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  1. Thanks guys! Looked alright for being covered in bugs and full of camping gearπŸ˜… It got its first wash in 4 months after this trip! Also dealt with this situation shortly before taking the photos I couldn't actually change the tire because the key for my locking wheel nuts is stripped and I don't have a replacement yet... The tire was down to 19psi and I had to book it 25km to the nearest (tiny) town's auto parts store and arrived 1 minute before closing to buy an air compressor! It was thankfully a very slow leak, in fact it's been nearly a month now and I haven't had to pump it up for a couple weeks.
  2. That's cool to hear! And thank you, where I live things have been very good with regards to the virus, but we're definitely not out of it quite yet I was lucky that the previous owner had projector lights installed for quite a while, he owned the car for 120,000km so my dot lights have seen a lot less use! I haven't had too much going on with the car, but I took it on a 1700km road trip this past weekend almost all the way across BC! Replaced my groaning and failing power steering pump just in time, the night before leaving. Imgur album of the photos:
  3. Reupholstered the sagging and flapping headliner in the first week of covid-19 self isolation... It turned out nearly perfect, except that I made a cut in the wrong spot on the sunroof visor, bit of a brain fart but an easy fix for when I get to it! Also replaced the oil cooler hoses to help deal with a persistent oil leak, which I believe was from when I was pulling the engine and forgot to unhook the oil cooler hose from the rad, and it stretched out while hoisting up the engineπŸ˜… Did a full detail last week, and then drove in the rain so didn't bother taking pics of the car πŸ˜’
  4. The C70 looks incredible, absolutely factory fresh. Where are you finding all these brand-new OEM parts? If you find another black walnut steering wheel, let me know, a piece of the wood on mine sadly cracked off badly earlier this year 😞 It doesn't look too bad glued up (a weird gap appeared somehow), but I'd eventually like to make it mint
  5. Ahhh true!! That vent bugs me for sure πŸ˜› I took these photos in a huge rush! Next year I'll remember πŸ˜‰ Thanks! I really like the boost gauge too, matches really well. Sadly the car is back to being dirty again, a dusty parking lot + rain and no car wash area really sucks!!
  6. Put about 6,000km on the car since I last posted, and it has continued being good to me! A couple weeks ago I replaced both rear wheel bearings and parking brake pads and hardware, along with the final original engine mount - the passenger side one, and trunk struts. It's nice that I've only had to spend about $300 on parts for the last 12,000km of driving... After the mechanical work I spent a day and a half detailing the interior and exterior. I haven't been as lucky with the cosmetic stuff as the mechanical - the clear coat on the rear wing has begun to fail pretty badly, the headliner droop actually came apart at the rear window so it's taped up for the time being, and back in May someone appears to have dropped a bike onto my driver's side rear door and left a nice big dent! That said, those are terribly difficult or expensive fixes, and the car still cleans up like this πŸ™‚
  7. The 1 day a year that it's totally clean!
  8. Yes!! I love how orangey-red it came out IS A NEW WAY I LIKE TO BE
  9. Looks way better on film... Something something period correct something something...
  10. Yeah something like 0.5g average for that time on a 0-100 run! Had some snowy fun the past few days
  11. As far as I know, the exhaust is all stock! I've never checked the exhaust manifold specifically but based on previous owners I'd imagine it is stock. I have the IPD intake, and removed the upper turbo heat shield, wish I had somewhere to store the hood blanket so I could take that off too... Thanks Jason, my butt dyno had been telling me it would definitely be a mid-6s 0-100 car so it was fun to confirm it πŸ˜„ Might be able to get low-6s with my summer tires and a bit of practice... Next time I'm at your place we'll try it out!
  12. Obsessed with the noise this thing makes. Second time ever launching it with the M56
  13. Thanks! Really tied the front end together now that the black section looks proper for the first time since I've owned it!