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  1. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    I FINALLY fixed my cruise control. It's been broken since the the manual swap. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I used a hand vacuum pump and tested the vacuum at the pedals and under the tray. It turns out that I accidentally unplugged the vacuum line from the pump to the pedals during disassembly. In the photo below, you can see the empty port. Earlier on, I thought it was an used for something else on the donor car so I plugged it. once I got it all together, cruise worked like a charm. Maybe this will be useful to others. It seems like no cruise after the manual swap is a common problem. In other news, I'm taking a bit of a break from working on my car so I can focus on getting out of grad school. I'll update with small weekend projects here and there, but nothing big until August.
  2. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    RPI is where old Volvos go to get their guts ripped out and swapped around.
  3. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    I gave my window control buttons some TLC. I used Pledge to clean the gunk off my buttons, and the results were incredible. Left is untreated and right is cleaned up. I got the left one looking more like the right one after this picture. The white parts where bits of paint are worn off the buttons are from me using Goo Gone. I took the shells apart and sprayed the contacts with some CRC Quick Dry contact cleaner and now my rear passenger window works! I think the top one is the treated one. I did the same thing with my seat controls (and all my spares). Now my all my seat adjustments work too! I really like this CRC stuff.
  4. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    Long story short, I was able to get the bolt out by grabbing at the three shear failure points with angled long nose pliers and gingerly twisting them for about 20 minutes. At the end of the day, I finally got it started. https://i.imgur.com/IWaqQuL.mp4 Funny thing... the second time I started it up, it ran fine but the power wire on the starter rotated when I shut off the engine. This caused the power wire to touch to the control wire and make the engine turn over continuously until I could find a 10mm socket to disconnect the battery. I also replaced my ratty old steering wheel with a wood steering wheel.... might be a bit crooked. I fixed that later. You can see my wideband gauge in the vent too! Got a tune from Aaron to account for the downpipe and turn up the boost! Gotta love a big red button. I got a tip that a chair leg tip seals off my deleted PCV inlet nicely. When I did a few pulls for datalogging, I blew off an intercooler hose going uphill in the dark... that was alarming.. After the manual swap, I got down to finally putting in the headliner that I reupholstered when replacing my sunroof. Many many thanks to @babyclaude for shepherding me through this process. I took three trips to fabric store to get the right look. I went with a pattern called "Pearl Gray Bernegat Plaid". I did this over the summer and finally reinstalled it in December.
  5. Thanks for the write-up @Oreo931. Do you still have the photos for this somewhere? I'm about to repair my dash, and the photos would be useful.
  6. Yes, I would to return my Spring. It appears to be broken.
  7. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    Enough teasing, on to the good stuff! The manual swap begins! Here's the engine and trans out of the car. I eventually went back and redid the conduit on those injector wires. Another broken bolt, this time it was a stud in my turbine housing. I drilled this out and replaced it with a nut and bolt. Not ideal, but working. This broken stud is what deterred me from trying to do the japanifold during the manual swap. After dealing with that setback, I separated the transmission and got to work with the flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch. That's me sitting on my automatic while installing my M56 and torquing down the bellhousing bolts with my S70 winking at the camera. I'm lucky to have a girlfriend who was nice enough to bring me meals and pass me bolts in the shop. Delrin subframe bushings for the win!! They were incredibly tough to seat, but I got most of them in with a hammer. That being said.... eventually, disaster struck! While installing a subframe bushing, I tried to seat it by tightening the bolt into the subframe. Working late into the night, I borrowed an electric impact, set that puppy to full power and promptly sheared the bolt in two! I let loose my loudest F-bomb, and took a damn break for the night. Sometimes, nothing good happens after midnight. When I got back in the morning to survey the damage, I saw that the bolt had actually broken off inside the alignment tab....not good... Broken bolt (head side): Here, you can see the broken bolt inside the subframe... Most of the threads of the bolt were stuck inside the alignment tab
  8. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    The p80 desk chair was another outgrowth of the sacrificial parts car. I gave the chair as part of the secret santa gift exchange. Luckily, the recipient donated the chair to the shop so I can still use it. I removed the seat skin, deployed the side airbag, and then repackaged the seat using zipties. Getting a decent pair of Channellock diagonal cutters made a huge difference when cutting through the hog rings. As always, the right tool for the job makes everything easier, and I was the right tool for this job. Due to the car being free, wood being $9, and me not caring about using nuts on every bolt, I was able to come in well under the $20 limit. I didn't want to make it too nice though, so the seat is all the way back on the rails and any amount of lean leads to Virtucon levels of tilt.
