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  1. Nvm I'm a fool and had base caming timing off... Works well now..
  2. So do i, He's tried 4 different ones. Imagine single vvt works the same as dual, in the sense it advances when powered? Either that or I have a bad hub on my 65k mile engine.
  3. I still have my stock 98 t5 manual ecu. Ended #450 Currently running one of Aarons modifies ecu's so im not using it. Asked him if he wanted this old 1 but hasn't said yes or no so if anybody wants it I'd sell it for the $100 core he charges. Or if anybody has any 650cc or larger injectors wanna trade + cash obviously I'm at like 88% duty cycle on the greens. Im to clueless to try and start tuning myself at this level. Running only wideband no stock o2. The 22t turbo Green injectors Dw200 pump 960 maf At this point a stock file wouldn
  4. Ported the 98 mani for my rn. Modified pcv 5/8 tube to baffled catch can back to ptc delete pre turbo. Ive never seen over %80 in any my logs assumed that was normal. Stock turbo tb with wedge..
  5. I have one of Aaron's modified ecu's and have been able to use volfcr. Just had to change com# in device manager then change it back after. Also can use elm327 bluetooth with dashcommand to read/clear codes I doubt will work for srs codes though. Has some nice gauges for calculating hp and tq although im not sure on its accuracy.
  6. Finally finished up last night.. After getting it together and finding the thermostat housing was leaking like crazy. So pulled the ps pump yet again etc etc. After some gasket repair and couple more hours hoods on, axles nuts tight, and got to run it throught heat cycle. Was about midnight by the time I finished all in all took about 50 hours for full rn swap. Mind you was my first motor remove/replace ever and most my auto mechanical skills startes with this car in June. Was going ti throw on a 19t straight flange they have all over ebay but the 04 t9 motor came with
  7. Ive been following your channel since june when i bought my 98 s70 t5 manual. I had put what I considered a fair amount of work into it until i saw some of these builds lol. Was tuned by Vast and was running wmi went really well for the stock 16t (comparatively). Was a granny owned 1 owner car that had never been abused and didn't want to be! Bottom end knock lead to RN swap in progress!! I was inspired by all of you...
  8. 612 Was in motronic suite. But that's cool, watched video Jimmy oakes where they read data on a stock m.4.2 bimmer ecu. Obviously raw data but they were using romraider xml's to interpret parameters. I'm sure that's how all this started as well you guys putting work in creating xdf's.
  9. if launch control setting is stored in the xdf can you just set parameters with any bin file?
  10. Discovered my ch340 kkl vag com works with vol-fcr but not tuner pro... Ordered ftdi see if can get data logging working first... Maybe now I can get that pesky service light reset as well!
  11. So the 608.bin file is stock 98 s70 t5m setup? Maybe start by making the overboost changes.. Going try Data log and paste maybe can get some assistance.
  12. Was my understanding stock t5 injectors were 350cc? Most the stage 2 tunes I see ARD, IPD, VAST all say compatibile with the stock injectors and bring hpt from 10psi to 15psi. Must have some timing advancement and fuel add for high rpm. My plan originally was to go ARD green tune with ecu core to keep my stock ecu as backup. Then after watching simply channel megasquirt looked appealing. Once base is established and could be saved as backup I'd feel braver. There's a lot of resources on wiki4.4. Is anyway to download base tune from ecu save a backup then edit the .bin and save?