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  1. I want to go slower, way slower than you guys.... I have a little project that wont make any sense to anybody outside of Sweden that does not know about our fabulous things called "A-traktor". I need to limit my top speed to 30km/h (18mi/h) and I am looking into the possibility to use the original ECU to do this for me. The car in question is a v70 2,4T AWD with automatic transmission built in 97 with an ecu with the number 0261204609. But since I am new to this software and I am not that interested in ruining a working ecu I thought that I should ask before I do something stupid... When I open up a bin-file that I think is a standard one and look at the "max speed" parameter there is a value I don´t think is resenoble (speed limit soft 60/hard 74). Is this a value I have to convert with some factor? Or is it a limit that is not used in some kind of way? I have also looked on another bin-file where the value is over 220 but I don´t know why because I thought that also was a standard file.. Tunerpro v5,00 XDF rev5b bin I THINK is supposed to be stock : 0261204609_1037357528_1 or 0261204609_1037359880_1 (don´t know if there is any difference between them, speed limits is the same.) Bin with the high speed limit:0261204607_1037359868_0 Everything sourced from the links in the wiki. Am I using the completely wrong files?