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  1. The B5254T although RN remain several archaic parts as heavy crank, 139 mm rods etc. Choice of donor engine relies on your building plans - planning forged rods, pistons, both?
  2. A blowby and crankcase pressure. If following widely accepted rule of thumb of 4 thousands per diameter it would be no more than some 0.35 mm
  3. Just disconnect the cbv vacuum line and enjoy. The valve will remain closed and the backpressure will cause that sound. Put some bolt or bearing ball inside the hose to prevent boost leak. Good old times people were asking technical questions regarding performance are gone. Sad..
  4. Andzey

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Could you please post the part numbers of those ceramic pads, otherwise it seems like there are not many options for replacement rather then oem
  5. Last time used thin metal handsaw, before tried red hot kitchen knife, both works well, knife melts that plastic slowly as it has fiberglass
  6. Agree on re-soldering isnt a lifetime solution. I used Ag3Sn97 and it holded for 5 years, but now its cracked again
  7. Andzey

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Thanks! They are somehow cool, somehow stupid. Acceptable on timeattack monsters, but would also be sweet on swedemetal if trimmed correctly with good taste? Imo the best receipt for our vagon's headlight is taking old jewels, new lenses and morimoto hids.
  8. Andzey

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Do you know anything about that extraordinary unit on the right? Owner's FB or IG account? Would love to see the whole bodywork. Besides, what is the right keyword searching these flaps on corners of front bumper?
  9. With some minor cutting, those cans could be hidden beneath windshield plastic, near cabin filter for passenger side, and side by side with fuse box for driver
  10. This is the worst location of the nitrogen reservoirs, you are constantly cooking them. I used my the same way until got recommendation by Thomas from TME Sweden, when ordered springs for ohlins road kit. That was the first thing he mentioned when discussed its adjustments and shoch damper settings
  11. Meanwhile in my neighborhood
  12. You mean exhaust manifold heatshield or what?
  13. that white bushing seems to be teflon or something else from ptfe family? if so, it could live on as a dry lubricant without any additional grease. maybe the inner sleeve should be made of inox or phosphor bronze?
  14. step by step, bit by bit.. LAZERLAMPS comes in