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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna be sure to keep a closer eye on my HF 20 ton press from now on. That must have been scary! Wish I could find a face shield, but those are unobtainium these days.
  2. I love the sound of my 901 and 4x50 amp. I've been thinking about upgrading the speakers, but now I'm leaning towards just figuring out which ones are blown and replacing those with junkyard speakers. It's sure as hell cheaper! Lol They're not too bad, but at higher volumes they're very distorted with more bass.
  3. Hell yeah, Evolution, Trial by Fire, and Raised on Radio for $8! Now to find some early stuff lol. I think that's what you were trying to do for your red R, right Jared? Black faceplate 901?
  4. Looks like I need to search eBay for some Journey cassettes. That's all that sits in my CD changer right now... Journey and Santana!
  5. Only 49k? Wow. That's the kind of mileage my cousin sees on VWs at work that get work like that done. They always have issues with oil leaks.
  6. You're not kidding... every time I fix one leak on my mom's V8 Sport, I find another. So far I've done the timing cover, front crank seal, valve covers, and oil cooler o-ring. Now I can see that it's the oil pan... ugh, I'll get to it eventually!
  7. Nice! This would be good for stuck axles as well.
  8. Wow, that took on a LOT of damage! Very cool to see the S40 bumper work so well for that front end.
  9. Love it! I need to find a deal on E39 touring Bavsound speakers. The audio in mine SUCKS.
  10. It bolts right on. If you separate the cold side from the hot side with that clamp, you can mate the 16t cold side right up to your current straight flange exhaust side.
  11. People are paying $700 for 10 year old computers? Damn!
  12. It should be on the fuse panel on the driver side of the dash. See here:
  13. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think you might have to remove the whole dash pad to replace the airbag cover. I feel like there are screws securing it from behind.
  14. Nice! I've never had one, but I've always loved W124s. Along with the W123 and W201, it's my favorite Mercedes by far.
  15. Love the XC90! That's an awesome interior. Now what's the story with this W124?
  16. Yeah, he hasn't been on in a while! Lol
  17. That’s not Kristian anyway, his profile is @sconeman.
  18. Just go to the junkyard for the center cap... they're easy to find.
  19. He took a while to ship my delrin shifter bushings when I ordered them, but he was quick to respond to an email when I asked. Turned out he was waiting on the next batch to be ready, and it took a week or two. Sometimes it takes some time, but you don't have to worry about the order never showing up. I'm sure Kristian is very busy!
  20. I wouldn't worry too much about the coolant level at this point. It definitely sounds like it's down a cylinder though, but if unplugging each coil made it worse, then it's not the problem.
  21. Where does it sit when the engine is cool? I noticed yesterday that our XC90 V8 does that too, the level rises maybe an inch when hot. My V70R does not, though. The smoke is likely from the PCV. I've had cars pass the glove test that still have a clogged up PCV.