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  1. I did not find any good used injector set so i bought these, price was about 170€ for flow match set. https://www.bosch-motorsport-shop.com.au/547cc-min-ev14-injector~4308 Also i ordered EV14 to EV1 adapters for those injectors. I need to make some modifications to injector mountings and solve starting values for these injectors.
  2. Recently i have been driving only e85, i added 6 degree advance and multiplied 1.2 whole fuel map, seems to working great, except that i need larger injectors for higher loads. Problem is cold start, i need to crank longer to get engine running, if engine is warm then it starts like normal. I think i need to adjust that "Start Basic Injection Quantity" table .
  3. Past weeks i have been busy with other projects and yesterday i continued this project. I have been wondering that knocking problem between 2000-3500 rpm, could it be false alarm? It seems that i get ignition retard usually only in cylinder 1 and value is -4...-8 Sometimes i see ignition retard value -1.5...-2 when i go down hill and TPS is 0 and car is decelerating, when i press throttle ignition retard goes to 0. Should i be worried knocking only when the CEL light comes on? I don't know what knocking sound like, i think it might hard to hear. Last summer i got bad rod bearing in cylinder 2 and that was also little bit hard to hear inside the cabin.
  4. Yes it seems that i need larger injectors.It feels little bit odd that i need larger injectors for stock tune or almost stock tune. I have read that some people have been used these red injectors +250hp, don't know what was their duty cycle at that point. I think i will next check with original ecu that injector duty cycle with scope, if it goes up to 90% then there might be some fuel delivery problem? or how high duty cycle is with stock tune? Last year i changed fuel filter and cleaned injectors with ultrasonic cleaner, also fuel pressure was ok when idling. I made Virtual dyno simulation, and according that it's little bit better than stock tune i think. Acceleration1 is that log what i send previously and yesterday i made another acceleration "acceleration2". I try some how log RPM and TPS with original ecu and see what Virtual dyno says. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w32zvl4ba02jdae/VirtualDynoRun1.JPG?dl=0
  5. For testing i switched back to regular fuel which contains max 10% ethanol. Injector duty cycle is still quiet high, over 90% at max. I got little knocking like before with e85 mix. With 50/50 e85 engine feels more powerful. My injectors are red, 0280155759 and maybe 315cc. Here is second gear accelerating log and ADX. https://www.dropbox.com/s/81ymcg8m322tvtr/Accelerating?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/xrvfsbqzoh6t7yl/REV5TMM9AFRa.ADX?dl=0 Here is binary and xdf. https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7m3zufcrfi8iq1/rev5b_607-608_fox _01.xdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wsmad870a55qxzo/608_rev5b_LPT_V4.bin?dl=0
  6. Yes, everything is stock. Injection Basic Adjustment Factor is set to 1 and Injector Opening Time by Voltage is changed according to 609 values. When idling AFR is about 14.3-14.6 and cruising seems to be almost same. Its safer side but little bit off from 14.7, should it be steady 14.7 when idling and cruising. Here is ADX and cruising log file if you like to look it. REV5TMM9AFRa.ADX Cruising AFR test
  7. I have been driving with this tune couple days and no major issues with 50/50 e85, i think. Here is couple things what i noticed when wot accelerating: - If idle too long in place and engine temp rise about 95-100C i can see ignition retard -1.5 in some cylinder very short time when rpm is about 2500-3000 . Above that rpm and higher loads i got zero knocking. If engine cools to about 85C i can't see knocking between 2500-3000. Boost is only 2-3 psi at that knocking point and afr is 14-15 short time. What map to look for that problem, could it need some kind of accelerating enrichment ? - Injection duty cycle was 91% when load was 6.7ms, rpm 5500 and boost was about 7psi, no much room left. - When i start to accelerate from 2500 rpm it feel's like kind of turbo lag until rpm hits about 4000 and after that it feels it pulls better than stock. I would like to have accelerating be like stock tune, between 2500 - 4000 rpm. What map to look for that? Maybe i try to modify TCV duty cycle pilot control to match LPT TCV map, between 2500-4000 rpm. I got also couple trouble codes, which i have not got before this tune: - EFI-422 Atmospheric pressure sensor signal, should i need to disable barometric diagnostic? - EFI-153 Rear heated oxygen sensor (H02S) signal, maybe need to disable rear O2 sensor diagnostic in emission folder. It is strange, because with previously tune's i did not get that code and boost sensor seems to work fine.
