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  1. Yeah definitely meant Atlantis, I started mixing names up as I was checking IPD's wheel name list back and forth haha. When are the Nebulas going on?
  2. Ah, I see it now, 17" Nebulas. I didn't realize the Neptunes were only 18"
  3. Message a green-level moderator and they can unlock your threads! The V70 looks sweet on volans. What'd your dad buy for it, looks like Atlantis wheels in your photo on swedespeed?
  4. Looks awesome I'd say you cut off the right amount on the rear springs! The stance looks very similar to my 854R with IPD springs all-around - fenders juuuust above the tires
  5. Found this on IPD, which appears to be the same as the Cardone caliper on FCP: It specifically says "excludes V70R" so I'd say that it's not the right one. I think you'll find the information you need here:
  6. Nice! I'm considering silicone intercooler hoses since my originals are pretty soft, but I'd really like to stick with black ones instead of blue... the Do88 sale is very tempting at $105 for the set...
  7. Is that the FCP Sport hose kit? How's the fitment?
  8. Updated original post with the following parts that have sold: Leather R door panels Floor mats Rubber winter mats Info switch Fog lights/fog light switch/relays
  9. Car has been in the garage for the past week since I've needed to pull its oil pan. Starting to get deep into the engine bay so if there's something in there that you want, let me know... All intercooler piping is off, alternator, ECU, cam cover are off
  10. Hey everyone, sorry for the slow progress on this - I've ended up having unexpectedly packed weekends and after-work commitments that has detracted most of my time from the S70. So far, the fog lights/bumper grilles/switch, floor mats, and license plate bracket are sold. I plan on getting the car into the garage in about two weeks' time, at which point I'll be able to really tear into it. Everyone who has inquired about parts, I haven't forgotten about you and I've been tracking everything in a spreadsheet so I will PM you in the coming weeks
  11. Starting to pull apart the interior this week
  12. Due to lack of interest in buying the whole car, I'll start removing parts this week... I believe all PMs have been replied to, if I somehow missed you, send me another message!
  13. For sure, it would be really cool to see how much faster I'd be with some R-compounds, but that's just not in the budget. I'm sure it will be more beneficial to improve my driving first anyways though. Yup, lots of tire sprayers out! Would be interesting to try them out. I had my fastest lap on my third and final run of the afternoon session, and I did a few more "fun laps" after the official event was over but couldn't best my time, I'm thinking the tires were definitely overheated at that point. Nope, no wheel spacers I actually hit a few cones this time :P The lines actually weren't distracting at all, when I was driving I was so focused on the next set of cones that I didn't even notice the lines. This venue is so much better than where I did my first autocross, it's huge, flat and smooth with no curbs to worry about, and way more course design options.
  14. Autocross #2 after a slew of new parts and upgrades. Since April, the car has gotten 302mm brakes with stainless brake hoses and StopTech Sport pads and new calipers, IPD lowering springs, IPD 25mm rear sway bar, new control arms, tie rods, plugs, wires, and trans torque mount. Overall, it added up to a much tighter and more responsive car that was way more enjoyable to drive. There was way less body roll and brake dive, and it was much easier to rotate with trail braking. That said, it still understeers, but to a much more manageable degree I had a senior driver with me for the first few laps which was incredibly helpful, as I went from a 65.8s lap on my second run, down to a 59.6s lap on my 7th and final run. He said if I were on some R-compound tires (like everyone else), I'd be down another 3 seconds, which would actually put me mid-pack for PAX times. Got the tires hot enough to get into melted rubber territory. Even the rear tires were a bit melty which tells me the rear end was coming around a decent amount. Brakes were hot enough that the front wheels were almost too hot to touch and the rotors got a blue tinge, but I never felt any fade. Really happy with these Stoptech pads... The heat cycling on the tires even seemed to bake off the last of the tire shine from a month ago, as the tires were still completely black before the autocross
  15. I'll probably be keeping the front carpets to put in my 850 since they actually have the pins to keep all the mats in place. Rears, no idea, might be kind of bulky to ship... Mats are $40+ship but Big Will is first on those
  16. Turns out they are looking pretty stain-free after cleaning them up! They're all the same colour, just the white balance on my camera changed between photos
  17. You may want to make an account otherwise it will not be easy to contact you. I'd like the door cards to go as a set
  18. I'll have to see what happens with the inquiry for the driver's switch first :) Oh yeah, I should mention the car received a brand-new oil pump when I took the car to a mechanic in an attempt to restore oil pressure last year. That was a $380 (CAD) part so if anyone is seriously interested, for the right price I should be able to remove it for you
  19. All of them? I received a PM on Saturday asking for the driver's window switch, but the rest are available Gotcha, just cleaned them up and they are looking really good. One of the rear mats has a stain that I can try to get out. I had them described as mint originally but I think that was before I had a really good look at them, so I'll update with a photo for you. Noted on the info switch I'll PM you I've had about at least a dozen inquiries in the first 48 hours so it looks like there's enough interest to part the car. I'm having a tough time keeping track with it on 3 different forums plus craiglist haha, time to get a spreadsheet going. I think I'll give it another week before pulling the trigger on parting, but it's looking like the most likely scenario
  20. The front left fender and rear right door have noticeable dents, and the bumpers could use a respray but the rest is straight and clean with not even a hint of rust. This car pulled very hard up until it's last pre-rod-knock breath I agree, it's kind of heartbreaking that I may have to part this car, and if I had the right garage space and a bit of money I would swap the engine and get it back on the road. Unfortunately that's an unrealistic situation for me at the moment :( That being said, I'd like to give it a bit of time before pulling parts so if there is someone interested in the whole car, speak now or forever hold your peace! Thank you, my family is very good to our vehicles! I learned a lot about detailing while I owned this car too. I will probably regret getting rid of this one at some point, but for now my 850R is a pretty good replacement
  21. Right, I meant to add that in there. Exterior is 426 Mystic Silver Metallic, interior is charcoal (I think the code is 3970?). Photos on the way today or tomorrow
  22. Hi everyone, it has come time for me to either part out my 1998 S70 T5 SE. It needs to be gone by the end of this year before I go back to school in January so I need to do something about it. I'm located near Vancouver, BC and should be able to ship most parts. It was well-maintained my family and myself since 2005, from 70,000 to 259,000km. The engine has rod knock. It's a T5 SE model which is a Canada-only market car and came with goodies like R door cards, aluminum door sills, alcantara seats, wood+leather steering wheel and shift knob, and a 4x50W under-seat amp. Exterior is 426 Silver, interior is Charcoal If there's any item you're interested in that isn't listed here, please let me know! Items I'd like to sell off the top of my head (Pricing in CAD): 6 Disk CD Changer - $40 Rear seats - $??? Stainless door sills - $100 SC-816 radio - $75 Most parts within the engine bay Basically any interior bits Waterfall grille - $25 XC grille - really nice shape - $90 Headlights - $60/ea Corner lights - $20/ea Tail lights - $20/ea Pretty much any switches - all are clean and do not have the typical stickiness. A few have burnt-out bulbs 21mm rear sway bar (stock T5 bar) Side mirrors TCU MAF to turbo intake pipe Hood - SOLD Passenger side sun visor - SOLD Rear spoiler - SOLD White injectors - SOLD Front seats - SOLD Leather R door panels - SOLD Near-mint floor mats (rubber mats were always on top) - SOLD Rubber winter mats - SOLD Info switch - SOLD Fog lights/fog light switch/relays - SOLD Parts that I will be keeping: Alternator Battery Hydraulic engine mounts Roof trim Steering wheel Shift knob Cam sensor Sway bar end links Trunk struts
  23. 2009 Trek Session 88 FR. Had this beauty for 8 years and it's still a treat to bomb down the gnarly stuff