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  1. I deleted the air pump so it was cake this time around. Last time was PITA and I wasn't happy w/ the results. As for relocating the airpump, it'd be pretty easy if you can find a place for it..

    Update: car will be started tonight. Have a small punch list of things to do, nothing major. Built the down pipe last night and will install it when I get home.

    Great progress. So you had the air pumped removed from your computer so you don't have a CEL?

  2. Glad to see the Volvo tuning world becoming more like other cars but I kind of feel as though it is an end of an era. Now anyone can go and by a 18t setup for there car instead of doing all the research and figuring it out. If you know what I mean.

    side note: What is this intercooler kit thing that Doug is selling? Checked his web site and I dont see anything. Info?

  3. Actually, if you read zazzn's a bit more critically, he is actually discrediting EBC's to a point, and instead suggesting that our factory wastegate design/size is the problem.

    I fail at reading. :rolleyes: So wait I'm retarted and no expert on these turbos, just trying to learn. He is saying that if you closed the WG rod then use an EBC to controll the boost down low that would help to push our little turbos right? or am I a million miles off? Thanks.

  4. Personally, i believe the volvo crew on this board have limited exposure to tuning. Due to the advent of the ECM flash they simply buy a chip and what ever that chip gives them thats they are happy with.

    I perosnally believe the 16T could make 300 WHP. I made 244 though an AUTO with an already heatsoked engine and that was only 12-13 PSI by redline.

    The key here is to get the 16T to HOLD 20 PSI to redline, and the only way you can do this is not though some fancy boost control although an EBC will help steady the boost and help bulid boost faster.

    The way to hold boost on a small turbo like this is to physically make the flapper of the wastegate not able to open more then a set amount.

    What happends is there will be so much back pressure in the manifold trying to get pass the turbo that it will physically FORCE open the wastegate. Once it does this it bleeds off boost until it gets to a point where it takes the same pressure to go out the WG as the turbine wheel. Why boost continues to drop off to redline is becuase the more you rev the more air you pump though the engine.

    EBC is good to stop the boost from overboosting downlow because adjusting the rod will screw up low boost so you need a boost controller to control boost downlow and the rod to handle up top.

    Basically if you close the rod on the WG you FORCE the manifold pressure to rise but you also force more air though the turbine = more boost.

    I've done this sucessfully on mk3 supras and where the previous though of 290-300 WHP on the stock turbo was the max guys are now pumping 350+ whp....

    Great information. Guys isnt this basically what Jake did. He did the basic stuff (chip, exhaust) then used a EBC to controll the boost and made 294whp. Sounds like I might need to look more into these EBCs.

  5. isnt jakes car close to 300whp on a 16t still?

    this guy seems very enthused

    If I remember Jake made 294whp with IPD tune, and EST down pipe and catback. Also I believe he has a EBC not sure how that plays into incresseing HP, more controlling it. Maybe the dyno was off. ;) So based on that do you really need a 19t for 300whp? (flame suit on just guesetimating based on the information from this car.) Lets say the dyno was off 10-15hp. If you put a new intercooler, cam timing and maybe retune it from just a off the self tune I think its possible to push the 16t to 300whp. Only problem I see is these might be "dyno queen" numbers and not exactly a car made to go fast. Im not an expert this is just me thinking. Maybe I'm way off.

  6. Maybe Im stupid but what is this thing? Is a race car or a street car or a combo of both? Is it the Admin's personal car? I dont even want to bring up price. I have seen some random pics of this car over the last year but never really got the whole story on what it is besides one wicked Volvo.

  7. Here are my 2 cents.

    1. I dont think there was a god that went bang and we just appeared

    2. Big bang find that a little far feched too.

    I think that the answer might just be beyond are comprehending. EX. Like an ant trying to understand our world. The answer just might be beyond what the human mind can understand. Hope that made sense, my brain is a little dead after studying for finals.

    Just one little idea I have had. Im really not sure at this point in my life to make of religon and god or a higher being idea. Time will tell. The jury is out on this one.