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  1. i have a gss350 (21mm center inlet) needs some modification (and parts from your old fuel pump) but works just fine. unfortnunatly i didnt take any pictures. sorry.
  2. you should disconnect the immo box and bypass the wire anyway.
  3. 1620 is very nice. i've seen x70 awd with over 1700kg registered weight over here. in regards to the vc. i was also under the impression that the lock was faster. if i push the hard the vc seems alot tigher and less wheelspin. but for the occasional stop light sprint its still wheelspin al over. im very curious to how your first drags are gonna go.
  4. yeah i my freewheel is broken, locked solid. however i dont get full power to the rear, much like what you had. i dont have 500bhp though. and on ice the awd worked flawlesly. maybe i'll weld it up to then or try and source one that works.
  5. I was wondering if you have had some thoughts about the visco coupler. when do you intend on trying the "new" one? do you think there is a limit to the power they can handle? Or because of age they fail under load?
  6. also, turn on ignition, then hit connect, and then start the engine.
  7. Use a bigger font. i think a 23 should be good for 400+ so what else have you done not the right topic since its not ecu related
  8. yes. the oranges max out pretty fast even with stock turbo.
  9. There is LPi mapswitching right? so it should work "on the fly"
  10. so, just a thought. would it be possible to use mapswitching with different voltage's? i.e. 0v map 0, 4v map 1, 8v map 2, 12v map 3?
  11. So i checked it. The 850 shafts fit just fine. Maybe because it's a S60 unit.
  12. That's wierd. I swapped my s40 T4 2000 with a non awd M66 and those drive shafts fitted just fine. I'll look in to it That was a P3 2009 gearbox. now im using a 2006 S60 AWD box
  13. The spine is different for the M66 right? What flywheel/clutch/pressure plate did you use? Im going to do this mod on my 850R Aut. but with a diesel M66AWD. should keep 1st and 2nd the same, 3,4 and 5th slightly longer and an extra OD 6. My previous 01 T4 S40 did 160km/h in 6th with a M66 mod
  14. Maybe the Auto/manual bit although there are questions about it. and for myself i have added stuff for antilagg settings.