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  1. Looking for info so I can sell my car or part it out. Currently runs strong but I bought the car for the body so I’m not interested in the running gear. Now it’s a Canadian v70 awd with a m58 5 speed manual transmission. From what I have read they are hard to find so I would like to sell the car so someone can love it. Thanks in advance for any info you can offer on value or worth of parts or car asa whole.
  2. I have a v70 awd. 1998 with a stock m58 trans that I want to sell the whole running gear out of or I am also willing to trade for an 850 and cash. Dunno prices yet, looking for interest and info on car since I’m new to Volvo. Does anyone know if it could be a rare model? Have not started on pulling anything apart yet and have videos of it running strong.