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  1. Ah yes, I used the values from the wiki, also found the values for adjustment factor and min injector time in the m4.4 forum. But one thing about the opening time by voltage values that the wiki shows for the greens is that the top 2 cells are higher than FF so I just set my top 2 cells to FF and the rest to what the wiki gave. So far so good, car is running a lot more like it used to, still doesn't like to engine break at times though.
  2. Wow I totally forgot I asked in the m4.4 thread, would you still be willing to help? I know I can't get it perfect right now without testing and testing but I currently so hard to shift in traffic
  3. Would anyone be willing to share what values they have for injector calibration? I'm running bosch greens, 15T, no cat, and manual swap on a 2.3L 850, on a road trip currently and reflashed my ECU with the A/C mod and don't think I have the values correct for the injectors (forgot the values i had prior), seems to run abit more rich than usual, plus hanging revs.
  4. Hey all, might be a dumb question but does anyone know what the values for min injection time & constant for consumption delay should be set to for Bosch greens? I'm abit new to tuning.