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  1. Well, if i ever will go for dartons, i`ll change for larger bore, higher cr and so on, thats why for now, i wanna try css, only block work is 4x cheaper, so meh, we will see how long it will last. Somehow at sweden, css works. About bolts, i`m using custom made 12.9 studs, so less stress on block than arp`s. Tbh, 1 or 2 more years and i wanna go for some rwd car with stronger, larger motor. But ty for tips Simply Volvo
  2. Thank you block should be done this month i hope. Ordered new ecu also, going for Maxxecu race. e-throttle, individual egt`s, ebp sensor, coolant pressire sensor maybe... Some catcams stuff. Just saw swede guy made 800 to the crank with same turbo as i have, to i`m gonna push to 750 i think, if single walbro 525 will be enough... As soon as i`ll get my block done, gonna post some pictures on how css is done
  3. http://satistech.com/offer/closing-volvo-engine-blocks/ same sollution like this, there is shop in latvia who do this for subaru block for a long time allready, they said no problem to do it on volvo one
  4. If you`re talking about dartons, u can get the only for 83mm bore, my forged pistons are 81.25... And do sleeves at my local shop is kinda expensive, and questionable quallity. Stock sleeves are almost 3mm thickness, should be enough with css bracing. Now i`m at this point, where if css won`t hold, i`ll sell out this car to parts. Not gonna spend another 3.5k for dartons, different rods and pistons.
  5. Aaaaand cyl2 cracked... 2.2 bar boost pressure on cold evening, butt metter says it was around 600hp. few kilometers after pull, coolant temp started to rise fast. Oh well.. No signs of detonation, overheating, nothing bad or unusual in logs. At least everything else inside engine is good, just need put everything in new block. Gonna send other block to latvia, they will do full closed deck modification, eliminating that annyoing groove between cylinders
  6. numbers are low, knowing what turbo can give i`m still at 44% wastegate solenoid duty cycle, just don`t see point of raising boost more for now. Need more rpm range, to make all that power usefull. Gonna try to do that in winter, also full rear suspension rebuild, bc racing coils, ant "smarter" ecu. Can`t decide yet, go for EMU black or Maxxecu race. Main reason for ecu upgrade (now i have emu classic) is e-throttle, few more temperature sensors, 2 stage launch, pre turbo/post turbo back pressure sensors and also i want individual egt sensors for each cylinder, before i go "full send to the m
  7. Finally got my XC bumper "mod" done Wanted to do this for over a year allready
  8. i`m reving to 7500 on hidro lifters old head, 2bar boost, no problems. Look at your VE numbers, good way to recognize if u really need extra rpm
  9. Short story of my car, wich i bought in 2015, from factoy it had 2.5 142kw engine... 2016 1 month pure stock, then tune to 160kw. Not enough, bought 16t turbo. Local guy tuned motronic 4.4, made pops and bangs, was fun 😄*never went to dyno, butt dyno says it had around 190kw. Broke engine after summer, bent all rods coz i didn`t care about engine health anymore since i knew it wont hold 300+ safe.* * 2017 2.0l 132kw engine from s60 (the one with 9.5 compression) k24 turbo, e85, walbro 255, siemens deka 630cc, some crap fmic from iveco daily, self tuned, made 302hp
  10. OT: how much timing people run on e85 nowdays, lets say with 1.8-2bar (26-30 psi) ? currently i have 20 degrees from 5k to 7k rpm on 1.8bar, still feels like torque rolls off fast from 6k rpm ;/ turbo is hx35 7 blades, so i assume it is far from limits yet
  11. Anyone know, what trigger settings should be when running aftermarket ecu ? looked at vems settings, seems for ecumaster emu they kinda don`t work. Tried first trigger tooth #5 and trigger angle 60. Car kinda starts, but idle is around 2.5k rpm. Logs show that IAC valve stays at 50% dc afterstart, maybe 250hz freq is too much for that old bosch 3-wire oldschool ? Or my trigger settings is way off and i have so high idle coz of bunch of timing advance ?
  12. okay, now i see whats could be the problem, i guess boxman tested it. load vs rpm table is not enough, at least how i think, with big turbo, to minimize overshoot. the part about floring pedal at higher rpm`s sounds about right, with slow spool turbo`s at least
  13. okay, got it. going to order mac boost solenoid then. now, what about afr mod, logs screenshots, not many floating around, still can`t decide is it worth with semi-big turbo