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  1. Could you please post the part numbers of those ceramic pads, otherwise it seems like there are not many options for replacement rather then oem
  2. Last time used thin metal handsaw, before tried red hot kitchen knife, both works well, knife melts that plastic slowly as it has fiberglass
  3. Agree on re-soldering isnt a lifetime solution. I used Ag3Sn97 and it holded for 5 years, but now its cracked again
  4. Thanks! They are somehow cool, somehow stupid. Acceptable on timeattack monsters, but would also be sweet on swedemetal if trimmed correctly with good taste? Imo the best receipt for our vagon's headlight is taking old jewels, new lenses and morimoto hids.
  5. Do you know anything about that extraordinary unit on the right? Owner's FB or IG account? Would love to see the whole bodywork. Besides, what is the right keyword searching these flaps on corners of front bumper?
  6. With some minor cutting, those cans could be hidden beneath windshield plastic, near cabin filter for passenger side, and side by side with fuse box for driver
  7. This is the worst location of the nitrogen reservoirs, you are constantly cooking them. I used my the same way until got recommendation by Thomas from TME Sweden, when ordered springs for ohlins road kit. That was the first thing he mentioned when discussed its adjustments and shoch damper settings
  8. You mean exhaust manifold heatshield or what?
  9. that white bushing seems to be teflon or something else from ptfe family? if so, it could live on as a dry lubricant without any additional grease. maybe the inner sleeve should be made of inox or phosphor bronze?
  10. Lets get some stuff out of the closet, ResearchGate TB style 🙂 Wanted to blank my 19T bypass valve and install the Turbosmart PRO Veeport BOV. Decided to install it in the first elbow of the DO88 RIP pipe kit. Thus the elbow should be modified into t-piece. It has some angle, thereby no regular aftermarket t-piece could be applied. Also there are no easy options to glue the silicone, e.g. self fusing silicone tapes are awesome, but they generate zero adhesion to already cured silicone. Decided to make a clone of the DO88 unit with additional output for my BOV. Casted that elbow in gypsum, attached the aluminum BOV v-flange ring, and made custom elbow with t-piece outlet for the BOW. Used shoe wax as mold release agent, fiberglass and Loctite RTV gasket silicone for elbow, after curing just hammered the gypsum out. The custom unit seems to be elastic, solid and strong. Time will show how it behaves in real enginebay conditions. The wrap itself was a nasty dirty pita, it isn't the most beautiful unit, but structural integrity is superb. TD04 also received 9 blade turbine wheel and 6/6 billet compressor wheel. Forge piston WGA also was installed and hotend got port&polished so hoping this all will benefit better boost control and top end power - two bottlenecks of every stock 19t
  11. I can confirm that diesel m66 has different angle gear splines, 47 iirc, thus there are two options to fit it with P80 angle gear- use s60r open diff or any aftermarket lsd. what I did is the quaife QDF14J The only major difference between diesel and petrol M66 is that the diesel diff is more beefy and the final gear collar is attached from another side of the diff. Hereby, get diesel m66, add petrol diff and attach the final gear collar as per petrol setup. all bolt on. The diesel m66 are much wider than petrol gearboxes, besides with 2 final gear options, I have described this in thread here of m66 hybrid build
  12. I had a thread somewhere here on vs on my donor engine disassembly where conrod bearing was friction welded to the crank, I guess your engine would experience same after some time. The engine was extremely dirty, so I thought clogged crank oil passages caused oil starvation, but wooden oil pan o rings could be responsible as well
  13. I guess nothing from that engine will be used ever again.