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  1. DwayneCar

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    lost an oil pump today while driving today In my 06 S60 T5 . time for a rebuild and some goodies.
  2. DwayneCar

    AWD swap

    Oh sorry, Mine is a 06 s60 t5 auto fwd Donor is an 05 s40 2.4 turbo auto awd
  3. DwayneCar

    AWD swap

  4. DwayneCar

    AWD swap

    New ro the Volvo thing. I've been looking at a s60 2.4t awd automatic parts car. I have an automatic s60 t5 right now. How compatible are the drivelines? Same trans control module? Rearend and drive shape bolt up? Ect. Thanks for any help, I'll continue to use the search engine and see what I can find
  5. DwayneCar

    s60 intercooler piping

    Thanks for the info, tons of help.
  6. DwayneCar

    s60 intercooler piping

    I'm at work and not around my s60, I'm on my route. Does the 06+ s60 t5 have a rubber coupler or a v-band style clamp to the turbo from the upper charge pipe?
  7. DwayneCar

    s60 intercooler piping

    I was thinking the same thing too, looks to the right shape and angles. I've seen other posts of where people buy a wrecked s60r to get the goodies for their T5 and the upper pipe is one of them. I just wanted to dot my i's and cross my t's before spending money.
  8. DwayneCar

    s60 intercooler piping

    I'm a new s60 owner, 1st Volvo. I bought it from a friend who couldn't afford the tow and the key to be made, their loss my gain, lol right. It's a 2006 S60, T5, automatic. I'm the kind of person who loves factory upgrades on my cars over aftermarket parts. I was wondering if an OEM S60R aluminum upper intercooler pipe, pictured, would be a direct fit to my factory T5 set up? Trying to get sway from the plastic intercooler piping since it is prone to breaking. Thank you all in advance for any help.