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  1. I feel the exact same way, I also mentioned when the original concept photos were out that it looked like a retarded IS
  2. will you just get a new car already so I can buy them off you already, jeeeeezzz............ looks great
  3. where are they located/ how reliable are they, cause I've had major problems in the past with warranty stuff, I sent a kit back to china from a group buy in november and still have not gotten it back
  4. If this experiment falls into the wrong hands, it could spell disaster for the world just bringing humor to a sad sad thread
  5. nice! but whats with one outlet having a lip on the rear bumper and the other not?
  6. was it imported at some point?
  7. Another good check would be to see if your rear seats are heated, check for a button next to the 12v plug in the tunnel console....I mean if its an R its probably equipped with everything, but I don't know, you're in mexio, maybe no cold weather package Its also something I don't think anyone who wanted to make an R that bad would mess with
  8. Its still got a 5spd N/A in there but where was the incorrect information, probably one thing was if you step out of your home its a lot easier for you as an individual to get screwed, cause if you dont have anything going on inside they can't come in and in that case can't touch you, literally