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  1. Went to the Dyno today to get a baseline HP and TQ rating to track progress. Found a Boost leak that cost me 20HP and 30FTLB of Torque, I new it was there but just finally got around to heading to the dyno.
  2. Removed Computer to add wires and pin-outs for future mod, booked a dyno run for next Wednesday. Bought a newish truck floor liner from the bone yard.
  3. Actually he wasn't offended with redneck, I said retard, and I should have known better as my sister is in a wheelchair so it is actually really shameful, I changed it immediately after I saw I offended someone. I don't mind owning my mistakes as long as there are Language police around. Anyhow I digress: Removed a XC bumper for prep to go to the body shop, and to install on the S70. Swapped interior for Leather, and gapped the spark plugs.
  4. I would have said this was the 5 th time today a Redneck has asked me that.
  5. Oh ya yester day I swapped leather cloth for leather interior, and shampooed engine bay.
  6. Schweet :) just wish I could figure what size spade connectors I need to bench flash, the ECU I bought has the wrong bin on it and I ham having a monkey of a time trying to find spade connectors that won't short out other pins and monkey everything up. Frustrating this. I made a big mistake and bought a harness for a ME7 thinking it was for M44 and didn't check the plugs before I dissected it. FFFUUUCCCCKKK!!!! okay rant over back to the bone yard
  7. Dissected a wiring harness to make a custom loom.
  8. I just grabbed a HX35S off of a tow truck, would you consider this to be a good turbo for the 2.3l I have read some good stuff about these.

    1. allen091


      It depends which type of towing do you use for this, if you have to tow a light weight towing than its good, but if you are considering this for a heavy duty towing its not.

  9. Well folks the defloater is defloating. The install was a snap, and the instructions are easy to follow, I made a mistake and did not plug the tps in all the way and it came loose. The TPS on my car was in a spot my big paws couldn't reach. Thanks to Maarten for this neat device. Now I am just going to fine tune and possibly relocate it in the drivers cabin, after the car comes back from the Body shop. Thats all for now folks
  10. I received my parcel today in Canada so things will be underway soon. Stay tuned :P
  11. Hey there Maarten hope all is well in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Picture looks awesome, very professional looking, I am absolutely stoked to get this up and running now but I am not rushing you by any stretch of the imagination. I am okay with any color on the defloater for what it is worth. As far as shipping for myself to Canada let me know what the final cost for everything is brother :) I will send a PM :)
  12. Thanks for doing this Maarten, I just need to make a Vinyl sticker for the completed project, what should the sticker read? VENDERBROECK NETHERLANDS
  13. Let me know when you are ready to ship my ECU and the Defloater you are building for ma and I will send you the rest of the Guilders, :)
  14. hey there Maarten did you get my email, should I still send the ECU?

  15. Money Sent, :) looking forward to reving the "VO" at the College while I pick up my Daughter hee hee,
  16. We have been at -10 for a few days today it was thawing at a balmy 3 degrees C
  17. Not sure if you got my PM but I would like you to build a defloater for me.
  18. Regarding your question in the xenon conversion thread, the junkyard I go to is standard Auto,

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    2. DutchCanadian


      you can check there inventory on there website but I did not see one, nor have I ever in my entire life seen a C70 convertible in the bone yard. I think I know where there is one forsale but I never bothered because the guys mechanic said he wanted to much money for it.

    3. quiksilver


      Damn, I've never seen one in a Junkyard either.

      There's always approx. 20 for sale, never one crashed...

    4. DutchCanadian


      I think the ones that go to the bone yard are completely stripped and immediately put in Que to get crushed.

  19. Just tried to send you a PM joe it doesn't work, I just signed up at swedespeed, I think you are on that site as well can I pm you there?
  20. @pfloyd36069 That is so clever! I am so amazed with this.I am good at wrenching on stuff but this is amazing. I wish I knew how to conceive things like this. I would like to follow your progress with this as well, if you have a build going. Thanks for posting this PF
  21. Thanks for working on this for us, I try to make it a lees thankless job. :) Also unable to donate to become a supporting member. I have no access to the Bikini model section :)