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  1. It's not just for salads anymore.
  2. you moved to Calabasses, do you ever see the Kardashians?
  3. Damn, lucky you....wish I was on an AF base having my turkey stuffed =) Thanks for calling me when you came down a few weeks ago I stopped going to the gym 3 years ago, you should see how fat I am now. Anyway, crossfit is supposed to be amazing. omfg the blood is rushing to my ......
  4. Ummmm WTF you're drinking now?....what is up with you. Totally annoyed by this.
  5. You not talking to me anymore? Anyway, I actually replaced my turn signal lever and put in an K&N air filter all by myself :josh:
  6. Uggg...polls are so gay. Shouldnt you be packing for your trip down here?
  7. Volans are way sexier then your rims, sorry.
  8. Installed HID's in my jewels then dropped it off at the shop to have a strut mount replaced :(
  9. Meh, it wasn't about wrong or right it was just funny....I mean Kirk Cameron....come on.
  10. I think I already posted this, she's hot right? religous people make me loll3r What about "Crazy Tracy" omg
  11. Wasn't that decided like 3 years ago.
  12. Not women in general,it's that vagina thing that freaks me out, with it's wetness and all them folds and whatnot....totally not my thing.
  13. Honey bunny that thing doesn't need to say anything to be gay, I mean really Reid come on. Sorry I had to post something to take my mind off Reid fucked euro plate. Enjoy..........NWS
  14. Really Reid, a euro plate, seriously?
  15. That douche in the RX7 is totally awesome on his cell freaking out.
  16. You should find the with the kid the Lincoln that rearended the Supra.
  17. I thought that said LED fleshlight <tear> I would agree, they are both horribly unattractive.
  18. No, I will not make out with you, sorry.
  19. NWS Ever wonder what it would be like dating me, well wonder no more NWS
  20. Uggg...I not driving down to Eugene again, call me when you come home for the holdays. ;)