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  1. I have been toying with the idea of bumping up from my 17 inch Volans on my 855 to an 18 inch wheel with the same offset. I know this question has been asked probably a million times but I'd like some input as to if I could make a 18x8 Peg wrapped in a 215 40 18 WITHOUT rolling fenders. I have IPD sport springs to drop the car and I don't want to roll my fenders as my paint looks like this (yes I needed to treat my ashy bumpers in this picture): Don't want to risk compromising the paintjob or the entire look of the car by cracking the paint, denting the fenders, pulling them etc. So, will they fit with minimal rubbing? I don't mind if they do on full lock or if the rears are really loaded down and I hit a bump hard. Thoughts?