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  1. Plan_B

    Off Topic: The Thread

    It's not just for salads anymore.
  2. Plan_B

    Off Topic: The Thread

    you moved to Calabasses, do you ever see the Kardashians?
  3. Plan_B

    Thread About Nothin

    Damn, lucky you....wish I was on an AF base having my turkey stuffed =) Thanks for calling me when you came down a few weeks ago I stopped going to the gym 3 years ago, you should see how fat I am now. Anyway, crossfit is supposed to be amazing. omfg the blood is rushing to my ......
  4. Plan_B

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    Ummmm WTF you're drinking now?....what is up with you. Totally annoyed by this.
  5. Plan_B

    Thread About Nothin

    And swallows Danny.
  6. Plan_B

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    You not talking to me anymore? Anyway, I actually replaced my turn signal lever and put in an K&N air filter all by myself :josh:
  7. Plan_B

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Uggg...polls are so gay. Shouldnt you be packing for your trip down here?
  8. Plan_B

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Volans are way sexier then your rims, sorry.
  9. Plan_B

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Installed HID's in my jewels then dropped it off at the shop to have a strut mount replaced :(
  10. Plan_B

    Off Topic: The Thread

    volans are the sexiest rims ever.
  11. Plan_B

    Church Fail

    Meh, it wasn't about wrong or right it was just funny....I mean Kirk Cameron....come on.
  12. Plan_B

    Church Fail

    I think I already posted this, she's hot right? religous people make me loll3r What about "Crazy Tracy" omg
  13. Plan_B

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Wasn't that decided like 3 years ago.