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  1. Where do you buy methanol in Estonia? How much does it cost? In Latvia we have extended network of LPG filling stations, im thinking towards building liquid LPG injection for same reason - lowering intake temp and reduce knock risk.
  2. or you can look for 05-07 t5 k24 turbo as well
  3. 20 degrees advanced, not retarded 😉 any comments on this one? got lean, fuel starvation?
  4. Whats the point of this mod? Building boost before releasing clutch?
  5. There was time when oxygen sensor and injectors was progress. Now people choose upon bluetooth and touchscreens. sad..
  6. that brake setup leaves with more questions than answers... do you use the rear tailgate window washer pump piping? what are yhe nozzles from? windshield nozzles?
  7. I would bet on fuel hunger at wot. install that fuel pressure reg, set it to 3.5 bars and put some output hose on into plastic bottle. run the pump for a given time and measure the petrol volume. if it can feed the 5x 395cc then its sufficient. maybe your walbro is fine, and its a voltage drop between the relay and pump, that leads to insufficient pump productivity. actually that would be my first choice to check - put multimeter probes on pump connector in trunk area and take a reading during full load
  8. Please take some closer picture of this. I guess its something different than 302mm setup Custom made, or aftermarket? Would be nice to see how the nozzles are positioned. With 16T and blue injectors? Im sort of doubtful on these values Right!
  9. more dech height of D5 would allow longer rods = less piston velocity and acceleration, longer time at top dead center. This is both good and bad. If you want play with dynamic compression ratio by turning crazy cam angles, shorter rod/ stroke ratio will be more beneficial.
  10. That would be extremely useful for European users. the d5 engines are a lot cheaper and more common compared to late whiteblock petrol. Also it would be so cool use D5 block and custom rods 🙂
  11. Do you know, how much does it weights?
  12. You mean exhaust manifold heatshield or what?
  13. that white bushing seems to be teflon or something else from ptfe family? if so, it could live on as a dry lubricant without any additional grease. maybe the inner sleeve should be made of inox or phosphor bronze?
  14. step by step, bit by bit.. LAZERLAMPS comes in