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  1. Loud Noise When Driving between 45-55mph

    What kind of noise and where is it coming from? Does it persist when you are on the brakes? Does the frequency change when your speed changes? It could be many different things... My first guess would be a wheel bearing
  2. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    Mid-August I finally had time for a full exterior detail. Got a new Griot's orbital polisher which made things infinitely easier! I hadn't polished it for a year and a half, and hadn't waxed it for 8 months. Finally got rid of the pinstripes and IPD decal on the back too. Removed the front right trim piece and then realized it was double-sided taped on there, fixed that after the photos. 4 weeks later, the paint still looks completely fresh, compared to the last time I polished it when it started fading again within a few weeks. Then the next week I had to replace a wheel bearing, swapped in new struts and strut bearings, got an alignment, and hit the quarter-million km mark Now just shy of 5000km on the manual swap (Photo dump incoming)
  3. How Your Car Sits

    Well that made it a bit harder to remove them :P Paint job looks amazing! Have you considered a clear bra to protect it?
  4. I bought these springs in Oct. 2014 but didn't get around to installing them until last summer. Used them for about 7500km until I switched to stock for the winter. The fronts are fairly rusty as the paint hasn't lasted that well, rears still look pretty good. Possibly willing to trade for H&R or Eibach lowering springs as I'd like something that isn't quite as low Price: $150 + shipping
  5. How Your Car Sits

    Bye-bye pinstripes and IPD decal from the PO. Helloooooo beautiful
  6. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    Yeah I'm not too worried, just annoyed because I won't have time to replace it before heading back to Victoria, and Chapman's would probably charge a stupid price for a used one. So might be worth reskinning this one. Also my A/C compressor stopped working a few weeks ago, so that's been great in this heat!
  7. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    Nice headliner. Car keeps paying me back by stealing my credit card. New front wheel bearing is also on order
  8. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    R.I.P. my upper engine mount. New IPD poly in place, and bought the Viton oil cap seal to see if that will keep oil from ending up on the cam cover. PCV should still be in great shape so I don't think that's the issue. Slight difference here. Had to vacuum the friggin debris out first Firewall mount is also pretty dickered OEM oil cap seal on the left, IPD seal on the right The IPD seal (left) clearly covers more area - I think the inner diameter is slightly smaller
  9. Great condition - I've polished it to remove scratches. The button works perfectly and has no cracks. Looked great in my 850R as it matched the wood trim, but I manual swapped that car so I no longer need this... $75USD + ship Sadly this is the only photo I have of it in my car
  10. S60R tires

    Do you need a year-round tire? Summer only? What kind of driving do you do? What kind of mileage would you like the tires to last for?
  11. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    I had a friend help me, but with no vacuum bleeder. It was a process of pumping the pedal 12-15 times with the bleeder valve closed, open the valve, close the valve and pump, and rinse and repeat until there were no bubbles. We probably repeated that process 20-25 times, and there were definitely no bubbles by the end, but after all that, we collected maybe 100-150mL of brake fluid.
  12. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    What are you saying the stack height of the clutch/PP would affect? I didn't feed the clutch line through the airbox because it seemed to route just fine without it, and I didn't want to mess with taking the master/hose/slave assembly apart to do so. I could check if it's moving or rubbing anywhere. Here's a video showing the clutch engagement required to get the car to creep slowly without throttle. Notice at the start of the video, the bit of slack that I can lift to get the pedal to fully return. If I have the pedal fully depressed then take my foot off of it quickly so the pedal springs up on its own, it will go all the way back up. But when my foot is letting the pedal back up, it doesn't fully return and has this bit of slack. I think what I really need is a vacuum bleeder for the clutch...
  13. Sventastic's 850R Daily Driver Project

    Yeah I agree, must be some kind of slop in the drivetrain. The same noise can be created by tapping the clutch pedal at slower speeds to engage and disengage the drivetrain so it could be internal or within the diff/axle connections. To your point about the DMF to SMF - my M56H has an external slave which means it would have originally had a SMF, right? I don't believe the combination of external slave cylinder and SMF was ever available? Something that has been a nuisance since finishing the swap is that my clutch engagement point is only 3-4" off the floor, it feels like about 1/4 of the pedal travel. Sometimes when starting the car cold, the engagement point is basically 1" off the floor until I pump the clutch pedal 5-10 times. When I bled the clutch, there were no air bubbles by the time I was done, but I'd assume these symptoms would point to the clutch not being bled properly?
  14. Engine mount "buffer"

    That's what it sounded like to me when Geevs showed me his car
  15. Rough clutch pedal

    I've checked out Geevs' car and my pedal feels exactly the same once warmed up. Smooth when it's cold, then has this kind of bumpiness when depressing the pedal once everything is warmed up. My pedal didn't feel like this until a week or two after I finished my manual swap. I don't find it noticeable while driving the car