  8. I made some progress today. I started over again and i only changed ignition map, VE map and injector factor and put 50% e85 fuel to tank. Now i got zero knocking, it feels there is more power in higher end and maybe little less in lower end.
  9. Thanks ArMiGer, that will be useful. Today i made couple different versions, one was that modified 608.xdf where i change every table rows and collums to match 609.xdf rows and columns. I simply choose "External (Manual)" and manual write those 609 values to table. I flashed it and tested and engine starts maybe little lazy and throttle respond was not so good. I get ignition retard and knocking if i revving the engine when i open throttle fast to get some load. When engine is cold and i try to drive, it feels like engine is going to stall, feels like lack of enrichment. Maybe that is not the correct way how to modify .xdf files. Another version, i used original 608.xdf and transfer every table to 608.bin from 609.bin which has same values (RPM and load i think) in rows and columns. I tested it and feels better, engine was maybe 40-50C so don't know how it will perform when it's cold. Throttle response feel normal etc. But still i get knocking if i revving the engine when i open throttle fast to get some load or when accelerate i get knocking almost instantly, does not matter low or high RPM. It might hard to understand what i mean because my English is not so fluent. Here is that better working 608.bin attached if you like to comment it. 608_rev5b_LPT_V3.bin I'm also interested if somebody like to share working stock LPT version of that 608_Rev5b.bin and 608.xdf
  10. I can't open two TunerPro same time, it says "already open" , maybe need some kind of modification? I downloaded this https://www.sandboxie.com and now i can open two TunerPro . If i want to change let's say "Load threshold lambda control" table 608.xdf row values equal to 609.xdf, can i just select in "Label Source" drop down list "External (Manual)" and change the row values to same. Will the table function like it should or do i need to change those address values or what?
  11. I think i found the problem, 608.xdf and 609.xdf map rows are not the same so some values are not correct.
  12. Ok, loggin seems to work well, but problem is now that i don't understand why i'm getting knocking with stock values. Is this a correct way to do value transfer from 609.bin to 608_rev5b.bin : 1. In TunerPro 609.bin and rev5b_609_fox_01.xdf is open and i copy for example ignition map values to excel. 2. In TunerPro i open 608_rev5b.bin and rev5b.xdf and copy ignition map values from excel to TunerPro. Because if i now watch my modified 608_rev5b.bin with 609.xdf and rev5b.xdf i noticed that the map values are not same.
  13. Ok, problem was that the logging was not enabled. Now it seems to work fine. Formula for that sensor is ((X-81)/84), unit = Bar.
  14. Hi At this point my goal is to make little more power with stock engine parts, with safety margin. Car is V70 AWD, 1997, manual, LPT. I transfered 609.bin tables and scalars to 608_rev5b.bin and flashed that to my M44. When i accelerate it lights lambda light and goes off when i release throttle, also it does not feel as powerful than stock 609, otherwise idle is good and engine starts normally. Any ideas for that problem? Before i go further i like to get those WB and boost sensor logging working in Tunerpro. I started with boost sensor. I have this pressure sensor https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Bar-Map-Manifold-Absolute-Pressure-Sensor-Turbo-Boost-Wire-Plug-Pigtail-122-CL/223337953057?epid=15026334817&hash=item33fffab721:g:h-8AAOSwDsZcRptR Sensor is wired like in M44 wikia and tested it with that formula: ((((X/255) + 0.04)/0.004)*0.145) Sensor output reading in Turnerpro with wiki formula was: - Atmosphere pressure (hose open) = 31.3 psi, sensor voltage to battery (-) = 1.64 V - With external 14.5psi (1bar) pressure source = 37.7 psi, sensor voltage to battery (-) = 3.22 V - Idle vacuum = -1.6psi, sensor voltage to battery (-) = 0.54 V After that tried to correct the reading. I put "X" only to equation box and see what it outputs. When the hose was open the reading was about 215 which in my mind is too high, because i think it should be more like 83 if 5 V=255. Also it goes to 255 if there is only about 2 psi pressure. Did i do something wrong?
  15. Ok, i thought that 609 on page 307 is made from 607 or 608 bin. So do i have to make LPT bin from those 607 or 608 rev5 bins or is there some where all ready bins for LPT engine with logging feature?