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  1. That power should do 200mph at standing mile.
  2. I've said this before - what a great build! Didn't see any info about what engine mounts are you using. The bottom ones. In my T4 I have very rock solid poly bushings, but it causes really strong and annoying vibrations from 3000 RPM. I'd love to have alternative solution. Any ideas? I also asked that in your Youtube - why 3rd gear pull in dyno? We always do 4th gear.
  3. Yeah, but I think my car's weight is about 3100 lbs with half+ tank and me. I've added some sound silencing materials. I think in standing mile the weight is not the most important thing. The torque 580nm/430 ft-lb pushes it hard. Only 1.9L engine, but big turbo makes a difference. Interesting is that S40 with this power runs as fast or faster as older Dodge Viper GTS, Corvettes, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo etc. Those cars should have much better aero at 150+ mph. My car has pretty flat nose with large intercooler, should have great impact on air resistance.
  4. Well, I've been inactive here and the old topics are locked. http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/172629-wackou-t4-hx35/ http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/173216-wackou-t4-hx35-2017/ Just wanted to share latest activities with my T4. Had standing mile competition in August. Before that I removed blow-off valve and it had a positive effect on power. I also got Kinugawa billet 7+7 compressor wheel in my Holset HX35. Launch control and flat shift were activated in Megasquirt. Although I did not use flat-shift, because it probably will kill the gearbox. I ran 282 km/h or 175 mph in 1 mile. Some say I should have more than 450hp for that speed. Idk. I am also wondering how to calculate my gear ratios. I've looked at M56 ratios and can't figure it out. At least calculators don't show me the same number as I see in real life. I'm wondering what could be the top speed at 7200 rpm (current limiter)?
  5. Very interesting reading. With T4 engine (B4194T) the OEM headgasket can handle up to 3 bars (43 psi) of boost.
  6. Excellent traction. I wish I could have that good AF ratio :) (I have 10,5 at WOT) but of course you have the luxury of having E85 fuel...
  7. For how long are you planning keeping that V40 stock? :) For towing purposes: chip, cooler, 16T should make things more interesting :) You never know when you need that extra 100hp.