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  1. oil cooler lines / oil thermostat / radiator

    Here the order I would consider - I haven't installed a Do88 intercooler & rad so I'm not sure on complications that would arise from that, but: 1. starter, oil cooler lines, PCV - the more room for the oil cooler lines the better as like you said, they are a giant PITA. You may be able to bungie cord them out of the way until you need to install the intake manifold 2. condenser, intercooler, rad - I think that's the right order they're sandwiched in from front to back... 3. intake manifold, dipstick tube - dipstick tube bolts into the manifold so that one needs to be last
  2. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    That looks proper. Thank you for the wheel Josh!
  3. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Hot damn that's nice
  4. V70R Manual Swap Rolls in Gear

    Ah, yeah that sounds like the right call. You can use AW50-42 axles too, which is what I used, along with M56 axle seals (PN 6843481)
  5. V70R Manual Swap Rolls in Gear

    Remove the passenger side axle and make sure it's fully seated when you reinstall it. Should be basically flush to the diff and as long as your axle nut is torqued down, it should be fine at the hub as well
  6. V70R Manual Swap Rolls in Gear

    I'm a bit confused as it sounds like you disconnected the passenger axle after discovering it wasn't turning with the driver's side?
  7. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    Well I've now owned this thing for exactly 2 years and 24,000km. It's been quite the adventure so far
  8. IPD Springs for sale or trade

    Not often, and I'm now moved to Vancouver Island for school. I'll be back with my car over the Christmas break if you want to arrange for something then
  9. Peacocks Wagon Build

    Those wheels look perfect on a silver car! Love the brakes too
  10. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    Thanks fellas! Feels good to have a detailed car! Greg, your car is my goal man, it's too clean. Your photo signature haunts me lol. In 2 years I hope to get collector/antique plates for this thing so it can be a cheap second car to insure then I can really mess with it... If only this thing would just chill out mechanically for a bit though. Getting a full throttle misfire now, and it's burning a lot of oil since the manual swap I think the misfire is just plugs as they've done about 50k, and oil burning hasn't been investigated yet.
  11. Loud Noise When Driving between 45-55mph

    What kind of noise and where is it coming from? Does it persist when you are on the brakes? Does the frequency change when your speed changes? It could be many different things... My first guess would be a wheel bearing
  12. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    Mid-August I finally had time for a full exterior detail. Got a new Griot's orbital polisher which made things infinitely easier! I hadn't polished it for a year and a half, and hadn't waxed it for 8 months. Finally got rid of the pinstripes and IPD decal on the back too. Removed the front right trim piece and then realized it was double-sided taped on there, fixed that after the photos. 4 weeks later, the paint still looks completely fresh, compared to the last time I polished it when it started fading again within a few weeks. Then the next week I had to replace a wheel bearing, swapped in new struts and strut bearings, got an alignment, and hit the quarter-million km mark Now just shy of 5000km on the manual swap (Photo dump incoming)
  13. How Your Car Sits

    Well that made it a bit harder to remove them :P Paint job looks amazing! Have you considered a clear bra to protect it?
  14. I bought these springs in Oct. 2014 but didn't get around to installing them until last summer. Used them for about 7500km until I switched to stock for the winter. The fronts are fairly rusty as the paint hasn't lasted that well, rears still look pretty good. Possibly willing to trade for H&R or Eibach lowering springs as I'd like something that isn't quite as low Price: $150 + shipping
  15. How Your Car Sits

    Bye-bye pinstripes and IPD decal from the PO. Helloooooo beautiful