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  1. That would probably help! It only has a basic stage 1 tune from Hilton, and it's not THAT fast, but the damn thing is all over the road. It's pretty concerning.
  2. Mine does a lot of sitting too lol. I drove it the other day, and it reminded me that I need to replace the slave cylinder. The power is nice, but it's all over the damn road when I'm accelerating hard. I should probably put some better tires on it.
  3. Yup, that would probably be it. I just wish that picture was still there!
  4. That's funny, I have a stray one of those lying around from when I've replaced door cards on these cars, and I've never been able to find there that piece goes. I'm interested to see if anybody knows. It doesn't look like there's any sort of clip that it slides into on the door.
  5. This is all solid advice. These cars can make pretty good power, but you'll have to be careful if you go beyond the basics. It's better to tear down the engine to make these improvement because you're building the car, not because you already cracked the block and need to replace the engine.
  6. Just as I was feeling good about how the car was doing... my stupid a** drove over a parking stop while leaving the store last week. Slammed down on the subframe mount. I was worried I bent a tie rod or control arm, but fortunately all that stuff looks fine. The fresh scrapes led me to this, though... Popped the bushing out a little bit, which would explain the slight sloppiness I could feel in the front end. Just ordered a new bolt, so hopefully it'll be as simple as pulling it apart and popping the bushing back in.
  7. For sure. He only does P80 stuff for in-person customers. A buddy of mine had him make a downpipe for his '99 V70R and it's beautiful. He mostly focuses on P2R and P3.
  8. Yeah, Josh with 8eight Fab is local to me, so I might hit him up and see if he can get me on the schedule. He told me previously that he'd be able to do it, I would have to bring the car to him though, and I don't know when I'd be able to do that. I have plenty of other cars to drive, but I'd likely install the parts I have and trailer it up to him. Gotta find the time to do that.
  9. Wow, that's quick! He told me that he has changed manufacturers, and that it could be cost prohibitive to make the pipe himself. He said that at this time, he doesn't know when they'll be able to get moving on production.
  10. I still need to source an OTE pipe for my RIP kit on my V70R. Kristian is backed up indefinitely, so I'll have to figure it out.
  11. Factory auto dimming mirror in a non-C70 P80? That's not something I've seen before.
  12. It probably is a 6.5. I don't think I have a 6.5, but I have a 5.5 and that was way too small.
  13. That's like the slave cylinder on my E46. I still don't quite know what size it is, I ended up using an adjustable wrench to bleed it. The few SAE wrenches I have don't quite fit, 7 was too big, 6 was too small. What a pain lol.
  14. Yeah, I had that happen when my brake booster ejector valve split in two. It's fun having no power brakes! NOT!
  15. Hopefully Kristian can get you one soon. I emailed him a couple months ago about an OTE pipe for his RIP kit (one thing missing from my kit) and he said there's an insane lead time right now, like 6-8 months IIRC.
  16. Looks like a fun time! Mazda paint does seem to be pretty thin, my brother pressure washed the year of filth off his NB Miata yesterday, and it went through to the primer in one spot. We were laughing our asses off.
  17. LS swapped 911s are freaking cool. Purists are annoying! Although I won't lie, I love the sound of a Porsche flat 6.
  19. Indeed... I wouldn't want to do that on jack stands. I guess I've done worse, but I tend to just get into jobs without any preparation.
  20. I believe the remotes are supposed to be one time use, but I don't remember for certain. You need that PIN from Volvo for '98s, unfortunately VIDA can't give you anything for that.
  21. Hmm, that is interesting. I'm pretty sure my 2000 had the angled antenna. That seems to be on most of them that I see.
  22. Nice find! The V8 Sport is the one to have.
  23. Yeah, it's incredibly annoying how people treat cars in junkyards when people actually need these things. I always try to close cars up when I can. Even just throwing stuff out of the way to get the doors closed.
  24. VW has a habit of designing stuff like that. Always a fun time!
  25. Very true! They really do. It's crazy what 20 degrees will do for a turbo car. It definitely gets cold here, but fortunately we've had a few warm weeks so far mixed in with the cold stuff. It doesn't get really cold in NC until late January into February.