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  1. 1 hour ago, Avinitlarge said:

    I noticed the same a few years ago, ive still been using the 540 maf though. Personally I think it would be impossible to get the exact calibration without the maf being tested with some sort of air flow testing equipment 

    From what everyone, including Aaron, has said, it's because the sensor doesn't sit in the middle. I'm going to try to modify the placement of the sensor by removing material from the mounting point to center it better. 

  2. 3 hours ago, gdog said:

    OK I found it; it's not what I mentioned in previous post.  What you're referring to is uniqueid 0x20CC in .xdf file.  I've never heard of anyone mucking with that or having an issue with it either.  On my bin it's been repurposed for "boost threshold control" by @venderbroeck

    I'm not having an issue with it, per say, but with a misfire occurring at low load that I can shift the location of by adjusting the angle required to activate LDR. Why is LDR control causing a misfire if all it seemingly controls is boost? 

  3. 9 hours ago, gdog said:

    Are you referring to "DKADN Throttle angle threshold for charge pressure increase" or something else?  Mine's set to 10 for all rpms.  Don't think I've messed with it.

    What do mean by low speed?  Talking low load on the engine, or what?


    Throttle angle threshold for LDR active. Currently at its original value of 20. 

    Low speed/low load on the engine - which is where the 20-degree angle is usually seen. 

    Where ever we shift the angle to, is where the misfire and hesitation will occur. 

  4. Got the car on the dyno over the weekend with some interesting results. 

    Being an automatic, and seemingly unable to make the car hold gear, we're having to start our power runs from 130km/h with the transmission in 3 to prevent it downshifting - is this the only way to do power runs with an automatic, or is there a way to make the transmission hold gear? 

    The other issue we're having is a hesitation and misfire during low speed, which we believe is the LDR routine activating. Adjusting the Throttle Angle threshold for its activation shifts the miss to where ever we set the new angle to. Why might the LDR routine cause a misfire? Is it just not set at the appropriate angle? 

  5. 6 hours ago, lowkeyturbo said:

    Hi All,

    Sorry for quoting such a big post but I wanna clear some things up after logging and working with @Calvin Sonnik on getting stuff dialed in.

    So to disable LDR routing you DO NOT need to disable "LDR Throttle angle threshold: all values to 110 (or max)"


    Doing so only made me not able to log TCV duty Cycle.

    All you need to to do is set :

    LDR P-Part: all values to 0
    LDR KFP2: all values to 0 
    AND zero out LDR duty cycle correction, intake air temperature **(This is done PRE-LDR routine and lowers your TCV cycle by that amount)

    That made it follow the TCV duty cycle one to one and was able to log TCV cycle no problem :)

    Just wanted to give a big shutout to@Calvin Sonnik helping me out with all this LDR and tuning stuff. Getting the K24 dialed in slowly but surely :)

    Mind if I add this revision to the wiki with both you and Calvin credited? 

  6. Thank you guys so much for all you do for the community. 
    I've noticed the wiki is somewhat out of date and have taken it upon myself to clean up the formatting of the pages as well as add the Boxman turbo load tuning to the page that I've found useful. 

    I'm going to continue to read through the thread and add what ever updates have come forth since the wiki was made in 2013. I won't be deleting anything however. 

    Lastly I'd ask that the Binaries and Tunerpro files page be updated with hosted links as the ones on there are currently down - it appears they last were available in 2016? 
    Updated ones would be great due to all the discoveries made since then.