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  1. Ill share mine: Bill Richardson, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich all demo's
  2. I nominate you to be ban

  3. EDIT: my membership is back plus i got added posts. sweet.
  4. The whole point of my post was not to complain about religion but to complain about a huge paper to write where the professor seemed to take 10 min to read over and put an OK on the top of the paper which is 100%. It just happened to be that the class i had to write the paper for was a religion class. So lets stop talking about religion.
  5. How did i walk right into it. I simply stated an opinion about one of my classes at school. Your posts have nothing to do with the discussion at hand.
  6. I think Your the biggest sillybillyboo ever.
  7. Wtf kind of question is that? Im atheist which means i dont pray and whether or not my football teams wins or loses is up to them. Also, Christianity was based on the fact that Jesus said "The Reign of God is Dawning" not "The Reign of God will Dawn" like everyone else believed. So when Jesus was crucifed and later resurrected is when everyone began to believe because since he was resurrected God is basically saying what Jesus said was true. For all we know his followers could have robbed his grave and made everything up. No where in the Bible do you see anything written by Jesus. Everything written was by his followers in light of his death and resurrection and the writings were based on remembering, reflecting, evaluating, interpretation, and adaptation. Plus everything was writing in koine Greek and not everything translated correctly in to Aramaic which Jesus spoke. I could go on and on but im gonna stop there and let u guys digest. lol.
  8. mladen you havent answered my question: What were you doing in San Diego?
  9. Yes its still a volvo, do i like it no, but im not going to tell the person Hey guess what your car is a piece of sh1t.
  10. Why pass judgement on somebody elses car it is his car not yours. I have personally met the guy and he is way chill, probably one of the coolest people i have ever met. Each person has there own ideas of what they want to do to their car and i could sit here all day and point out everything that i dont like about each and every single persons car, but im not going to do that, why? because that would be wrong of me. Everyone should stop hating on him and point it towards something else that does need to be hated on, like Grant for instance . If you guys havent noticed his car says volvo. I dont give a rats ass what parts and sh1t his car is made of it says volvo and we should accept him as a member of the volvo community. Why hate on just S40's you dont see me hating on 700's or 900's which i dont like but im not going to start a rant about it. We all know that my car is stock (soon to be modified) and i spend all my time on this forum to gain more knowledge about the car that i own and because we all share a common interest and that is a love for volvos. It shouldnt matter what their car looks like, as long as they have done what they like to the car that is all that matters.