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  1. Hey I'd like to see what the smoke projectors would look like on my Regent (dark red) Red metallic V70. Can anyone photoshop one of these Exexpat photos, so I can get a better idea? Thanks in advance. Let me know if I can return the favor. :D
  2. I have some Perfos, and I'm in So Cal. Sorry, I was the one who bought Alex's Meteors. If I remember correctly, the Perfos are in great condition with good tires. I was going to post an ad for $400+shipping. If you know someone coming down to SoCal, or maybe we can ask someone going to the Lake Tahoe meet to bring them up there for some change. I have a great way of shipping them through Fedex ground, so if you're interested, let's talk. I'm in the process of cleaning my garage, so now's a good time. Thanks, Mark
  3. Anybody have pics of the Chrome jewel projectors on a car. They might be available soon, too. I don't know which ones to choose for my red metallic V70. Thanks!