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  1. Ended up being a massive diagnostic error on my side 🙄 I used the hose clamps that came with the AEM 320LPH fuel pump, it worked fine when the hose was brand new but as it got softer sitting in the tank it wasn't making a proper seal on the carrier side... Everything works fine now ! I'm using 0.29 TEMIN as well, but 0.24 makes more sense
  2. Hello guys, first thing thanks for the amount of research and write ups done on the M4.4, that's amazing ! I wanted to give it a go myself, starting with a simple task: swapping the old orange injectors for greens on my lpt V70 but I'm already having some issues. I've used the baseline data from the wiki for injector calibration, the car runs fine at idle/low load, but when I get heavier on the throttle at around 3000rpm the STFT jumps to 25% and then the ecu goes open loop. I've tried a few other values I've found on this thread, same thing. The injectors were swapped back and forth