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  1. Cool, didn't know about the D2 protocol -- I was mainly referring to the custom logging that has been built as a part of the Tuners Rejoice body of work. I've visited the wiki in the link many times, and am familiar with that specific page -- was wondering if there was more information about how I could write my own software that logs from the ECU (instead of Tuner Pro). I'm definitely willing to hook up the Vag-Com cable and start sending serial commands then try to interpret them by looking at the ADX file, but I was wondering if there were more specific instructions/documentation anywhere. i.e. How to parse the "35-byte delimited frame" that will come back from the logging routine?
  2. @gdog, that's interesting -- I didn't know there was a separate protocol in the logging routine... Is there any documentation of the serial protocol for the logging routine? While it is not the best path forward, I often work with the idea of finding truth in noisy (in this case the OBDII) measurements. Might be an interesting exercise to try to make those more useful for the generic case where some awesome hackers haven't engineered a separate logging protocol ;)
  3. Hello all, I am a long time lurker, with a 1998 v70 T5 AT. I have a MS in Mechanical Engineering and a MS in Computer Science. I have done research focusing on intelligent algorithms for vehicle control. While I definitely don't have the low-level programming chops that some of the major contributors have, I'm hoping to contribute to this awesome community as I tune my Volvo. I love the effort that has gone into the logging solution that currently exists, but I've been working on an open-source logging device based on a RPi. I'm wanting to tie in some analog voltages with the OBDII logs without modifying the ECU and without dragging my laptop around to log. This will (hopefully) facilitate easy log gathering and the ability to fine-tune a map based on daily driving over time. Hopefully the attached image gets the point across -- an effective "boost curve" created over many daily drives for the tune I'm working on. My ultimate goal is to algorithmically optimize my tune (and hopefully anyone else's) based on these logs. I currently have one major problem -- How do I get the OBDII command equivalent of the logging parameters in the ADX files? If it would be useful, here are the docs for creating custom commands for the OBDII library I'm using: http://python-obd.readthedocs.io/en/latest/Custom Commands/