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  1. Nice headliner. Car keeps paying me back by stealing my credit card. New front wheel bearing is also on order
  2. R.I.P. my upper engine mount. New IPD poly in place, and bought the Viton oil cap seal to see if that will keep oil from ending up on the cam cover. PCV should still be in great shape so I don't think that's the issue. Slight difference here. Had to vacuum the friggin debris out first Firewall mount is also pretty dickered OEM oil cap seal on the left, IPD seal on the right The IPD seal (left) clearly covers more area - I think the inner diameter is slightly smaller
  3. I had a friend help me, but with no vacuum bleeder. It was a process of pumping the pedal 12-15 times with the bleeder valve closed, open the valve, close the valve and pump, and rinse and repeat until there were no bubbles. We probably repeated that process 20-25 times, and there were definitely no bubbles by the end, but after all that, we collected maybe 100-150mL of brake fluid.
  4. What are you saying the stack height of the clutch/PP would affect? I didn't feed the clutch line through the airbox because it seemed to route just fine without it, and I didn't want to mess with taking the master/hose/slave assembly apart to do so. I could check if it's moving or rubbing anywhere. Here's a video showing the clutch engagement required to get the car to creep slowly without throttle. Notice at the start of the video, the bit of slack that I can lift to get the pedal to fully return. If I have the pedal fully depressed then take my foot off of it quickly so the pedal springs up on its own, it will go all the way back up. But when my foot is letting the pedal back up, it doesn't fully return and has this bit of slack. I think what I really need is a vacuum bleeder for the clutch...
  5. Yeah I agree, must be some kind of slop in the drivetrain. The same noise can be created by tapping the clutch pedal at slower speeds to engage and disengage the drivetrain so it could be internal or within the diff/axle connections. To your point about the DMF to SMF - my M56H has an external slave which means it would have originally had a SMF, right? I don't believe the combination of external slave cylinder and SMF was ever available? Something that has been a nuisance since finishing the swap is that my clutch engagement point is only 3-4" off the floor, it feels like about 1/4 of the pedal travel. Sometimes when starting the car cold, the engagement point is basically 1" off the floor until I pump the clutch pedal 5-10 times. When I bled the clutch, there were no air bubbles by the time I was done, but I'd assume these symptoms would point to the clutch not being bled properly?
  6. Yeah it wasn't too bad looking back, but in the moment it felt like a long time (of course)... I just wanted to start driving it, hence why I skipped the reverse lights and throttle cable for now... Including the turbo swap, seals, mounts, everything else I replaced, and everything I did two or three times like installing the shifter and pedals, it was roughly 75 hours of work. The 4 speed is pretty bulletproof and good for highway cruising, but I just hated first and second gear ratios so so much. Made it impossible to have fun around town. My 850R with the automatic was also a complete dog compared to my S70 T5 - stomping second gear was noticeably slower. That may have been down to boost leaks which I've now inadvertently fixed! I haven't noticed too much difference in rpm on the highway, maybe 200rpm? An rpm calculator says the AW42 should be at 2150rpm at 100km/h, and the M56 at 2350rpm I'm not sure I know what you mean by gear rattle so I'd have to say no, I haven't noticed any rattles? I do notice a clacking noise when slowly going over big speedbumps in first gear, must be pressure plate/clutch/flywheel because it doesn't make the noise when the clutch pedal is depressed
  7. Which ratios do you not agree with as much now? I think I'll be in the honeymoon phase for awhile with it... Man those Porsche brakes must be amazing. That seems like a pretty epic upgrade. I love the look of your car, it's too nice and not fair haha. What suspension and intercooler are you running? Front-mount looks so mean. Yeah it's great! 10km each way and it's just as fast as driving due to traffic. This job is only for the summer though, back to school in the fall.
  8. Thanks, best thing I've ever done to the car by a long shot! It was pretty cool to have the engine out just sitting on a pallet to work on. Changing the rear main seal was a bit harrowing, but no leaks yet! All told, it was 4 weeks beginning to end, but thankfully I bike to work :) The manual transmission brings such a giant change to the car's character, the 4 speed auto is an absolute dog in comparison with its asinine gear ratios. 8 years with that transmission was more than enough!
