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  1. There was some fan function discussion 10 pages back. Has anybody made some investigation in these? I discovered that one of the cars i have uses speed 2 postition which is 115C by default, its 98 LPT. All the other cars i have touched use speed 1 102C. Thats very weird seeing car running at 115C degrees. It also blowed one of the coolant hoses recenly. I reduced speed 2 and now fan kicks in before. But still i can't understand how this can be. Was the same with original ecu and the remapped custom 608 bin. Edit: It was bad fan relay. Speed 1 not operating. Had one spare and now its good. I always thought low speed is for AC and high speed for engine cooling. But Speed 1 corresponds to lower speed fan and speed 2 kicks in when things are getting out of hands at high temps Maybe when AC is active and fan is at low speed, then on ecu command speed 1 acts as high fan speed. Because im almost sure it will spin faster then.
  2. Ok got my cop setup running. And on the first flashing this happened. Already had forgotten they must be disconnected. At this time this was cyl 2. Will it affect them randomly or was i lucky others didn't get hit? Whats the best way to prevent this? Say i dont want the cop wires to be visible to disconnect them every time.
  3. I've been using 0.695, was spot on in the summer but now with cold there some trim corrections. Also found someones test results for dead times, im using way lower values. Guess i must redo it.
  4. 10,8 is maximum load by default. You should put it to maximum 12,24.
  5. I had similar issue with VE table editing (not real time). If i changed some values and saved the bin then reopened those vales were maximum that table allowed and i couldn't change them back. I think i had to use other xdf to edit this map and got my values right. One of the xdf-s did that mess, don't remember at the moment which one.
  6. Is the radiator fan control bin available somewhere, the original dropbox link from 2014 is outdated