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  1. Mildly drunk right now. Was at the bar tonight and ordered the James Bond drink. 3 parts gin 1 part vodka and 1/2 part vermouth shaken not stired server cold with lemon. When I told the bartender all that they looked at me like I was on crack. Its called a Vesper. Its not bad worth a try if your into martines.
  2. Where is the Volvo specific wax? All I see is one for Saab.
  3. Great progress. So you had the air pumped removed from your computer so you don't have a CEL?
  4. Good luck with the Dual charging thing. Thats the people that built that manta. More pics and video there.
  5. Glad to see the Volvo tuning world becoming more like other cars but I kind of feel as though it is an end of an era. Now anyone can go and by a 18t setup for there car instead of doing all the research and figuring it out. If you know what I mean. side note: What is this intercooler kit thing that Doug is selling? Checked his web site and I dont see anything. Info?
  6. I fail at reading. So wait I'm retarted and no expert on these turbos, just trying to learn. He is saying that if you closed the WG rod then use an EBC to controll the boost down low that would help to push our little turbos right? or am I a million miles off? Thanks.
  7. Great information. Guys isnt this basically what Jake did. He did the basic stuff (chip, exhaust) then used a EBC to controll the boost and made 294whp. Sounds like I might need to look more into these EBCs.
  8. If I remember Jake made 294whp with IPD tune, and EST down pipe and catback. Also I believe he has a EBC not sure how that plays into incresseing HP, more controlling it. Maybe the dyno was off. So based on that do you really need a 19t for 300whp? (flame suit on just guesetimating based on the information from this car.) Lets say the dyno was off 10-15hp. If you put a new intercooler, cam timing and maybe retune it from just a off the self tune I think its possible to push the 16t to 300whp. Only problem I see is these might be "dyno queen" numbers and not exactly a car made to go fa
  9. Woow bad nighgt. me and the tollet had a serious takl. That was not fun. wat is this still not pinned?>/
  10. I'm here if you need me. Looks like another great product from QBM.
  11. wuppy some one pin this so I can find it eayer when i need too..Um k? Liek right now!!!!
  12. He still has them just needs new tires.
  13. No disturbance in the force. The force is strong. :D
  14. Dear god man that was fast. Val had one of his wing cravings. We talk about having a big meet soon.