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  1. Just disconnect the cbv vacuum line and enjoy. The valve will remain closed and the backpressure will cause that sound. Put some bolt or bearing ball inside the hose to prevent boost leak. Good old times people were asking technical questions regarding performance are gone. Sad..
  2. Andzey

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Could you please post the part numbers of those ceramic pads, otherwise it seems like there are not many options for replacement rather then oem
  3. Last time used thin metal handsaw, before tried red hot kitchen knife, both works well, knife melts that plastic slowly as it has fiberglass
  4. Well, if anyone ever comes to the same issue I managed to get two probably best bolt-on WGA on my desk. They were identical Forge Motorsports WGA for TD04HL both bent rod. Only difference was the piston type of the one of them and diaphragm type of the other. Forge offers both on its website So long story short: Piston type WGA has 2 rubber orings similar to brake caliper. Even if well greased, it adds some friction, approx 2.5 psi of air pressure just to start moving the piston without the spring. This drawback can be reduced by leaving only one oring, but anyway its a significant problem On the other hand diaphragm type WGA worked much better, it cranked at 100 mmHg (I used a high quality medical grade manometer from my lab) and I was able to adjust the correct backpressure of 4.5 psi as per my 1999 ME7 repair manual. At this backpressure the rod was pushed outwards by approx 2 mm Verdict: piston type WGAs are shittt, same as all "tuner" higher stiffness "20psi" like springs. If you are looking for bolt on WGA for TD04 take one of the forge diaphragm type. Hint - ask for softest green spring, I found it too stiff anyway so modified the spring from OE turbo bypass valve . Yes, the diaphragm type wga has less movement range, but if you have ported hotside and polished wastegate leaf its enough as the wga will have less duty cycle.
  5. Agree on re-soldering isnt a lifetime solution. I used Ag3Sn97 and it holded for 5 years, but now its cracked again
  6. I just dismantled both the spring and spring less hubs, must say all the components are identical. One just has a spring in one side, other doesn't. The spring definitely helps keeping the hub in max retarded position. Also it seems obviously that in order to reach some cam angle advancement, the oil pressure in a spring-ed hub must reach higher value due to overcome the spring force. I highly recommend checking the hubs for axial play. All my hubs had various wear, but I was able to interchange the guts until complected one nice hub without any play.
  7. Sure, disabling works by only unplugging the solenoid. My worries are about S60R spring-less exhaust hub, how the early P80 ME7 would addapt it
  8. Andzey

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Thanks! They are somehow cool, somehow stupid. Acceptable on timeattack monsters, but would also be sweet on swedemetal if trimmed correctly with good taste? Imo the best receipt for our vagon's headlight is taking old jewels, new lenses and morimoto hids.
  9. Hi guys! I was about to swapping the head from my 1999 early RN to 2005 S60R. Accordingly I would delete the intake VTT and leave operational exhaust VVT. There are some doubts with the VVT hub itself. The early version hub coming from my 1999 engine has back-spring therefore it is fully back rotated to max retarded position, while B5245T4 hubs rotate freely without any back-pressure. Do you have any guess, how would my 1999 ECU and solenoid react on spring-less hub, or are there any success stories of swapping later (2004-07) RN VVT cams and hubs into earlier RN engines?
  10. Andzey

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Do you know anything about that extraordinary unit on the right? Owner's FB or IG account? Would love to see the whole bodywork. Besides, what is the right keyword searching these flaps on corners of front bumper?
  11. When finetuning any aftermarket WGA, one must set the cranking pressure and WGA arm length. I recently purchased piston type Forge WGA and realized it has massive pressure-movement hysteresis. In other words - to move the piston, the air pressure must deal not only with the spring but also the piston seal resistance, as in every medical syringe. This leads to the situation, where you have two different arm positions at the same pressurized WGA, depending from which side you are approaching. If you increase the pressure from low to high, you reach the cranking pressure with less arm movement, vice versa If you pump the WGA beyond and then reduce the pressure, reaching the same cranking pressure in the direction from high-to-low, you reach the cranking pressure with the arm moved more outwards. This issue should be non-relevant to the Diaphragm type WGA. The other question is the spring stiffness rate, oppositing the air pressure. Every ECU (ME7) and TCV (stock Pierburg) determines the correct cranking pressure preset. I guess it should remain as from factory in all cases, even if the car is re-tuned. Also the WGA rod should move within the cranking pressure value, shouldn't it? So what do you think, what is your experience with piston vs diaphragm design, and aren't all these high stiffness rate springs only canceling out ECU control ?
  12. Gonna add some salt here.. Long story short, I was searching for the best ever head Volvo produced (with thermostat, double vvt and long spark plugs) and any-wear-still-rebore-able 81mm block First criteria returned B5254T4 and B5244T5 while the secind criteria only leaves you with that se ond late version T5 engine. Needless to say that they both are becoming rare and expensive- UK asks up to 750 GBP and one must concern they'd be pushed to the limit for 12-15 years nonstop. Still there are good news - in the scrap yards are plenty of B5204T5 2005+ with head and block identical to B5244T5 and you can get them for 100-200 Euros, at least in my neighborhood N Europe. Verdict: B5204T5 is a perfect donor.
  13. With some minor cutting, those cans could be hidden beneath windshield plastic, near cabin filter for passenger side, and side by side with fuse box for driver
  14. This is the worst location of the nitrogen reservoirs, you are constantly cooking them. I used my the same way until got recommendation by Thomas from TME Sweden, when ordered springs for ohlins road kit. That was the first thing he mentioned when discussed its adjustments and shoch damper settings
  15. Meanwhile in my neighborhood