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  1. Oooh, no more gas tax? You're giving me one more reason to move to FL! It's Gas Buddy Pay Basically a Wex fleet card that's connected to your bank account/payment source so it automatically gives you a discount. Lemme know if you want the referral code so we get a bonus! lol
  2. Every kid should do this sort of course. So much beter than any sort of typical driver's ed. I love GetUpside, always use it. Along with my Gas Buddy card which gives an automatic 5 cent/gallon discount. Added bonus, no need to worry about card skimmers! 93 is around $3.69, and I'd like it to stay around there if it doesn't drop. Still more than I'd like to pay, but it's still under $4.
  3. Tried to diag P0455 on the V70R, but that went seemingly nowhere. After replacing the canister close valve (which did seem to be failed), it still failed the test. I also replaced the purge valve just for sh*ts and giggles, we'll see if that does it. I dropped the tank, pressure tested, smoke tested in several locations, and nothing to be found. Maybe I'll get lucky and it won't come back. Not really worried about it, I just don't like seeing the CEL on. Now for the next unnecessary thing to drive me insane, I want to track down the irritating whining noise in my engine bay. Still have no idea where it is... but I can hear it clear as day. Nobody has been able to point me in the right direction, seemingly because I've never seen (or heard) it on any other car.
  4. Yup, the harness for the speaker just goes directly to the head unit. I believe it only connects to the SC-900/SC-901 head units. As far as harness changes, if you're sticking with the same year you should be fine. The air bag connector MIGHT be different year to year, but there is no other wiring on the upper dash.
  5. Oh yeah, the cool weather makes a noticeable difference!
  6. Got it back together and is working well! Only problem is now I broke the plastic end of a coolant hose off under the intake tract. No big deal though, easy to get to at least... I'll replace that along with the timing belt and cam seals next week once parts get here. Ouch... that must have been hell to drive 😂 Not ready for that cold yet... I'll take the high 40s/low 50s at night we're expecting after tomorrow.
  7. Cold... lol, it feels like almost 90 today here. So I picked up an '08 S40 the other day for $550 as a non-runner. After seeing there were no suspicious codes on VIDA, I discovered the steering column lock to be the culprit. It seems the chiseling of the shear bolts shook it loose and I was able to start it. Runs pretty well! Full tank of gas too, bonus! I cleaned it up and sprayed some electrical contact lubricant inside it, hopefully that'll keep it working. So far so good... it seems to move smoothly and quickly. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I kinda dig the color. Chameleon blue metallic. It looks awesome in the sun.
  8. There have been one or two around here for sale recently, so pissed I missed out on them. For sure, I love M54s. I would have loved to find a V8, but the M54 is a much more reliable engine than the M62 or N62.
  9. Maybe that's not such a bad thing... lol Started that oil pan gasket job... I'm taking my sweet time as usual with these jobs. Could be just about done by now, but I'm lazy lol.
  10. Nice E53! I just picked one up a few weeks ago too for a new daily driver. I love it! Super well maintained one owner X5 with 205k miles. He kept EVERY maintenance record since 2003. And he over-maintained it like I do with all my cars... it fell into the perfect hands if I say so myself! I've put about 800 miles on it so far and it's awesome. Rock solid car, super smooth on the highway. I wanted it to use for towing, since I sold my Mountaineer back in June and I don't like borrowing trucks every time I need to pick up non-running car. The X5 is perfect since I'm not planning on towing over capacity, and the handling as a daily driver is unbeatable as far as SUVs go. Well, I guess an E70 X5 beats it, but they're nowhere near as cheap as I paid for this one. It's a fitting replacement daily for my E39 touring, which is now in the garage as I contemplate replacing the oil pan gasket. As for the V70R, I picked up these Otreras from the junkyard the other day. Just need to order some fresh rubber for them before I swap them on. I also want to order those iPd poly spring adjusters to raise up the rear end a touch. As you can see, it's sagging quite a bit with the FCP springs on the delta link rear end.
  11. Definitely check those axles. I had an S60 do the same thing after breaking the passenger side axle.
  12. Sweet, good to know! I've been trying to track down a new tailgate module since this one has been dead since he got it. The whole lock and latch setup in these is garbage. Otherwise, they're great trucks. The 2UZ is freaking bullet proof!
  13. My dad's '04 Sequoia needs a rack... fortunately an easy job on these trucks! Upper ball joints couldn't hurt either, I was towing my buddy's new G35 with it last weekend and it was a little wander-y on the highway.
  14. Oh yeah, the housing market is ridiculous. Great time to sell, but good luck finding anything that will be cost effective.
  15. Looks like that turned into a bigger project than anticipated! Glad you got it all done! I like how my Koni STR.T struts ride and I love the orange, but I agree that it doesn’t flow that well with Venetian red. It’s the small things... lol.
  16. I've found most places are incompetent when it comes to alignments anyway. You really need to know a place that takes the time to do it right. Poor alignments drive me nuts. Especially when I pay someone to do it, and they can't be bothered to get the steering wheel straight. Then they'd rather just make excuses, like the car MUST have been wrecked or something. The last time I got my 2000 aligned, he used P2 alignment specs then said it should be the same. Then tried to tell me it's because my car is lowered that my steering wheel is nearly 45 degrees to the left. I went to my cousin's job, we put it on the rack, and he had it perfect within 15 minutes. Wheel is perfectly straight. Imagine that... Okay, rant over!
  17. Mostly for the 2-bolt control arms, IIRC. I believe they're the same as the AWD subframe, otherwise.
  18. Extremely fortunate is right! That could have gone way worse.
  19. What, I quite enjoyed said article. It's very informative. ...if only I knew what we were talking about.
  20. I tightened up the e brake cable on the XC90 today. Used the “cheat” way of prying on the adjuster with a wrench while I clamped vise grips onto the cable sleeve. It holds the car still now while in gear if I push it all the way down, so that’ll do for now.