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  1. Ok I’ll keep that in mind. It’s an LSE so that extra bit of trim in the front doesn’t help either I have to be careful not to pull up on a parking bump or else it will rip off the trim.
  2. I have a 04 v40 it and looks like it almost sitting low in the front end. Is this normal or are they known for any front end suspension issues?
  3. I have an 04 v40 1.9t. It has a ECU tune from upsolute. I am considering replacing the flex pipe with a 2.5 or 3 inch and removing the 2nd cat and 1st muffler and just running a straight pipe to the muffler. Will this gain me anything or is it a waste of time? Eventually I’m planning on replacing the turbo with a 14t but not for a little while.