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  1. Today i bought B5254T 99 RN version engine. Did not check yet, but it should have 139 mm rods, i have already 139 mm maxpeeding H-rods. I use stock pistons. Plan is to make about 250-300 hp max at crank, so the block should be handle it. I need to upgrade my 13G turbo to some larger unit. Should i use RN head or N head?
  2. Today i find that cylinder 2 and 3 are cracked at top. I need to find new block, is the n/a block B5254s same as B5254t?
  3. I think i'm going to clean old ones and use them, engine was working fine before i bent my second and third connection rod. Oil consumption was about 2-3 liters in 10 000 km , there was couple small leaks and five exhaust valve stem seals was leaking and piston oil ring channels was blocked by carbon.
  4. Hi I bought new set of STD piston rings Hastings 2C4528 to my B5254t engine. End gap is 0.5mm with these new ones, with old ones end gap is 0.4mm. Will it cause problems if i use 0.5mm end gap?
  5. Ok, i thought that 609 on page 307 is made from 607 or 608 bin. So do i have to make LPT bin from those 607 or 608 rev5 bins or is there some where all ready bins for LPT engine with logging feature?
  6. Hi I have problem with data logging. I try to verify connectivity to the ECU with RealTerm, but i only receive same character what i send to ECU. I tried different baud rates, but no difference. I also can read DTC's with Vol-FCR without sending "o" to ECU. It should be successfully flashed, because before there was some permanent rear lambda code and after flashing no more. .bin and .xdf what i'm using are made by Turboforslund, page 307. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i8tqb94wl9ezmtn/0261204609_1037359880_1.BIN?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3cew1ud1zywbi7/rev5b_609_fox_01.xdf?dl=0 ADX is REV5TMM9AFRa.ADX, from wiki. - OBD cable is FTDI FT232 - ECU is 458 where the modded bin is, original is 459. - Car V70 AWD, manual, LPT ,1997 any ideas what is wrong?