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  1. Maybe you can try to contact Wiseco
  2. Check if all the plus cables are in place. It could be also your com ports or the flasher set up if you are using the Tuner pro. Try to flash with Motronic Suite.
  3. There should be 2 sensors behind the fog lights plastic covers. One for each side
  4. Tightmopedman9 Please, upload files somewhere else if possible.| Thanks.
  5. One of my volvos is S70 2.0T manual, 132 kw originaly, Italian version which comes with 442 ecu. No wonder why your 2.3l automatic is slow. Just flash 607 bin on it.
  6. You can flash 607 bin and it should work fine for you. Right now I am using 608 ecu which is from 5234T3 car in a 2.0T - 5204T2 without any issues. I am using 442 bin from Motronic Suite.