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  1. I can't try more ignition at the moment cause my injectors are fully used and while more ignition might get some more power.. it wants to have more fuel also so that just won't happen ๐Ÿ˜„ Anyway, another raceday behind us and time to write a little rundown๐Ÿ˜Ž Since the last race, my bmw has "new" gearbox, which sadly is worn enough to not go into third gear when trying to change it fast.. but still better than the old one because that one wouldn't go into any gear. ๐Ÿ˜… Also went back to the hx50 turbo i had from the beginning and new tune for it also. As i got a chance to do few pulls on the dyno, i used the opportunity and the results were quite what i expected according to my hunch - 473hp and 519nm at the wheels with 23psi of boost. All that was left, was to go to the track and drive fast. So did we? Welll... no. The track was very slippery, and i still don't know how to change gears.. pushing into third goes straight to a wall so yeah.. so no personal best for me.๐Ÿ˜ But i managed to run 12.8@197kph with reaction time of 0.0012, so it is my best speed and also best reaction time i have ever done.๐Ÿฅณ But the car is fine and running good, so i'd call it great success. Next weekend, in Haapsalu, will take place One mile challenge 2019 by Audiclub, so lets see what the beemer is capable of. After that, I will try to fix the gearbox problem. ๐Ÿ˜„ I'll keep you posted.
  2. Company called AP Chemicals. Pure ethanol.. not e85 :) I don't have my ignition map at the moment, as i'm at work, but i have knock gauge which i have also connected to ecu, so when it hears something it retards ignition automatically :)
  3. Yea i don't think i wrote retarded ignition anywhere ๐Ÿ˜› Engine melted with heavy detonation which we don't have reason for yet... Not lean, no starvation or anything, only probable cause is volvo's not so good flowing intake manifold. That flows in the mid rev range but my huge turbo comes to life in high rpm, where stock manifold doesn't breathe at all. Everything else we have tried and tested already, as it has been suffering under heavy knock since the beginning. I mean different pistons, heads, comp. ratios, fuel pressure, fuel pump, injectors and so on. But with ethanol no knock whatsoever.. so i don't know. I'm going to make a new intake anyway and try again with gasoline, so then we'll see what happens.
  4. So a week has gone by since the first race this year I actually got to attend at and I probably should write something about it. To get you in the mood - short review of the whole last week: Monday - BMW ready for dyno.. so full of optimism we got there.. melted the engine of bmw. Tuesday - In the evening got the bmw back to garage, where, while i was elsewhere trying to get another car running, Rannet and Martin started to take the engine apart. Wednesday - Me still building the other car, Martin started to put together new engine and as the day went, i joined and together we got the engine running again by the evening.. which meant new chance of dyno. As it still wanted to knock awfully, we kept it safe with low boost and ridiculously little ignition advance. So the car was running but with low power (200+kw). Thursday - As i got nothing else to do.. tried to replace turbocharger for smaller one.. hoping it would work better with the badly breathing intake manifold and resulting in less detonation... well few runs on road showed that it didn't change ****. Friday - Last chance to try something... i pumped out the gasoline and poured in ethanol. Result? - No knock whatsoever, got 1,5bar of boost with almost 20 degrees of ign. advance and no sign of knocking.. everything running damn good and lots of power, got the car loaded on the trailer, and trip to "home"(read: dragstrip) could finally begin. Trip went smoothly and both racedays quite easy also. Had some loss of power due to very hot weather at the airfield and the fact, that it had rough tune with rather cold and moist weather, so it didn't run quite as good as friday, but still managed to run personal best times. And if some of you are still with me, you finally get to know what times we ran... Well yes you can be disappointed because i didn't run 9 seconds or not even 10 seconds... and not even 11 seconds:lol: But 12,6 seconds with 194kph topspeed. So i finally got into 12 seconds.. but with new working gearbox and better rear diff i should be in 11s quite easily. Overall was a very good race, lots of awesome cars and as always - very nice people together. Super happy that everything worked almost as planned, and trying my best to be faster at next race, which takes place in already two weeks. Also some eye candy for you... if you are as retarded as i am :D
  5. In my opinion, there's no need to use D5 block or custom rods. As much as i remember, diesel block isn't much different from petrol block.. those gaps between cylinders are just a bit smaller and more deck height, but that doesn't change anything. With good tuning and only slight mods those engines can handle about the same power as any other engine - 100hp per cylinder. I mean my completely stock 2 litre had 470hp from engine and broke only because i was too careless about few ecu things. Things that break engines - too small turbos with too much boost and stock ecu's. But yeah, i will weigh the crank.. would also be nice if anyone could find part number from T5 93,2mm crank, because i'm pretty sure it's the same thing in d5 ๐Ÿ™‚ And yeah i know about the engine prices.. I live next to Your country ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. I don't, but by hand i can't say it weighs more than regular 90mm crank. It's the same thing as in '04+ 2.5t5 engine. But as i'm going to take the engine apart again anyway, i'll try to put it on a scale.
