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  1. NA cam manufacturer recommendations?

    My apologies for misreading your post. ENEM cams are good. On my P80 NA I had a custom set manufactured by Mountain Machining. They will do any custom grind cost about 1500$ USD
  2. NA cam manufacturer recommendations?

    I'm running stock N/A cams set at -6 and +7 degrees respectively...450hp no problem
  3. Boost Guage/ side markers

    you still got those FOBS for sale?
  4. DW fuel pumps

    Andy good to know. I actually solved the issue by installing a Walbro 255 chevy pump
  5. DW fuel pumps

    Anyone have a solution for the pickup on DW fuel pump being too short? Iv'e got DW800 injectors and corresponding fuel pump but it will only suck the top 12 gallons of fuel..Called DW and was told you cannot modify the pickup. (I was planning on tigging on a longer tube. Wish these Douche Work bastards had told me this upon purchase. Suggestions?
  6. Simply T-5R, The Build Thread : A New Hope

    pull the pan drill a few holes in the windage tray...unless you got a deep sump pan you will for a lack of a better term pump her reason i run an external belt driven oil pump just like on GT cars...just my 2 cents. unrelated but did you do a Darton sleeve install?
  7. i have a few ? i bought a basket case lets start there. Previous owner has set up with a CBV on a Garrett 75 trim and a Tial QR recirc BOV ever see a car use both? i get MAF spikes on tuner pro as well..thoughts appreciated.