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  1. That power should do 200mph at standing mile.
  2. I've said this before - what a great build! Didn't see any info about what engine mounts are you using. The bottom ones. In my T4 I have very rock solid poly bushings, but it causes really strong and annoying vibrations from 3000 RPM. I'd love to have alternative solution. Any ideas? I also asked that in your Youtube - why 3rd gear pull in dyno? We always do 4th gear.
  3. Very interesting reading. With T4 engine (B4194T) the OEM headgasket can handle up to 3 bars (43 psi) of boost.
  4. Excellent traction. I wish I could have that good AF ratio :) (I have 10,5 at WOT) but of course you have the luxury of having E85 fuel...
  5. For how long are you planning keeping that V40 stock? :) For towing purposes: chip, cooler, 16T should make things more interesting :) You never know when you need that extra 100hp.