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  1. I am fitting a rn setup into my 850 t5 (already 4.4 ECU) , the motor I am fitting has vvt on inlet and exhaust. I no Vast can do off narrow band lambda , but I am looking into other possible too. My question is: can I use the signal wire off my aem methanol controller? As it is setup to activate off min boost to max and is a voltage variable to a methanol pump (can I safely tap into that wiring or would circuit over load). I could well be way off on this but thought I would ask and see if anybody has done it or something different to get vvt working on a 4.4 setup. Has anyone used the 555timer options with any succes? I am looking at not being bound to the wideband mod to be able to run a usable vvt Also I have read only one cam is used for performance exhaust, and inlet is just for emissions ? Is that correct.
  2. Changing my 850 T5 engine to a 2.4 rn and want to be able to run dual vvt , I am running various mods so it is possible as I am on wideband mod wandering if any one has adaption for sale ?
  3. anyone have experience with innovate sgc1 wideband/boost controller? i am using it for logging wideband and gauge to logging data seems to be out when at wot gauge displays 11.7afr and logged data stating 12+ . i have only got the formula for a inovate lc1 and it is displaying 14.7 on idle but out by a good percentage . i have changed ground to ecu a18 off previous info i have read up on but still the same. so anyone have experience of using one ? / formula that works more accurately? i am looking at running the wideband mod soon so want to try and get to the bottom of this before hand or i am just asking for trouble with that not reading/logging correctly
  4. Venderbroeck or Piet are the folks you need for wideband mod . I am hoping venderbroeck will be on soon messages sent an all that.
  5. surely that's just regarding warm up as in until a certain temp reached, my wide-band runs rich whilst warm up so i think it in relation to that.
  6. Cheers Piet Regarding map/ bin for it is there aid you can pount me in dirrection for mod if poss as i hope to get this done in spring .
  7. Is there access to the boost control mod please or is it a for specific folks? (or boostmod is it meant by part p hack)?? And Piet i recall reference to you saying you have set up methanol injection and a safe guard for it that when runs low map switches? is that correct (any more information regarding this would be greatly appreciated). I have been using the map switching function to aid testing with as don't have an ostrich so 4 maps at a time with logging is working nicely for me .
  8. i am after a little help i am posting a log off tuner pro, after reading through this mass of fantastic information, i believe this is the correct place to ask for a little help ! i am currently finding my way around this 4.4 tuning but have stumbled across a problem that some of the veterans may have a easy answer for . i have a 850 t5 running 4.4 with no issues (with greens), but i am about to install a k24 to go with other mods that i have done,but am using my spare 4.4 ecu to get used to altering and seeing changes where adjustments have been made . my issue : car starts from cold ok but mil light on ,once warmed up starting it again is a real issue i have logged my most recent run. i from my observations is that maf maxes out at 2k (a standard map ) and system voltage is very low as well i am wandering is the voltage issue contributing to the maf issue? any input appreciated . test 2.xdl
  9. i have bench flashed the 607 p-part map to my spare ecu, i have set the injector voltage times etc (cant set for greens above 5 ms each time i try it re-corrects to 4.973) also it wont run unless i unplug the maf ! if i plug my original ecu in then run fine with no mil issues , so i no it's all fine , just really confused as to why it wont run with maf connected and with it disconnected runs but as you can imagine runs very poorly? car is a 1995 850 t5 already converted to 4.4 (uk)
  10. hi all i am getting near the point to start logging/mapping but have a small question for those that have used the wideband i have. I have almost finished fitting my wideband (innovate scg-1) i am using the 4.9 lsu sensor, there is only one wire off controller for logging via ecu, will this be suffice. and does anyone have the correct calculation for it on setting it up via tunerpro rt. any help appreciated
  11. hi all i am putting together all the required files /bins for doing my 850 t5 with a few mods up and coming , problem i have is the maf editor is coming up blank with no voltage data in it has there been any issue with it ? any help appreciated