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  1. Yes!! I love how orangey-red it came out IS A NEW WAY I LIKE TO BE
  2. Looks way better on film... Something something period correct something something...
  3. Yeah something like 0.5g average for that time on a 0-100 run! Had some snowy fun the past few days
  4. As far as I know, the exhaust is all stock! I've never checked the exhaust manifold specifically but based on previous owners I'd imagine it is stock. I have the IPD intake, and removed the upper turbo heat shield, wish I had somewhere to store the hood blanket so I could take that off too... Thanks Jason, my butt dyno had been telling me it would definitely be a mid-6s 0-100 car so it was fun to confirm it 😄 Might be able to get low-6s with my summer tires and a bit of practice... Next time I'm at your place we'll try it out!
  5. Obsessed with the noise this thing makes. Second time ever launching it with the M56
  6. Thanks! Really tied the front end together now that the black section looks proper for the first time since I've owned it!
  7. Hahaha thanks for making me laugh And yes! Found a great shop to fiberglass it back to life, I'm taking it there in a couple weeks
  8. Had a bit of an incident with the local wildlife...
  9. I love it too Looks just right in the 850R!
  10. That looks proper. Thank you for the wheel Josh!
  11. Well I've now owned this thing for exactly 2 years and 24,000km. It's been quite the adventure so far
  12. Those wheels look perfect on a silver car! Love the brakes too