  7. Meanwhile - new header. With some help of my tuner and moral support of dyno guy(not in pictures):lol: Also new bigger cooler Little test run before another dyno:oogle: Then new dyno.. result? 425whp@21psi All good.. exept it wanting to detonate every moment possible, ended things there and headed home. On the way did a pull and blew a headgasket... atleast seemed like that at the beginning. As the next day we had raceday... i took it apart. Head seemed fine.. block also fine.. headgasket obviously gone but then we noticed 1. cylinder piston seemed kinda tilted like it can't possibly be unless something is wrong. So it came clear.. one of the rods was bent. Had a theory about how it pulled water from other cylinder to intake just to push it into this cylinder and having hydro lock.. seemed more likely to bend a rod that way it was bent. Anyway.. took the engine out, piston out and put in another rod and all back together. With help of some friends i had it back running by midnight and that was it for the day. Raceday's goal was to make atleast 12 second pass as my previous best was 13,6s. Jumping ahead.. i ran 13,1 so didn't reach my goal.. and also broke the engine again. (As before, the sheet is in KW) For now, new engine is almost done :) This weekend is new race so also going to dyno in few days. Closed deck 81mm block; maxpeeding forged rods; B5234t pistons machined down and polished; D5 93,2mm crank Gives me 2401cc so should be fun.
  8. Hello guys, been a long time since i got a chance to actually build something volvo related. Been trying to get back to whiteblocks for 5 years and now finally managed to do that. What started out as a simple naturally aspirated 5 cylinder swap to my "daily-beater", so i could have a little fun with it, has come to a point, where when i get what i want from the engine, i'm going to swap it to a proper chassy for drag use. So to make long story a little shorter - here's my beemer 5 years ago: Meanwhile, it has had several engines, starting with 1.8 83kw stock engine, then 3.0 v8 engine, then again 1.8 engine that ran on 2,5bar of boost, then 2.0 6 cylinder with turbo and finally what the thread is about - whiteblock. So about the "thing" itself - Regular e36 body, minor mods in the front suspension, mostly everything rebuilt few years ago. So far i've used it for dragracing and also drifting as my own entertainment. Sad part is.. my best ET so far is 13,625@162kmh with my 1.8 engine and 0,9bar of boost, so i haven't succeeded much But this year not should, but WILL be different So the engine.. i started the swap with B5254S from my old volvo 440, got to drive it just a little around garage when its life got ended due to oiling error. That sorted out.. new life on the chassy started b5204T engine i picked up. Looked for specifically 2.0 due to 81mm cylinder, so it would handle more power I will not bother you with every little detail i have made, so i'll let the pics to the job (dynosheet is in KW) Engine: B5204T ECU: Megasquirt 3v3.0 Turbo: Holset HX50 Wastegate: from Audi AAN Injectors: Siemens deka 825cc Fuel pump: Walbro 450lph FPR: Turbosmart Clutch: tdi pressure plate with bmw disc Gearbox: Getrag 240 For drag season, on the shelf i have forged rods, crank from D5 engine waiting, and also plan for better clutch and double-VVT(for now just exhaust cam). Been to dyno 2 times.. first time was just to see if things work like they should and get some idea what kind of power it'll make.. second time went to turn up some boost The result is 340hp/378nm at the wheels so about 360hp/400nm from engine at 20psi of boost Exhaust manifold is stock at the moment and is also next thing to be replaced... doesn't flow at all So new header incoming and then i'll go for 400whp with yet stock internals