. Are you talking about the subframe mount? An easy upgrade for these cars is a 16t turbo off a T5. It bolts right on, and if you pair that with blue T5 injectors and a tune you'll have a solid daily driver that will be reasonably quick.