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  1. gonna drive your POS all the way from FL for my POS............yeah ok. 2004+ is what I am looking at, hopefully an ultrasport
  2. trade for surprise buttsex?.......hells yeah! meh, I get bored with cars really fast, once I sell this one I am getting an A4. And I dunno whats up with the pete burns, it was supposed to be your picture :(
  3. It's an Itailian plate, but some cray old lady freaked out on me saying it was some old nazi plate so I took it off =( I am so glad i dont have that POS anymore.
  4. Why would you think I was buying a Saab?
  5. yes, so glad they are not anymoar!
  6. Yeah, I am sure I DO NOT want them back, ask Danny if he wants them LOL
  7. Hmmmhmm...sounds like CPO warranty........I have never heard of a car dealer it's self giving moar then a 30 day warranty.
  8. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!.......omg you should totally send those to Danny!
  9. I actaully ment to put a "?" with that. You mean that your warranty is only at HZ?, so it's not a "volvo" warranty?
  10. One of the best movies I have seen this it's not porn.
  11. Once you do that you can bash Obama all you want in the right forum :lol:
  12. Worth very drama dime, trust me clicker
  13. I heard about that on the Adam Carolla show this morning.
  14. Meh, it's off topic, he has the right to his opinion. Pay up, there's so many good things that come with being a supporting member ;)
  15. Clearly you are the douche-rag. OH SNAP GIRLFRIEND
  16. Jeff prefers words and rainbows to weapons ;)
  17. I didnt know you were a movie reviewer Jeff =)
  18. Watch it again, I changed the link to a better one.