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  1. Ooofff that one is pretty bad indeed. no anti lag or such features?
  2. If its that bad as you describe id check your tune. It shoulnt burn up that fast. 940 turbos suffer from this a lot. I suspect the high boost levels on low throttle have an effect on it.
  3. No. There is a break around 2000/2002 where spline increases to 23spl. All m66 has that. Why not use gears from a diesel m66? I dont think anything will fit from a m56.
  4. if you have a hole in your intake system that is that big that you dont hear it or loses that much air, its a pretty big hole. unhook the maf, and block of the intake with the engine running. if it stalls, there is no hole big enough to cause this. wastegate is easy, just unbolt the downpipe from the turbo and inspect with a mirror.
  5. please disconnect the hose to the wastegate and verify. even a little leak on that clamped can have effect. if you dont have any boost then. then it is a mechanical problem. exhaust leak (would be quite noticable), incorrectly adjusted wastegate (did you check this? ) or defective turbo (burned wastegate valve/housing or turbine wheel). good luck testing
  6. did you check the tcv valve? what happens when you disconnect the yellow or red hose and then accelerate? (with care afcourse)
  7. 1620 is very nice. i've seen x70 awd with over 1700kg registered weight over here. in regards to the vc. i was also under the impression that the lock was faster. if i push the hard the vc seems alot tigher and less wheelspin. but for the occasional stop light sprint its still wheelspin al over. im very curious to how your first drags are gonna go.
  8. yeah i my freewheel is broken, locked solid. however i dont get full power to the rear, much like what you had. i dont have 500bhp though. and on ice the awd worked flawlesly. maybe i'll weld it up to then or try and source one that works.
  9. I was wondering if you have had some thoughts about the visco coupler. when do you intend on trying the "new" one? do you think there is a limit to the power they can handle? Or because of age they fail under load?
  10. if you want that much lift your best bet would be to lift the whole car on the subframe. basicly a body lift. however 4 inches would be ALOT and you would have fab it properly to keep it anywhere near safe. would not recommend
  11. also, turn on ignition, then hit connect, and then start the engine.
  12. Use a bigger font. i think a 23 should be good for 400+ so what else have you done not the right topic since its not ecu related
  13. yes. the oranges max out pretty fast even with stock turbo.
  14. There is LPi mapswitching right? so it should work "on the fly"