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  1. justanotherhumanoid

    New tire/wheel setup

    Had to replace two tires so took the plunge and upgraded all 4 wheels to team dynamics pro race 1.2 17x8" and tires to michelin pilot sport a/s. Black not my first choice but otherwise a good find on craigslist and I like the new setup. Now have to figure out how to lower that rear end (maybe R springs in the rear or the bc racing coilover kit all round?). Also I've never really liked my car's color but my understanding is that's pretty tough/expensive to change and probably also belongs in the cosmetics forum. Anyway here's a pic:
  2. justanotherhumanoid

    WTB 1975 Volvo 242

    Just like the post says, interested in buying a 1975 (and 1975 only) Volvo 242 with body in good condition. Let me know if you've got one for sale (or one that I can convince you to sell)!