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  1. thank you good sir :D now that i think about it you are right, i do have an extra jack i didnt know what was it used for. guessing my car will have both a baro and an iat after i find a junked 70 series. what pn is for the iat cant seem to find it , would like to chekc the price on new units
  2. since no one replyed and the serch function dose not work for 3 letter words, how do i hook up a IAT sensor to a 850 running m4.4? tryed figuring it out looking at the pinout for the m4.4 ecu but couldnt seem to find it, altho i did find how to hook up a baro, which is nice
  3. no wideband,sounds like missfiring tbh, maybe beause of the timing, maybe something else. my plugs are gapped right, might be the software, it was the stoćk/wlć (my c isnt wosking so i will use this latter (Ć) ). no i have the stoćk and it dosnt seem to missfire yet, but i also gave it more time to adjust at idle. ćan torque app be ćonnćted over kkl obd? what software do you guys use to read ćodes? tryed ćonneting to the eću over both motronić and tunerpro, ćant get it to work, also ćant get volfćr ćonnećted,my ćable is the ćh430 and not the ftdi,i have a ftdi ćable, but its an elm 7 unite, if someone ćould upload a mprog file of their ftdi ćable, i ćould reflashing the elm unite to kkl, might work, idk, 2ćables non working as they should... also, i would like to add the iat sensor and not remove it in the software, how would i do that?
  4. @Turboforslund Hey, if you remember me i was trying to flash a 444 ecu with a 609 map to put it in my 850, finnaly a working cable arived and i was able to do it, turned up on the first try no probs with immo or anything. now my car was missfiring a bit before i changed the ecu, (on full throttle over 3.5k rpm, prob coil packs, need to do my stage 0 :S) but with 4.4 it missfires i had it on for a cuple of mins because i didnt like how it ran,missfires under full throttle + cel blinking, guessing thats beause it goes closed circuit and trys to use the 2.3 wot map, dont like that tbh (and just guessing) would you be kind enough to upload a 444bin for tunerpro? tomorrow trying it with motronic suit and its stock map. also cant connect my elm reader to my m4.4 ecu, torque cant connect to ecu,what baud rate do you guys use
  5. quick question, in tunerpro under settings, data aqusition and logging if i change from elm to interface, and go to usb and than com port 2 (I set it as com2) and test it it says no interface. is that a good way to test?or dose the flashing part use a different baud?
  6. so my cable still hasnt arrived, but I am playing with the rosstech one. how do i know tunerpro sees the cable? do i need to initialize hardware emulation? when i press it it says no hardware detected Dose any one have a real ftdi 232r chip so he can share his ept with me? i cant get it to work
  7. i will soon try flashing it with the changed pid of the cable , since my pc sees it diffrently now. it used to say its a ross tech under usb section of device manager but it now sees it as a serial to usb . and uses ftdi insted of rosstech ones, hope it will work, altho vol-fcr still says wrong pid
  8. its a real ftdi, its a 232r chip. i used d2xx vcp drivers. the cable isnt bricked it still has its Pid. its a real ftdi, its a 232r chip. i used d2xx vcp drivers. the cable isnt bricked it still has its Pid.
  9. Figured out its actually the cable that is giving me the truble. it is a fake ross tech that my frend lended to me. its a hex+can cable.(it should also do kkl, at least i was told so) it uses a ftdi 232r chip. i will try forcing it into "dumb mode" as was suggested by someone 100 pages ago. now i can get a chinese kkl cable for 15euros in 3 days, but it has a non ftdi chip, would it work tho? And thanks for sharing the info TFS, it will be helpfull in the future. can i connect to the car to read stuf from it, i cant get it to com1 and vol fcr says wrong PID i do have a mprog wich i will try changing my pid to 6001, since its now a custom number to emulate a rosstech... maybe that will make it usable with tunerpro And about the laptop charger, mine is rated at 19v, guess that would be an overkill? since i cant flash at home, I programed the rosstech to have a 6001 pid, now my pc sees it as a usb to serial adapter and not as a ross tech, and is ussing ftdi drivers insted of rosstech ones. i made my com port be a com1, but it exists if the cable isnt pluged in. will soon go test it again, also booted the ross tech into dumb mode, but it didnt work.
  10. Damn, how should i get that much in car :S take out all the fuses i guess, would a lamp(light) power adapter 16v do the trick? i was thinking of hooking it up to the wall and than just pull the + cable to pin b8, idk if it would work tho
  11. hey tfs M4.4wiki is the place where i got all my info, unfortunatly i cant do method 2 because its too long of a procces to get it shipped, altho i did order the 12vto15v step up, and it will go in as soon as it arrives. i did it the way its in alternative 1, b8 to battery post+, wanted to jump a27 pin (if its that one) to b8, but that would of taken more time than running to battery. taking out the fuse took care of the fan, i had to return the fuse to check if it is in bootloader, and it was. Idk whats the problem, hopefully it will go better today
  12. sorry about that, forgot to mention. it was over 13.5v i had another car next to mine, running, and than connected them together, the running car has 14.3v, and it drops to 13.5-13.7 when i jump it to mine. also the fan fuse was taken out, and lights and stereo too. it was constantly over 13.5. il try again tomorrow. at the start of the day i couldnt eaven connect, and now its close to being mapped so i am happy
  13. Hello again people, so i got my cable, went to flash, and got a erase timeout error. The ecu is in bootloader mode, i ran a wire from + post on the battery, to the b8 pin. the car went into bootloader. (the fan was on 100%), but still cant erase. the com port is setup and evrything
  14. so a non immo bin is a soltion, can i somehow remove the immo by my self? i was thining about replacing all the "different" values from the 608 map with the ones from the 444 map, ignition timing, injector timing etc. would there be a different, ie better solution
  15. no i dont have a 448 curently in the car, altho i will just try plug and play and see what happens. i curently have a m4.3 0261203850 b5204t manual, and i will not drive it. just want to see if it starts, eaven with a 2.3 map tried starting it, it will cranck, and kinda wants to start, but when it gets starting point it bogs down, i am guessing because of the 2.3 map