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  1. justanotherhumanoid online Junior MemberJoin: Aug 2018Posts: 20 about 17 hours ago · #1 R brake upgrade parts list / considerations Hello, I'm researching how to do an upgrade to R brakes on a 2006 2.5T AWD and have one or two questions someone here might be able to help me with... really I just want to make sure I have all the necessary hardware accounted for before I start, so if anyone can back me up and make sure I'm not missing anything, I'd appreciate it. Or if anyone has any tips / recommendations I'd love to hear them too. Also, this might help out anyone else considering the same upgrade: 1. 4x calipers (can't forget those...with spring clips and guide pins) 2. 4x 330mm rotors, pads (probably oem or brembo rotors and akebono pads from forum recommendations) 3. 2x front "impulse limiters" aka steering stop arms (left=30748624, right=30748625) (these appear to be different than those on the 2.5T so I don't think I can reuse mine) 4. Caliper bolts (also different than 2.5T hardware) (front top = 985345, front lower = 985428, rear upper and lower = 985453) 5. 2x Oscillation dampers for the front, (identical for left and right = 9485145) 6. R dust shields (should attach with a single screw which I can reuse off my current shields if I'm correct). 7. 8x rubber bleeder screw caps 8. 8x pad backing plates References: Thread: https://forums.swedespeed.com/showthread.php?152248-S60R-V70R-Caliper-Hub-Breakdown-List&p=1641959&viewfull=1 Diagrams: https://www.volvopartswebstore.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=238041&ukey_product=1186867 https://www.volvopartswebstore.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=1180193&ukey_make=865&ukey_model=12009&modelYear=2006&ukey_category=7855&ukey_driveLine=11324&ukey_trimLevel=24650 Thanks all, rock on. -Jimmy