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  1. Andzey

    Mooseworks's T5 swapped BMW (425whp)

    more dech height of D5 would allow longer rods = less piston velocity and acceleration, longer time at top dead center. This is both good and bad. If you want play with dynamic compression ratio by turning crazy cam angles, shorter rod/ stroke ratio will be more beneficial.
  2. Andzey

    Mooseworks's T5 swapped BMW (425whp)

    That would be extremely useful for European users. the d5 engines are a lot cheaper and more common compared to late whiteblock petrol. Also it would be so cool use D5 block and custom rods 🙂
  3. Andzey

    Mooseworks's T5 swapped BMW (425whp)

    Do you know, how much does it weights?
  4. Andzey

    Peacocks Wagon Build

    You mean exhaust manifold heatshield or what?
  5. Andzey

    Volvo c70 Remap

    Since Im in Latvia, ill visit Gustav with my '00R personally- its like 4h cruise Riga-Tartu. but he offers remap via Vida, remotely same as Rob Hilton. There is such a phenomena as inertia of doing things wrong.. I mean, if u plan only minor upgrades then remaping stock ecu is fine, but if u are trying reaching 400+ the stock ecu becomes bottleneck, and in that magnitude of investments megasquirt would be much easier to work and finetune. Example is here on volvospeed, the 500 page m4. 4 thread. cmoon, if this amount of intel investment would be made into MS adjustment, this would be a different world of volvo tuning.
  6. IMHO if the torque allows, the 850R kit + smf is the way to go, it could be the most appropriate for street use (traffic jams) Hope here in Volvospeed some users can indicate what exactly is the slip threshold of this oem setup. I would only use stock smf, as the 5 cylinder anatomy isn't the best balanced, and lightened damper or flywheel can cause serious problems.
  7. Andzey

    Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    that white bushing seems to be teflon or something else from ptfe family? if so, it could live on as a dry lubricant without any additional grease. maybe the inner sleeve should be made of inox or phosphor bronze?
  8. Andzey

    850 r Porsche brake conversion

    Sorry to move away from the porsche bbk topic... Could someone please come and share any Volvo P80 320mm brake upgrade feedback? A couple years ago it was widely discussed, at a time when DVS conversion adapters emerged. Basic question, if this setup really adds that much stopping power, since those callipers has 57mm piston, same as P80 ATE calliper. I have upgraded 280 to 302mm by changing bracket, and must said the difference is negligible.. The 302 vs 280mm adds a lot of rotation mass, and the 320mm discs would be massively heavier. Whats your suggestion, do or dont..?
  9. Andzey

    v70r Front Bumper

    For how much money they are now changing hands? Lets say just a normal used car part condition, with minor scratches and dents.
  10. Andzey

    Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    How it's called?
  11. Andzey

    How Your Car Sits

    step by step, bit by bit.. LAZERLAMPS comes in
  12. This is how Sweedish Simons Exhaust sounds with R mani from S60R, and 9blade turbine wheel 19T. While driving, it seems to me that R manifold fires more sequentially - it is more equal length than the Japanifold, which makes bubbling sound like old subaru. With R mani theres no bubbling, just the 2 stroke engine dirt bike sound R Simons x.mp4
  13. Andzey

    M66 Awd In 98 V70 Awd Xc

    I can confirm that diesel m66 has different angle gear splines, 47 iirc, thus there are two options to fit it with P80 angle gear- use s60r open diff or any aftermarket lsd. what I did is the quaife QDF14J The only major difference between diesel and petrol M66 is that the diesel diff is more beefy and the final gear collar is attached from another side of the diff. Hereby, get diesel m66, add petrol diff and attach the final gear collar as per petrol setup. all bolt on. The diesel m66 are much wider than petrol gearboxes, besides with 2 final gear options, I have described this in thread here of m66 hybrid build
  14. Andzey

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    I had a thread somewhere here on vs on my donor engine disassembly where conrod bearing was friction welded to the crank, I guess your engine would experience same after some time. The engine was extremely dirty, so I thought clogged crank oil passages caused oil starvation, but wooden oil pan o rings could be responsible as well