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    Car is still not starting after engine swap, I need to figure out what is going on. This is one of those "crank-no-start" conditions. 
    I checked the timing again for good measure but the vehicle is still refusing to start. I have a spare crank sensor and a spare cam position sensor I could swap out. I did indeed swap out both of those sensors before I re-check the timing but no luck; I will try again after the engine swap. I might have fried the CPS when I overheated
    the last motor which is the engine the sensors came from. I also wonder what the odds are that my ECU is also bad?

    Fuel pressure is present.
    Spark plugs should be getting power. The cap-n-rotor were working perfectly fine on the last car so i did not touch them but I did change the spark plug.
    Timing seems to be spot on.
    Compression on the motor was checked not too long ago but I will check again for good measure; especially after cranking with possibly bad timing (whoops). I have a spare cylinder head I can rebuild if it comes down to it.
    It sucks that the ECU is not giving me any codes, it would be nice to know why it is refusing to start (especially if it has compression). Maybe I have a bad ground somewhere? It can't be a ground for the spark but maybe it has a bad ground for the ECU or fuel injectors thus causing the fuel injectors not to fire.

    I plan to check each spark plug for spark and to update the cap-n-rotor. If that does not work, I will take the intake manifold off and re-check the grounds and also refresh any other grounds for good measure.