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  1. Right now I am in Europe, but will be back in Canada in middle of November. PM me your phone number, so I can contact you when I am back.
  2. I can reprogram the immo eeprom chip with the content of your ECU. (transfer your VIN to the new ECU) Is this what's needed?
  3. Can you clear if the cloned ECU is working.
  4. On first place, why did you resolder the M4.3 ecu chip? You can read and write the 64kb M4.3 ECU just with software and cable without touching the board. If you have OBD it can be done in the car. If not you can do it on the bench. The only thing you have to do is a small modification to the cable.
  5. Check your 3.25 ID maf readings if you do log.
  6. The injectors I've tested: Bosch 0280 155 968/Volvo 9202100 At 3 bars 450cc
  7. Better flow test the injectors first. I did test the greens i have and they was exactly 450cc at 3 bars.
  8. Check if all the plus cables are in place. It could be also your com ports or the flasher set up if you are using the Tuner pro. Try to flash with Motronic Suite.
  9. There should be 2 sensors behind the fog lights plastic covers. One for each side
  10. Tightmopedman9 Please, upload files somewhere else if possible.| Thanks.