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  1. Yes. Problem was ecu. Bought another, soldered , all perfect now
  2. yes i look i see that 1(35) pin is not need , but i installed and there , never checked before. but i was running same in other car
  3. Hi i have a problem with COP mod. i was running on other ecu for 4 years all was ok . Made new one for other car , now i have burning ignition coils.. i run car 15min coils gets very hot , i loose spark to cylinders ant coils melts. Anyone have some tips? checked SMD all looks ok.
  4. I cant get to this. i need go down 1.x range for leaning. If i make constant for nice AFR on stock VE map at idle, my cars runs into lean if i try to go ;D(and cant start too). Can it be i run E85?
  5. yes i used this to scale my maf. I might need to test other maf sensor maybe my is bad . ;/
  6. Did log , my cars idle at 18 kg/s~ 0.56volt. Why its high if my MAF inside diameter is 100mm. Second saw my inj time never lower then 1,348 even im riding on gear downhill , i set minimum inj time to 0,05
  7. i try to set 0.05,0.10,0.15. my maps looks like this now , i have idle 6.4 (afr), when i drive all its nearly ok. another idea is maybe my maf reads bad, i use 4 inch. how many kg/s should be on idle? 2.3 engine.
  8. Hi , I having a problem with my injectors, maybe someone could help me. Car : 850 , M4.4 with ostrich, cop. Using 1000cc Injectors, E85 fuel. My injector constant is something like 0.2-0.27. Dead time ( 0.9 volts) If i want to get idle normal AFR like 9.7(ethanol). Because it always rich ant idle. if i make at idle good afr, i cant start cold car. To start i need work with starter like 5 min, it is because lean mixture at start. When engine starts it do not response to throttle like 10 seconds after that works fine. If I change inj cosnt to 0.45, its start perfect then my my afr gets always 6 at idle. Drives ok . Any suggestions? or I need use 0.45 const injectors, and dramatically edit my VE map?