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  1. should ban trucks now, even if it saves just one life. /sarc.
  2. I just picked up a like new HED Stinger 7 powertap (75mm). Great wheel. If I pay 3k for some 404s they'd better come with a Cannondale EVO frameset like Sagans.
  3. Wow, you pay full msrp?!?
  4. Finishing 2 builds: Surly LHT and an Author Surly is 7800 Dura Ace with Shawdowline XT (no carbon on purpose)/Powertap Author is my Merckx racer Shimano mix/Powertap Several other steeds Pics coming
  5. Salary? Probably pretty sweet for an 18yr old. Read tidbits of Starboard or Stargates Tirade-None of the seasoned elected officials did well in real emergencies so it probably doesn't matter if he does. Is he by a coast or a faultline or....? Maybe he is the cocky little stud every school has that thinks he can make a difference before he finds out he can't, which is usually after college looking for a real job. Well he has a real job already so he just beat out millions of young studs and probably a lot of their parents too jobwise. He took on some old guy that obviously didn't bother to campaign and won. Good for him. Most small town mayors and elected officials are simply the rich elite that don't really give a crap about their people just getting their way and rubbing their buddies backs. Thanks for listening to my tirade and I am not going to bother reading any follow ups, so flame away. :ph34r: