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  1. Haha yeah, hence the quotation marks :P Still some odds and ends left - spark plugs, boost gauge, stuck antenna mast, deep clean the alcantara, pull the garbage 10 year old touchscreen radio, and probably several more things Thanks! I'm really happy with it now
  2. 10 months of hard work later, here she is: Holy sh|t this feels good to be "done" for now. Pic of when I got the car in October for reference:
  3. Looks like a ton fun, I'll post up a video next time I go :) Does your car have any mods?
  4. Nice, me too haha. Made too many trips there lately lol. I made the mistake of skipping out on the spot putty, so I've gone through 3 cans of filler primer, whoops... Looks good though! Got any videos from the autocross?? I'll be going to my second event in a few weeks :D Also what front lip is that?
  5. That's really reassuring to hear! Same exact types of bondo? Previous repairs fixed up all the cracks from behind with some heavy duty patches and epoxy, it's really rigid which is good
  6. Thanks! Can't wait to get my weekends back and just drive the damn thing though... Oh me too, that's why the bumper is currently off and I'm repairing it. Turning out to be a bit of a nightmare because there's 2-3mm of primer that was cracking off, and the bumper was previously cracked in 3 places and repaired. Not exactly sure how to approach it from here but my plan is to use bondo flexible bumper epoxy to fill in the big stuff, and then glazing/spot putty to smooth it out, then filler primer
  7. Bit of rake til I can get the rear springs swapped out
  8. @Zappo All great tips, thank you! I'll keep a closer eye on my tire pressures next time around, and chalk the wheels to see how much the tires are rolling over. Yeah, my steering was too aggressive in the slalom, and it looks like I left 2-3 feet of space by the cones. I checked the videos of my previous 6 runs and they were all much smoother, I think for my last run I pushed too hard and that resulted in all that understeer. Time through the slalom was just as quick, if not quicker in some of the other runs even though they looked much slower, the tires were quiet. I will definitely focus on getting closer to the cones! Looking forward to improvements at my next event...
  9. The surface of the track I was on is known for being pretty crap, it's actually quite rough so there's even less grip because of it. That would make sense about the factory pressures! I think that second worn area you are looking at is actually from rubbing a curb, not wear from tire roll! I'd be pretty surprised if it was, anyways. You can see it's only about half the tire that has that mark. I think my driving left quite a bit to be desired haha. I had to get used to the handling since I really haven't pushed it (or my S70) on the street, I've put my efforts into getting the car mechanically sound first - PCV, timing belt/WP/idler/tensioner, ABS module, vacuum lines - it still needs inner tie rods, control arms, and boost leaks sorted out. The only other car I have tracked is my school team's FSAE car, which is a completely different handling experience and has massive grip. I was hoping you'd chime in Zappo! Any tips on the actual driving? 'No' to increasing the pressure further? I should've been more clear - I actually started them at 38, and they were 40 when hot when I checked them. Might it be worth trying out 36 or so? Nope, no adjustable suspension, the car is all stock. Definitely will consider putting my lowering springs on for upcoming events... Rear sway bar too, of course. I'll have to bring some chalk next time, I considered it last week but didn't actually do it. Good to know about high tire temps losing traction, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Maybe I'll get a wet event to try them out on, that'd certainly be interesting! You're right though, they look like they lack a lot of contact batch which has been given up for those big sipes. I checked and they have a treadwear of 420
  10. I'm not so sure, I think I should have actually increased the pressure in the fronts and rears. There's a balance between the decrease in contact patch (from higher pressures), and loss of grip from tire deflection and rollover (at lower pressures). I did some research before the event and 40-45psi seems to be optimal for FWD cars. I think I will try something like 42 front 42 rear for my next event and put chalk around the sidewall to see exactly how much the tire is rolling over, and the decrease/increase to see the differences I changed it specifically for the event, and actually forgot to decrease it for the drive home and yeah, it definitely rode a fair bit more harsh! Factory spec doesn't really apply for autocross since it's optimized for comfort and fuel economy rather than at the limit handling You can see how the front tires end up loading basically onto the sidewall
  11. The tires are Lexani LX-Seven in 215/45/R17. Heard of em before? Nah, neither have I... They're supposed to be a high performance all-season. They were installed by the previous owner and have only done about 5000km so far so they are basically brand-new and I can't justify swapping them out at this point. Despite their aggressive-looking tread they don't seem to be too great, but I did make several errors and could have taken a few lines much wider which would have meant less braking, and less accelerating (and wheelspin) needed. You can see there's a couple times I hit redline at 0:21 and 0:55 by quickly overwhelming their grip from turning+accelerating. I was getting better at left foot braking to help transfer weight to the front tires but this was still the best I managed Not sure if I should consider different tire pressures, I was running 40psi front and 36psi rear. Maybe higher rear pressures would reduce rear grip and help the rear rotate more? After each run the fronts were hot, and the rears still just ambient haha
  12. Since the death of my poor S70 on the way to what was supposed to be my first autocross event, I've been wanting to autocross the 850R that I bought as its replacement. The date finally came where I had time to get to the track in and amongst all my tests and assignments at school. The 850R is stock aside from an IPD intake, so I got to experience first-hand the glorious understeer when pushing the car hard. Despite the never-ending tire squeal, I had a ton of fun and I can't wait to get the 25mm rear sway bar and lowering springs off of my S70 and see the difference they make!!