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  1. Paid for it, dropped it off at the repair shop, ordered HID's, rebuilt ABS module...then listed it on CL.........anyone looking for an 850R?
  2. jesus christ you would please stop calling me.
  3. god you're hot. anyway, raises hand on the drunk part.
  4. OMFG couldn't agree more Texas FTL.
  5. So are you saying that you and Reid are trannies?
  6. Damn who's the hottie on the front page! I would so tap that :sheep:
  7. wow volvospeed is lamer then I heard.......<tear>
  8. Listen to this rant about Megan Fox, it's number 2 and you have to listen to advertisements first but it's worth it.
  9. did you like my nos joke last night?.......I was watcing death race and one of the cars had that and I totally thought of you for some reason. You also never responded to my Sacha wants to tap my ass text <_<
  10. Oh come on, at 1:55, that's totally funny. What are you talking about?
  11. I lollered.....give it 30 seconds or so then it's funny
  12. Anything except have sex with you and or Adam ;)
  13. I want these soooooooooooooo bad, I'd do anything. Oliver People Strummers, $300.00 :(
  14. Until you are 18 my opinon stays ;)
  15. ktard is a little to stupid for me and yeah he is 16 have been paying attention, crush much? umm well, actually his 20th b-day is next week ;)
  16. Class, second job, 20 year bf..... glad to see someone misses me :(