  9. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    Manual swap goodies! Resurfaced SMF flywheel, 850R clutch, Kaplhenke Delrin subframe bushings, an OBX ehaust, AEM UEGO wideband and a japanifold that is still to be installed. Again, tons of help to @andyb5, @babyclaude, and @huntec for their time and patience with this swap. Thanks also to @Leco510for lending me a flywheel. Here’s the donor car with a warped head that I got for free. All I needed to do was tow it off the top of a mountain. Thanks again to the unstoppable Andy for going on a towing adventure with me. I had to move for work before I could fix the wagon, so she donated her transmission to live on in my sedan. Springs, sunroof, and other parts found their way to my car or others in order to aid in this swap. Note the slammedness after I took out the rear springs. The front is on XC springs that were floating around the shop. fried head Chocolate shake Major surgery Those of you who are detail-oriented might have already spied the brown XC wagon outside the shop peeping at it's little brother being torn limb from limb on the lift. There's a great story behind that one for another day...
  10. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    Leading up to the manual swap, I replaced a wheel bearing. I didn't pick up on the change in size from E16 on the 850 to E14 on the S70 and stripped the head of the screw. Using a cutoff wheel, I reshaped the head of the screw until I was able to get it out using a lot of heat and an adjustable wrench or vice grips (I forget which). This victory of man over bolt was another proud moment for me.
  11. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    It has been quite a while since I’ve updated this thread. I’ve been consumed with wrenching and chasing down problems instead of writing about them. I’d like to keep this thread updated and keep the story going. In the last year, I manual swapped the car and did a lot of interior work. On the night that I got my parts car, I dropped a wrench on the MAF and poked a hole in it. Years ago, my grandpa fixed a hole in water heater by covering it with a penny. The penny held things together until after my grandma sold the house. Continuing in that tradition, I saw that the little hole I made on the MAF was a little smaller than a penny. Problem solved. Pre-manual swap: I got my s70 out to some local shows and the crowd went mild (feat. @babyclaude)!
  12. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    lol the AWD plates was just the NJDMV messing with me. I will definitely be manual swapping when funds allow. I do have an update on George... I needed to tighten a hose fitting on my coolant reservoir, and well... I kind of dropped a screwdriver.. into him. That was my last damn flat-head bit and I needed it. Of course, I just ran out of latex gloves. Thought I was going to have to reach in there and grab it, but George straight fell out of my car after this picture. Plans to give George a Viking funeral on the Hudson River were forestalled. George was given a proper mouse burial in the shop alongside the empty cans of Brakleen and stripped torx bolts, the trappings of a borked Volvo life that he loved so much .
  13. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    Before tackling the PCV system, I swapped my awful, dry rotted tires and 15" steelies for some sweet 5-spoke 16" Borbet wheels and some Bridgestone rubber off Craigslist. I was not happy that the PO took the Perfo wheels off the car after I saw it for the first time.
  14. AJp80

    '98 S70 Build

    Where The Story Begins Hey Volvospeed! I'm new around these parts, but I'm a long time friend of @babyclaude, @andyb5, @Leco510, and @huntec. Like the thread says, my '98 S70 is my first turbo, and my first Volvo. I had a Mazda Protege5 before this, but... after being left in their dust enough times... and after getting T-boned in my Mazda (everyone OK)... I took the plunge and started looking for a '98 X70. @andyb5 walked me through all the little differences between '98s and '99s and S70's and V70's. @babyclaude helped me look for and inspect a bunch of cars. Finally, I settled on a beautiful '98 Dark Olive Pearl S70 T5 that needed a little bit of love. The tires were dry rotted, it needed the PCV service, the driver's seat was ripped, there was a small, but deep dent in the trunk, the door remote wouldn't lock, the windshield was cracked in two places, it wasn't inspected or registered, and CEL was on, but the car was overall clean. A bonus was that the brakes were new, including the handbrake, and the paint was in good condition. Here it is in the shop as soon as I got it home. Unfortunately, as soon as I got it on the lift, I found that the mechanic who did the pre purchase inspection (long distance buy) boned me royally. It needed new ball joints and axles on both sides. Then, we went to inspect the lower motor mount.... Free pet! I named him George. Curiosity definitely worked out much better for chimp.. I decided to keep him as a good luck charm. That was the first day of my first turbo. Thanks so much to all my friends for first impressing me so much with their builds that I chose a Volvo and for all of the amazing help this last month.