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  1. Great Seller and awesome communication. Do not hesitate to do business w/ him +++

  2. Doubt you had the 1909 as it is just released over the weekend.... Denon's are not as much user friendly as others but the 2009 models have significantly more advanced features like Audyssey Dynamic Volume automatic volume-leveling system...
  3. Just got this over the weekend and not quite done setting it up yet.....
  4. I wonder if any of this stuff stated above is true?
  5. People just flushed the toilets both in the senate and the house..... We will flush it again all the way in 2 years to clean them all the way up :-).....
  6. hopefully, the site will stabilize and all the data will come right back?
  7. Time to get you new car kevin! I know you are itching for one..... :-)
  8. Ok lets get back to the subject on hand in here..... Don't let the dust settle guys & girls........
  9. Did he really win 2 elections now..... ? Not the 1st one But I agree, it really doesn't matter who the president is! Foley would of still Fooled around :)
  10. Well it is just their luck I guess...... Many of these things that republicans are going through can easily happen to democrats as well.... Soon we will be back to the topic of orangle alerts, banned liquids on aircrafts & bunch of other BS to freak out public anyway....... ;)
  11. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ Oct 8 2006, 10:13 PM) ← +1 Sucks to be him......
  12. -Carson, You can call me in the morning... I will be heading over to G's house to pick up the wagon.... We can meet and caravan if you want. Ted
  13. Nice... I had to take God and Human Experience..... I hated that class as much as I hated Philosophy.... But relax; rest of college should be fun!
  14. This is like watching a movie with commercials..... I can't wait until the next post :lol: