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  1. 612 Was in motronic suite. But that's cool, watched video Jimmy oakes where they read data on a stock m.4.2 bimmer ecu. Obviously raw data but they were using romraider xml's to interpret parameters. I'm sure that's how all this started as well you guys putting work in creating xdf's.
  2. if launch control setting is stored in the xdf can you just set parameters with any bin file?
  3. Discovered my ch340 kkl vag com works with vol-fcr but not tuner pro... Ordered ftdi see if can get data logging working first... Maybe now I can get that pesky service light reset as well!
  4. So the 608.bin file is stock 98 s70 t5m setup? Maybe start by making the overboost changes.. Going try Data log and paste maybe can get some assistance.
  5. Was my understanding stock t5 injectors were 350cc? Most the stage 2 tunes I see ARD, IPD, VAST all say compatibile with the stock injectors and bring hpt from 10psi to 15psi. Must have some timing advancement and fuel add for high rpm. My plan originally was to go ARD green tune with ecu core to keep my stock ecu as backup. Then after watching simply channel megasquirt looked appealing. Once base is established and could be saved as backup I'd feel braver. There's a lot of resources on wiki4.4. Is anyway to download base tune from ecu save a backup then edit the .bin and save?
  6. Noob here have an early 98 s70 t5m. Stage 0 ✔ Snabb fresh air pipe ✔ Custom magnaflow catback ✔ I have all software set up with ftdi driver set com1 worked with volfcr so guessing will with tunerpro? Anyway all these parameters have my head hurting I can hack any software, reflow mobos etc but my knowledge of the exact science behind it all is lacking. I'm scared flash base tune in case its wrong bin for my car. Im just looking make slight adjust to boost fuel and timing. In vicinity of stock r tune? Any help offered? Simply volvo have been following your channel and waiting for pnp on your llc site lol. Maybe I should just go with lucky at ard.. Ps heres my home made vacuum lol Below my old b18b block b16b type r head je pistons crower rods and cams are rod bolts cometic head gasket t3/t4 turbo greddy ebc tial wastegate n bov tuned at 28psi with neptune and rc 800cc injectors. I miss Neptune!!