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  1. It seems to only be a problem in this table.
  2. I'm trying to modify the bin to set the tune for green injectors. 607_rev5b.bin with rev5b_607-608_fox _01.xdf When I try to update the table "Injector Opening Time by Voltage" and save, it closes the table and goes right back to the blue injector table not saving any of my changes. What am I doing wrong?
  3. It's not saving even before I exit the program. If I close the window and reopen all the changes I make go away. I'm able to save changes I make in other windows.
  4. I'm trying to change the injector calibration to go from bosch blues to greens. I can not get the "injector opening time by voltage" to save. As soon as I hit save it closes the pop up and as soon as I reopen it, no change.
  5. That would be so incredibly helpful. There is so much out of date in the wiki page and it's really hard digging through this thread and figuring out what the most up to date info is.