  9. Next plans for this car are to finish up the little things... In terms of the manual swap I still need to wire up the reverse lights, install the manual throttle cable, and I've delayed cruise control for now since I rarely use it anyways. Beyond that, I bought an entire set of seats and a dash that are all in fantastic shape. The e-brake needs adjustment since it barely holds the car on a slight incline. Antenna mast needs replacement since it's been stuck halfway up for a year and a half now. Might switch out the BCS for the TCV from my '98 S70 T5. I seem to have a coolant leak which needs more investigation - appears it may be the hose that goes from the expansion tank around towards the hard line at the rear of the engine where it splits to feed the turbo. The upper torque bushing is disintegrating so I'd like to get a poly replacement. Any recommendations for that? Cosmetically, the grille needs a repaint, and the whole car needs a solid clay/polish/wax and interior detail. I'm considering going somewhat aggressive on the polish to cut down to a new layer and help slow down the oxidation. With how infrequently I polish the car (hasn't been done since Feb 2017), I think I can afford to be a bit aggressive to remove scratches. I may also remove the pinstripes (and I'd really like to remove the stupid IPD SR5T decal on the back), but I'm worried they'll leave a deeper red line behind unless I polish deep enough to match. The alcantara on the new driver's seat needs a lot of work to remove the pilling. I'm running out of weekends before I need to head back to school, so I likely won't get to all of this, I'll have to prioritize!
  10. M56 swap finally happened! Along with a basically new 16T, blue injectors, Vast Tuning R M4.4 manual tune, R clutch, release bearing, clutch fork ball seat, hydraulic engine mounts, rear main seal, rad hoses and expansion tank, heater core junction, turbo oil return gasket, silicone vacuum hoses, and 215/45 Firestone Indy 500 tires. All the goodies The first bit of progress on a Friday after work Day 2 was spent in frustration trying to break the axle nuts loose. Ended up buying a 36" 3/4 drive breaker bar to take care of that, after breaking a 24" bar. Day 3 saw some better results! Day 4 after work the shiny new turbs got installed Day 5 Day 6 Engine back in 1 week after removal! And then, in week 2 things slowed down a fair bit. The pedals I got seemed to be from an earlier model year which used a different brake light sensor and bracket, and the shifter ball seat turned out to be broken. With Mark's help, I got 1996 pedals and another shifter assembly later that week. Got the engine bay mostly sorted during that time Replaced the e-brake handle with one that didn't look and feel like garbage By the end of week 3 it was all back together, and (much to my surprise), it started up on the first try! Unfortunately the heater core junction was leaking like crazy, so I ordered a new one of those. Got the new tires and air filter installed while I waited for the junction Once the new junction was installed, everything was good to go and it was time to drive the shite out of it. I put over 2000km on it in the first two weeks! I barely drive that much in two months typically. Got the new tune and blue injectors installed after the first 800km. Happy. As. A. Clam.
  11. Update to this part-out! All prices in Canadian $ - currently $100CAD = $76USD Stainless steel door sills - $100 16T turbo with 259,000km, minimal radial play, some axial play - $180 15G turbo with 246,000km, minimal play in both directions - $200 21mm 850R rear sway bar - $80 S/V70 Waterfall grille - $30 IPD black mesh 850 grille - $50 S/V70 eggcrate grille - $90 4x50W under-seat amp with harness - make an offer @Burn-E I never ended up PM'ing you about those window switches, sorry about that. Let me know if you're still interested... The poor thing got taken away in January
  12. 2000km on the manual swap in the first 2 weeks
  13. My 850R wheel is 395mm, S70 wheel is ~373-375mm. I'm curious on the euro 850 diameter too... What do you mean you'd have to get the euro 850 wheel matched?
  14. Ah yes, my favourite kind of piston :D Stoked for you on this rebuild
  15. Agreed! A black walnut S/V70 wheel would also fit in really well (at least in a T5-R/850R)
  16. Definitely love it haha it sounds great! Interesting though, I thought it sounded a fair bit different from my car but it could just be the audio recording differences, and the IPD exhaust. In this video my car had a stock exhaust and IPD intake I've been rocking my old S70 T5 SE's wheel for just over a year now and it's just so so much better than the bus-like 850 steering wheel - it's at least 20mm smaller in diameter. Nicer spots for your thumbs to hold at 9 and 3 as well. Would recommend making the switch!
  17. What did you end up doing for a rebuild? Sounds like it has an R manifold now (I like )
  18. C'mon guys I know what the words are supposed to be! I thought it was funny considering who knows if I mess up this whole thing and the car never runs again lol
  19. She sits on stands for a little bit. M56 inbound!
  20. sventastic

    '98 S70 Build

    Photo doesn't work unfortunately. Would be useful though, I'm doing this swap this week!
  21. If only the machinist had that sense of humour